Should I Bring A Condom When I Go Out With A Girl Or On A First Date? In Case A Woman Want’s To Have Sex With Me When We Hang Out?

bring a condom on a date

Should you bring a condom when you go out on a date with a girl? Yes, you should bring a condom. Keep them on their original case. Don’t put one in your wallet or under extreme temperature like on your car’s glove compartment. Carry a condom when meeting a girl. It tells that you’re ready for sex, know’s what he’s doing, and responsible.

I learned the hard way. Let me tell you about my horror story about why you should.

I went out with this girl with no plan in mind. I said to myself that I’ll just wing it. It was bad. Not entirely bad, but bad according to my standards.

I was thinking that we go to a bar nearby. But it was too crowded when we got there. I suggested we just take a walk. But as we walk I can feel the sexual tension.

I find her attractive and more sexually appealing every minute that passes by. I got a boner the first time I saw her walking towards me. That’s a good sign.

So we ended up walking. Our arms wrapped around each other. We make out from time to time. Good thing it’s very late at night and there are very few people outside. All that’s missing now is for her to ride my dick.

I was scouring the areas that we walked. Where’s a good place where I can shag this fuck girl? I’ve seen parking lots, dark alleys, the shaded area under the tree. All those areas were good. I decided that we walk towards this secluded parking area where the car could hide us.

But as I was to pull my member I forgot one thing. I don’t have a condom on. There’s this local slut that is willing to give her free pussy to me and I don’t have a condom with me.

Well, good thing she’s still down to fuck and gave me oral. She texted me right after and asked when should we meet up again. She said I could come over sometime and help her fix her computer.

Will she judge me? Will she get offended?

carry a condom when meeting up with a girl

Why are you asking if you should bring a condom when you meet a girl?

Do you think she will think differently of you because you assumed that you would get easy sex from her?

That’s what most men oblivious men think.

What most fuckboys think is that girls love sex and it doesn’t matter what they think of him. They know they can get a free hookup with every girl.

It’s okay to bring a condom on a date. Even if you think that you won’t be fucking on the first date.

Most women would say that she won’t even give you a chance. They’d tell you that you will not score. But they’re just teasing. They’re testing you out. If you are man enough then you know that it’s just a test.

You don’t need to bring it out in the open. Just keep the condom in your wallet. You don’t have to tell her that you carry a condom with you. It’s just there with you just in case you need to use it.

She might even get more attracted. Because you’re going after what you want. And you know how to get it. Best of all you’re ready for it. You’re equipped.

She will think even respect you. You bring a condom because safety is your priority. You don’t want STDs, and you don’t want pregnancies.

If you don’t carry a condom with you when you meet a girl then be prepared to lose. Because when the heat is on and you’re going to have sex but you don’t have a rubber, then all goes to nothing. You won’t get laid. She won’t let you. You don’t have a condom with you.

Better to bring a condom then rather than lose your chance for a free hookup. It’s ok to keep a condom in your wallet for a few hours.

If she got offended or argue about you expecting sex, then you need to get out of there right now. That bitch is crazy. She might even accuse you of rape or sexual assault. But hey, don’t get discouraged. These women only account for a few. You’d get to meet a thousand more that would be happy that you bring a condom with you.

Assume that sex is going to happen.

bring condoms on the first date

Most men don’t get sex because they are not proactively going for it. They think that situations will naturally lead to it. No. Men should create the scenarios leading to sex.

Are you waiting for her? Are you waiting for her to say the words? Are you waiting for her to make a move?

Unless you can make women extremely horny, she will not make a move. And you will go home without getting laid. She will be so disappointed and so frustrated that she will block your number. You will never get to contact her again. You will never get to see her. You will never know what her tight pussy feels like.

Why? Because you did not make a move. I know the feeling. There’s hesitation. What if she gets angry if you did right? This is the feeling that stops men from getting sex. They always doubt themselves.

You have to be confident in your ability that you can get her to bed. Bringing a condom can ensure that you have an objective for that night.

It could change your whole mindset. You no longer have to make an excuse. “Oh, I forgot to bring a condom.”

Bringing a condom makes you focus on the end in mind. You will insert your cock in her vagina.

Women just don’t want to show it. But they want it. But you also need to know how to read the room. If she’s not stopping you or she doesn’t show any hesitation then go for it. Don’t pressure her into it. If you’re feeling doubt in her then pull back. If she wants sex to happen she will let you.

Hug her first. Create tension. Tease her. Make her laugh. She will loosen up. She will be more open to you. And you slowly make your move. You touch her more. You brush her hands on her erogenous zones. Then things get heavy. You remove her top. Then your top. Then you kiss more and more. Down to her fat titties. Down to her tummy. Down to her panties. And you remove it.

Bringing a condom when going out with a woman will make sure that you can seal the deal. Don’t doubt yourself. You have to do it one way or another. Sex is possible Wait, forget that. Sex will happen if you do things right. There’s a formula. But you have to stick to it.

If you don’t have a proven technique then this will help you. Women will make the move for you. This mind control tactic can make women do sexually unimaginable things just to please you. Find out how you can use it.

Telltale signs that you should bring a condom

how many condoms to bring when meeting a girl

If these signs tick the boxes then sex is around 80% to 90% going to happen. And that you should bring a condom.

