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Bored sluts. I’m not talking about a kink where a woman acts bored during sex, and the man still keeps pumping his cock. I’m talking about actually bored sluts.

Bored sluts are women that are so hot but have nothing exciting going on. Their looks are the only things they bring to the table. But don’t be naive. Bored sluts know how to play the game. They know how to seduce men, manipulate their feelings, and use them to their advantage. That’s how discontented they are with their lives. They’ll ruin men emotionally.

Bored sluts are probably the easiest yet trickiest women to hookup with.

Bored sluts are dangerous. They will make you fall for them but leave you once you’re attached. Because she’ll find another exciting thing to put her attention to. You don’t want that happening.

These women are the most boring type of slut out there. Here’s how their modus works. They’ll let men in. These men will try to entertain her. The truth is she’s delighted, but she will say that you are dull and uninteresting. Bored sluts just played you. That’s how they amuse themselves.

How did I discover this? I was a victim of bored sluts.

Becky, with her huge tits, could make plenty of friends. I thought she was into me. Because I felt that she chose to hang out with me rather than other men.

We went out a couple of times. It’s actually even her idea. First, we went for some burgers. The next time, we went for pizza and coffee. We’ve been out on five dates.

I asked myself where this was going. I want to hold her hand, kiss her, and make her mine. But all we do is hang out like friends.

That’s when I realize that she only sees me as a friend. She only goes out with me because she can easily toy me. Imagine being like a dog being controlled by a leash by its owner. I was like that dog. I don’t want that to happen to you.

The turning point? It happened when I realized that Becky was done with me. She no longer wanted to hang out. She doesn’t even respond to my calls and messages.

I learned from friends that Becky proceeded to move her attention to my best friend, Jim.

No way I was going to let Jim be another victim. I told Jim about Becky’s antics and why he should stay away from her. He told me that he got it and that I should now worry about anything.

A week later, Jim sent me a video of him raw dogging Becky doggy style. I’m at a loss for words.

How could Jim, a college dropout and a nobody, get to fuck a 10. A blonde slut like Becky?

That’s when Jim spilled all the secrets he had been hiding the whole time. He has a hard drive full of his sexcapades that he showed me. That’s all the proof that I need to listen to this motherfucker.

That’s when I learned about the secrets of bored sluts. Jim told me about a loophole in female psychology that I could use to have sex with these bored sluts. And use their free pussy instead of them using me.

All these secrets are now compiled inside the fuckbook. Easily sleep with bored sluts. You don’t need any fancy pickup lines. You don’t need to be rich or good-looking. This strategy will instantly make you a pussy magnet. You won’t just get to fuck bored sluts. You will make any girl want to fuck.

Don’t take my word for it. There’s extensive evidence of this happening. Let me show you some video proof compiled from men who have benefited from this. Check it out right now, as it may be gone soon.

You would not want to deal with bored sluts. They’re a headache. But if she’s a 10, hot and juicy, then you’d want to taste that. I would too. But I’d like something surefire. This lust enchantment will not just generate instant attraction, but absolute seduction. These bored sluts minds will be filled with ideas of hooking up with you. Devoting their lives to be sexual slaves to you.

How To Fuck Bored Sluts

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Do you want to get the attention of bored women and make them want you more? If so, you need to know how to stand out from the crowd and show them your value. Here are some tips on how to do that and impress them with your confidence, respect, and personality. All that without looking like a fool.

  1. You have to work a little. You will need to put in a little effort.

You have to set up your meeting in favor of her. Because if you don’t, she’ll dump the idea of you hanging out. She’ll find something more stimulating and something that is not bothersome.

Here’s what you need to do. Tell her all the specifics. That you’ll drive by her place to pick her up. Tell her specifically what time.

Some bored sluts like to know what you guys will do. Will you get dinner? Coffee? Drinks? Again, make this exciting for her.

Lastly, don’t keep her waiting. Don’t give her a chance to change her mind.

