This Feminist Told Me That No Woman Would Want Me. Until I Used This Lust Inducing Mind Gambit To Make Her Desperately Want To Fuck Me. She Can’t Refuse. Now She’s My Willing Degraded Slut. Treated Like A Pig And Properly Used Like A Worthless FuckToy.

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What’s a kink that you have? It’s alright if it’s taboo. You’re probably not alone in your fantasy.

Have you thought about sexually dominating a girl? Calling her demeaning things during sex. That she’s not worth anything but just a hole. Use her as you please. Inserting your cock in her every hole. Ruining her pussy. Ravaging every part of her body. If you fantasize about that, you might want to meet some degraded sluts.

A degraded slut has a kink of being objectified, humiliated, roughly used, abused, & exploited. A degraded slut is treated even less than a cheap slut. Just a fucktoy any man can hump and dump. A free pussy he can play with and wipe his dick on the curtain and leave after he’s done.

But is there any woman in their right mind who would like to be a degraded slut?

Is there a lady who wants men to spit on her mouth, piss all over her, and kick her once they’re done using her? You won’t believe this, but there are women out there who want to be treated as degraded slut.

Some women want the feeling of being a disposable slut. That she’s not enough for this man. That he can always have another. This is why girls cling to jerks and assholes who treat them badly. It’s like it’s ingrained in their mind to want this feeling.

These men can awaken the inner slut in women. These bad boys know how to handle her. That’s why these ladies keep clinging and chasing after these kinds of guys. Do you have that kind of power?

Can you make women respond to you as these douchebags can? If you asked me years ago my answer would be that I couldn’t. Women don’t even recognize me. It’s like I’m a ghost that they can’t see. I’m invisible in their eyes. No girl would talk to me. No one would send nudes. I’m just alone and lonely.

But my life changed when I uncovered an experimental study on human psychology. I found a whole chapter on how to make women attached to you even if you’re a nobody. No status. No power. Just an average guy that can make any girl want to fuck. All through the use of subliminal sexual power words.

I’d like to tell you more about how I came upon this study and the science behind it. But I’d like for you to see it now. I want you to check it and judge it with your own eyes.

Make women say yes immediately. It can turn an extremely conservative, introverted lady with a religious upbringing into a degraded slut. Wanting you to “use” her as you please.

How To Turn Quiet And Reserved Women Into Degraded Sluts

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Have you heard about Charles Manson? You’ve probably heard about him. He’s a notorious murderer and cult leader. He’s dead now, but he was in jail for a long time because of his crimes. In short, he was a bad guy. But there’s one thing that boggles the mind of many. He has no problems with women. You could say he’s a ladies’ man.

Women are chasing after him. Courting him to be his wife. Even if he is in jail.

How could any guy have that seductive prowess? Wouldn’t it be nice to have no difficulty with women? Like you can get them attracted in an instant. And she goes home with you with no hesitation. And she’ll happily let you violate her.

Some women enjoy being corrupted deep inside. They want to be degraded sluts. Worthless sluts whose only purpose is to be a cum dump. As far as we know it’s not just some women. Many want to be treated this way and want the feeling associated with being treated as such. It’s like a drug you can’t let go of.

Let’s discuss some foundational psychological tricks to lure women into being your degraded sluts. You need to establish this in her mind, or else she won’t act like a disgraced whore in front of you. You need to be her MAN. Her only man. No man should replace you. This is how you do it.

Be charming. This means people are warm to you. They are very welcoming of your presence. You command the room. There are simple gestures and acts that you can do to portray charm.

Enter every room like you’re a big star that every paparazzi is chasing to take a photo off. This is how you portray presence. Show confidence. Chin up, shoulders back, and command attention.  

Be friendly and sociable afterward. Make it easy for people to talk to you. Be a gentleman and accommodate everyone.

A good sense of humor is not a must but is good to have. Make people laugh. Not with pre-planned jokes. But with smart timing and witty remarks.

This is how you win attention. If you win the crowd, you can get her to your bedroom.

Be someone she could look up to. You now have her attention. Now you must create more mystery. Make her want to take apart your mind.

Be a puzzle that she’ll be willing to solve. You’re a challenge.

Show some smartness and wit by being opinionated. By this, she’ll admire you more and more.

In her mind, she’ll ask herself if you’re real. You are so confident that she still can’t grasp why someone like you are talking to her.

She’ll give you tests at this stage. She’ll try to insult you. She’ll try to push you off your game. Tease you. You have to show poise and self-assurance.

If you fail her tests, she’ll lose all attraction to you. Pass, and it’ll be an instant turn-on.

Be almost out of their league. It’s all about perception. But you have to make her think that she has a chance. Chance of you making her your girlfriend.