You guys are sexting. You always text or chat with each other. Your messages are filled with double meanings, horny lines, and naughty lines.

You’re already fucking each other in each other’s minds. Not physically, because you’re apart. But this means that once you get together there’s a high chance that you will have sex. What’s stopping is the distance. You should definitely bring a condom when you come over to her place because it’s going down.

She sends nudes. What’s a clearer indication that sex is going to happen and that you should bring a condom? She sends nudes!

You hear your notification from your phone, you pick it up and you see a message from her. You open it and you see a photo of her in front of a mirror only wearing a bra and panties. Then a new message follows up. Now it’s her without wearing anything.

Your dick is throbbing. You ask her if it’s okay to send a dick pic.

“Yes, I want to see it.”

You pull your pants down and get a pic of your rock-hard dick and send it to her.

“I wish that’s in my mouth right now.”

If she’s sending nudes, you should definitely bring a condom when you meet this bitch the next time.

You made out with her. It doesn’t matter if this happened a year ago or just days ago. You’ve already made out with her. You shoved your tongue down her throat. And she let you. You’ve already exchanged salivas.

Then you’re also groping each other really hard. She pulls your hair, you pull hers. You squeeze her boobs and she squeezes your crotch.

Everything was going smoothly. But then you have to part ways. Maybe you just met her at a party and her friends are going home? Whatever the case, you guys like each other. The only thing missing is a room.

If you got her alone in private will she let you make out with her again? If it’s likely yes then you should bring a condom. Sex will happen and you don’t want it NOT to happen.

She invited you to her place. After all those sexting and you getting nudes, what’s a more clear invitation for you? She invites you to her home!

She’s probably shy about this so she’ll make an excuse. Anything just to make you come over. Help her move furniture? Help her fix her computer? Want to watch Netflix? Anything lame without indicating that sex is going to happen. She wants it to happen. She just doesn’t want to say it directly.

Bring a condom when you come over. Because in a few minutes you might be making out with her again and sex will happen.

How many condoms to bring? Bring at least 3. Sex may happen once but at least you have spare.

But what if I don’t get these signs? I just met her earlier? You know what. She may have gotten interested in you and she’s horny. She’s one of those women looking for sex. But how do you initiate it? How do you start?

Do you go straight to making out with her? Can you even hold her hand without getting nervous?

We’ll show you the right moves so you can close the deal. These moves have been perfected through the years. Countless men have used these techniques to pull women to the bedroom. Now you can too.

These lines will make women go crazy for you. Bring a condom with you because these horny women will be the ones asking you to come over. All you need is to text her these 3 messages.  

Here’s why you should bring a condom.

keep a condom in your wallet just in case

So sex is probably going to happen. She’s down to have casual sex. You don’t have a condom on you. But she has boxes of it. Turns out, it doesn’t fit right. It slips. It’s even itchy on you. You take it off and she rolls her eyes.

She just walks away. Turns on the tv and asks you to leave. What happened there?

You were going to have sex and you won’t. Just because the condom doesn’t fit right. No.

She’s no longer in the mood. You blew it. Women’s moods can change in a snap. One wrong move and it’s done.

If you bring your condom then you know the type of condom that suits you. It should fit you just right, not too tight, not loose. It’s thin, so you can feel her coochie good. You’re not allergic to it. It has a good color. The most important quality? It doesn’t tear no matter how rough you pound some easy girl’s pussy.

So yes, you should bring a condom whenever you go out with a girl. Carry a condom with you when you’re coming over to her place. Put condoms in your pocket, it’s just for a few hours. You don’t want unwanted pregnancies or any STIs. It’s a good investment.

But you should remember that keeping it in a wallet for too long is bad. Keeping it in your pocket is not advisable. Doing so tears the condom. It loses its strength. It loses its integrity. You don’t want a weak condom.

Use them the day you carry them. You don’t want to wait for days or weeks carrying the same condom. Going out with a girl tonight? Bring a condom, and use it by the end of the night.

Are there condoms in your wallet? If you can’t use them by the end of the night because you can’t close the deal then it’s okay. You’re not alone. A lot of men can’t even get to hold a girl’s hands. They’re oblivious about how to fuck women. It’s alright. The good news is that it’s something that we can fix.

Getting a girl is easy. If you have the right map. If someone is holding your hand every step of the way, you have a better chance of getting laid. Most men don’t have one. They don’t have a guide. We’ll show you how to fuck.

But what If I tell you that there is, and you can have it by your hands any minute from now. I’m going to show you the exact steps on how I get laid night after night. You can fuck many girls. This is why I always bring a condom with me.

My reliable secret? It’s called female mind control. It’s like a love spell that you can reliably use to get women to want you. Not sure if you’re getting sex at the end of the night? Use this.

I can’t lay out all the secrets of seduction here. But I’ve compiled it on a safe server. I will give you access. You will discover the secrets on why the top men get laid and regular guys don’t. Apply those secrets to your dating life and you will bring a condom every time you go out. Getting local sex is now certain. You are sure to have one.

Not sure if you can score after a date? Bring a condom on a first date. Let this system that can make any girl want you to do the rest.






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