  1. You’re not her entertainer. You’re funny. Humorous. But you’re no clown. Bored sluts are easy women to please. Just make a joke here and there and you’ll get her attention. You want to make her laugh, but not at the expense of your dignity or self-respect.

How do you know if you got her attention? If she’s the one doing the entertaining to please you. Do everything you can to make her invested so that all she’d think about is making you happy.

  1. You’re not her therapist. Yes, let’s say you’re understanding. Supportive. But you’re not her therapist. You don’t want to be the one she dumps all her problems and complaints on.

What should you focus on? You should be the one she has fun with. You must be her source of sexual enjoyment.

You don’t want to be the one she dumps all her problems and complaints on. Instead, move the conversation to something more positive.

She should be flirting with you instead of venting her frustrations.

  1. Don’t let her treat you as a sugar daddy. You’re generous. Thoughtful. But you’re not her provider.

You don’t want to be the one she sees as a source of money. Don’t even give or lend her material things.

You want to be the one she sees as a source of love and happiness. So don’t spoil her with expensive gifts or lavish dates. Instead, show her your affection with meaningful gestures and quality time.

  1. Stop being a fan or a follower. Bro. Stop being a simp. Stop being a nice guy who will do bored sluts favors just to get a taste of her pussy.

You’re flexible. Accommodating. But you’re no pushover. You don’t want to be the one she controls or manipulates. You want to be the one she respects and admires.

Don’t agree with everything she says or does. Instead, have your own opinions and preferences and stand up for them. You’re no ass-kissing admirer.

You don’t want to be the one she takes for granted or ignores. You want to be the one she values and appreciates. So don’t worship her or put her on a pedestal. Instead, treat her as an equal and challenge her.

  1. You don’t have to make an effort. Sometimes bored sluts are restless and unfulfilled, and they will entertain guys who are not their type. If you see an inkling that she will sleep with you, you better act on it fast.

But remember this. You don’t want to be the one she settles for or compromises with. You want to be the one these bored sluts choose and desire. So don’t try to impress bored sluts or change yourself for them. Instead, be yourself and show them your true personality. Show her that you’re confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Once you’ve fucked a bored sluts’ free pussy,  you’ve already conquered her body. And if you use some female mind control and slut training, she will be your slave slut, willing to do your every sexual bidding.

  1. She will not invest that fast. Maybe this bored slut hooked up with you because she’s horny. But sex doesn’t mean she will have a relationship with you.

She will treat you badly. You’re just a toy to bored sluts. An object of their amusement. They’ll treat you like shit, don’t tolerate it.

They keep getting away with this attitude because men let them get away with it.

Set some boundaries if a bored slut tries to use you or abuse you. Be prepared for their reaction. They will act like a drama queen and try to play the victim.

  1. Show her you’re not affected. Bored sluts will more often not show their interest. Don’t be fazed. You don’t want to appear needy or desperate for her attention. You want to appear confident and relaxed in your own skin.

Don’t let her lack of enthusiasm or response discourage you or make you doubt yourself. Instead, keep your cool and maintain your composure. Show her that you’re having fun regardless of how she reacts. This will make her curious and intrigued by you.

  1. Don’t let her toy you. Bored sluts might send nudes. But don’t assume that just because she sent some nude selfies is that she is down to fuck.

These women will do anything to amuse themselves. That includes playing with your feelings. You don’t want to be the one she uses or abuses for her entertainment.

You want to be the one she respects and cares for. So don’t let her manipulate you or take advantage of you. Instead, set your boundaries and stick to them. Show her that you’re not a pushover or a doormat. Show her that you have self-respect and dignity.

This sexual sorcery works like crack. Bored sluts have no choice but to fuck you on a regular basis. Even though she shut you down before. Snag these stealthy seduction hacks. Lock in your copy right away. It only costs about the same as a movie ticket and popcorn.

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Bored sluts will let you think you have a chance to sleep with her. Don’t be easily fooled. Women like to play with men’s feelings for fun. But this lust amplification program will turn her into a dick-loving slut that’s addicted to your cock.






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