Show your sexual side. Not verbally but through touch. Slowly and steady is the key. Pull her more and more through this.

Touch her briefly here and there. Don’t be afraid. Touch her shoulder. Touch her face, her chin. Convey that you’re checking her out. Then pull back from time to time.

Give her attention but take it away. Remember, she must be the one to pursue you for this to work. She might chat you up in the next few days. Wait for it. Don’t make a move yet. See if she will. If she does, then she takes the bait. Reward her. Flirt with her. Be naughty. Then again, pull back.

Be the boyfriend she could never have. Even if she’s with another guy or a boyfriend. You’ll be the one she’ll always think about. That’s the effect that you need to have on her. These men will never take your place in her mind.

You do this by being the best lover that she could ever have. Yet always pulling away. Most people call this leading on. This is a very powerful technique and should only be used with a woman you’d want to see for the long term.

She’ll ask you over and over when you can be serious with her. When are you going to leave your other girlfriends? But you always say that you need time. Or some other excuse.

If used accidentally on a fuck friend, she’ll fall in love like crazy. She’ll be needy, clingy, and will always crave for you. She’ll do anything just to be the girl for you. Even succumbing to being a degraded whore for you.

Don’t let her say no. No means no. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to talk her into it. You need to have a little aggressiveness but not coerciveness. If you want something, ask her to at least try.

Do you have a kink that she doesn’t want to do? Tell her to think about it. Give her options. Explain to her. Don’t be too logical but also appeal to her emotions.

Women will see your confidence when you do this. Even if you’re not that good-looking or just a chump. Your words and the way you carry yourself are your weapons. In the end, you’ll have a compliant and submissive degraded slut.

Our system can provide you with the exact words that you can say to turn women into degraded sluts. It’s like using a magic love spell. These magical words will make her crave for your cock. Fuck women easily if you know the trigger words that compel her to female submission.

This is NOT a one-day process. This slut training takes time. Weeks or a month at most. If you’re looking for a one night stand, then yes, you can do this fast. If you’re looking for a quality woman who can be your degraded whore, you must take your time. It’s about planting the seed, watching the tree grow, and seeing the fruits of your labor.

Day by day, she’ll fall for you hard. She’ll miss you more and more. She’ll think about you every minute of every day. Wanting to be with you. And will do anything you ask. Her free pussy is ready for you to use. She will be your submissive slut. A worthless slut that you can use to release tension.

Do you have the qualities that she looks for, for her to be your degraded slut? This mind-bending tactic can change that. Make her so desperate for you that she’ll be your degraded slut by choice.

How To Degrade Sluts

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Establish consent and safety. As a responsible adult, You should know how to treat women with respect. Being a worthless slut is a kink. But all should be done with consent. If a woman doesn’t like it, stop. If she says no, stop.

This is different from a safe word. She must be willing to engage in being treated as a degraded slut. If not, then you should move on and find someone who is. But then again, you can have what it takes. Do you? Our hypnotic technique can do wonders. Use it responsibly.

Verbal play. Find out how she likes to be addressed? A worthless slut? A cum dump? A fuck toy? A fucking bitch?

Women have preferences, some being called such and others not. Find out where she’s comfortable.

What insults is she okay with? Remind her of her place. That she’s only a piece of meat, you use as a personal fleshlight. Call her your toy. A worthless slut that is just a set of holes.

You can degrade her into an animal, to a pig or a dog, or a human pet.

Physical play. Does she like being spanked? Cock slapped? Throat fucked? Her face slapped? Bitten? Choked? Etc?

How rough does she like to get fucked? Does she like to get spat on and pissed on? Punched? Kicked? Thrown around? Hair pulled? Tie her up. Gag her. Put her panties on her mouth.

Establish a safe word. It’s a signal where you need to stop degrading sluts. It means she’s no longer comfortable, or there’s something wrong. You have to address this fast, so no harm is done.

Aftercare. This kink is not all about how you punish these degraded sluts. You should also know how to take care of them afterward. Most people call this aftercare.

All those verbal and physical abuses can impact her. Even if it’s consensual and just adults sexually playing.

Assure her that she did a great job. She’s excellent. Hug her. Caress her. Cuddle with her. Have an intimate moment. This is where you show your soft side. Make her feel desired and appreciated.

Take care of her needs like wiping and bathing. You should even take care of her uber when needed. Massage her and compliment her.

You want safe and consensual sexual play with these degraded sluts. Now, where do you meet these degraded whores?

Being a worthless slut is not something women announce to the world. They hide it from their friend, even their boyfriends. You have the be the man where she can let loose. Where she can be free. Where she can be her true self. But you have to be the MAN.

Most men can’t unlock her inner slut. All they meet is this innocent girl that pretends to like vanilla sex. You have to liberate her innate desire to be a degraded bitch.

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Dominate women by making them your degraded sluts. Bound, controlled, and used as a fuck doll. This mystic approach can turn pure and sinless-looking women into your own degraded whore that loves to be objectified and demolished.

Degraded Slut Assfucked, Facefucked, And Face Slapped

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I was entering Publix when I saw this lady with a shirt that says “proud feminist.” She probably saw me checking her out as she asked me what my problem was. This feminist probably thinks that she has power over me. That’s definitely not the case even though she’s a hot blonde slut.

Anyway, I told her she looked hot. And she told me to stop objectifying her. That I’m one of the problems for women. I’m like chill. But she keeps on screeching. Until I touched her shoulder, and she had this shocked looked. Like how dare I touch her?

But I kept my hand on her. Then asked her if she was alright. Then I slowly caressed her shoulder. This simple gesture brought her to a stop. It seemed like she didn’t have any physical touch from a man for a long time.

I introduced myself. I told her that I’m not an enemy and that we could be friends. I told her I was just getting groceries and asked her if she was. She calmed down.

It was alright. We had an instant date at the grocery store. I was touching her now and then. And she seems okay with it. I put my arms around her waist from time to time and she seemed to like it as I saw the smile on her face.

I got her number and told her that we should keep in contact whenever she needed a grocery buddy.

As weeks go by, our messages go from wholesome to sexually disgusting in a fun way.

We talked about what’s the nastiest thing she’d done or what’s a dirty fantasy she’d like to be fulfilled.

She told me he licked a guy’s ass. It was her first time, but she did like it. I told her we could do it. She laughed.

I got a notification on my phone one lazy Sunday afternoon. She sent a pic of her. She’s probably bored and thought of me. I jokingly told her to send nudes. And she did.

“You should come over,” I replied.

About an hour later, I heard my doorbell ring. I opened it, and she said hi. She was a bit shy. Different from the loud and annoying feminist I met a few weeks ago. But I needed to set the tone fast in order not to kill any chances for sex. So I gestured for her to come close. I put my arms around her waist. Drew in closer and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips.

Girls are surprised by this, but you need to establish dominance fast.

After that, we just hang out. We watched anything on TV. Browsed our phones. Looked at memes. Then she said she was hungry. I told her to check out some food in the kitchen.

She stood up, and I couldn’t help but stare at her bootylicious ass. I followed her and slapped her ass. I kept my hand there. As if it was a normal thing to do. Checking it out while she looked for food.

She got some snacks, and we went back to the couch. She offered me some. But I gestured for her to feed me. I opened my mouth, and she gave me some.

Now she wants drinks. She stood up again, and now I want to slap that ass very hard. And I did. I slapped it harder.

“Hey, not that hard,” She said while smiling.

“You don’t want it rough?”

“I never really tried anything rough before.”

I put my arms around her, hugging her and then unbuttoning her pants. I pulled her pants down and got my hands on those big ass butt.

I slowly groped it and massaged it while hugging her from behind. Then I spanked that ass hard. Harder than I did earlier.

She moaned. Moaned like a cat wanting comfort. And I spanked her again and again. Her moans are getting louder.

“Do you like that? You like being spanked like a little girl?”

She looked at me and nodded. Her eyes were asking for more.

“Why are you here?” I asked.

“I want you. I want your dick.” She said.

I held her jaw and gave it a little slap. “Good answer.”

I pushed her down, telling her to go down on her knees.

“Do you know what you need to do?”

She does. She started unbuttoning my pants and pulling them down. She got my boxers down and was about to suck my cock when I held her face to stop her.

I made her look at my cock. Then I caressed my dick on her face. Slowly grazing it from her forehead to her nose, then to her mouth.

“Give it a kiss,” I commanded her. But this bitch was about to suck it. I pulled back and slapped her face.

“Did I tell you to suck it? Kiss it! That’s what you’ll get for now.” She did. And I smothered her whole face with my dick. Making sure that my cock and balls touch every inch of her face. Cockslapping her every chance that I get.

“You like that bitch? You like my dick smothering your face?”

“Yes, daddy.”

“Fucking bitch. You’re my fucktoy now!” I told her as I grabbed her hair and started facefucking her. Fucking her skull like she’ll regret it the next day.

“Do you like that, huh? Do you like me using your mouth?”

“Yes, daddy.”

I can see tears and her makeup run down her face. Her mouth is overflowing with spit. Drooling all over her big fat titties.

I pulled her up roughly and asked her to turn around. As soon as she did, I started pounding her pussy from behind.

“Do what you want to me, daddy.”

“Shut up bitch. Did I tell you to open your mouth?”

“Sorry, daddy.”

“Don’t make me slap you again.”

I stuffed her mouth with her panties to shut her up and pounded her ass doggy style.

“How many dicks have fucked this pussy?” I asked.

“Just a few, daddy. But I’m your slut now. I’m all yours Do what you want with me” That’s what likely she said because this degraded slut has a muffled mouth.

“Is this what you have to offer me? A degraded pussy? Used by men? Fucking used pussy!” I replied.

“Turn around and start sucking my dick. That’s all you ever do for the next hour.”

She’s so beautiful, gagging my cock deep in her throat and being roughly used. I pull her skull time and time again to spit on her mouth.

“You’re so pretty when you cry.”

I felt like I’m going to cum any moment now so I pushed her face onto the center table and blew my load on her cheeks. I can see my jizz dripping down to her mouth and then to the table. I grabbed her skull and smeared her face all over it. Used as a cumrag.

Good thing I took my pill to prolong sex. On the next round, I came in her mouth.

I warned her not to spill any not even a drop. She agreed, with her eyes looking up at me.

“Open your mouth and let me see it.”

It was a nice view. Her whole mouth filled with my cum.

“Gargle my cum.” And she obliged.

It was a good few rounds of sex and we’re now resting on the couch.

“I never let any guy do what you did with me.”

“Of course not, baby. You’re my slut. I own you.”

I like to feel the power I have over these cumsluts. You can also feel this power. To dominate her, to be the boss of her. But only if you can convince women to be your degraded sluts.

This fuck girl let me do nasty things to her, and she’s okay with it.

This degraded slut let me thrust my cock deep into her throat. Slapped her, spat on her. I even dragged her to the tub to piss on her mouth. Used as a human toilet.

My degraded slut follows all my instructions. She keeps coming back every week to be roughly used and violently humiliated. Or I give her a booty call whenever I’m horny. She obediently comes. This side chick enjoys being my degraded slut. You could have a sex hotline of dedicated women willing to be your degraded slut.

Stop wishing. If you like casual sex and have a kink to degrade sluts then you should have the power to make women compelled to you. These strange hypnotic codewords can control innocent women to become eager submissive sluts for you.

Fuck Degraded Sluts Tonight

The secret to fucking degraded sluts is learning about female mind control. It can unchain her inner slut. Introduce her to her true female purpose. To be a worthless slut existing for your pleasure. You will release her true sexual self to you. Her side, which she never shows to anybody. Not even to her best friend or boyfriend.

All you need is to follow this simple system on how to fuck. These women will not just be down to fuck. Women will respect you. They will comply to you. They will submit to you.

A degraded slut is more than just a sex friend. They will consent to be your degraded sluts. All because you can make her break loose. She’ll fall deeply in love. She’ll have an intense attachment to you.

For all her years, her inner slut has been repressed. Forced to draw back into the shadows. But now she can be free. Free to be a true slut for you. To be a degraded slut. To serve you. To be your sex object. You’re the only one that can flip her switch.

I’ve used this on most girls bitchy girls I meet. And minute by minute, I can see their moods change towards me. From being cranky to being receptive. Later on, being intimate. An hour later I’m slapping her face with my cock humiliating her about how she treated me earlier. She’s now my degraded slut.

I’ve turned milfs and slutty moms in my neighborhood into degraded wives. Some of these degraded wives are seeking affairs. As their husbands are always away or busy. They let me demean them and disgrace them more than their husbands could. “I’m a faithful wife. But I have needs.” That’s what these degraded wives always say after I use their asshole dumping all my load in them.

It’s easy to find local sex using this method. And in turn, make those women into your personal degraded sluts. It’s like you’re a pussy magnet pulling all the worthless slut’s in your area and making them your fuck buddy. This is how I use the girls in my area for free hookup. They even enthusiastically volunteer to be my anal sluts and offer me their tight asshole. Much better than their degraded pussy.

Do you want degraded sluts? If you want to pound women’s pussy hard, demean them, spit on their mouth, piss all over, and make them do as they are told. Then you need these women to show respect, admiration, and wild lust for you. Command these cheap sluts for you to use. Use these cheat codes that almost work like witchcraft.

This seduction system can deeply persuade women into willing degraded sluts. She will submit and obey. I’ve used this on sluts near me to beg them to fuck. Wanting sex on my command.

Implant this erotic hypnosis in women’s minds. They will disarm their defenses and be vulnerable. It’s like programming her to be your sex slave but with consent. This spell compels women to surrender to you and become your willing degraded sluts

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You can do what you want. These degraded sluts will know their place. This erotic advancement theory shows you exactly how you can convert bitchy ladies into your naughty degraded sluts.






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