A Close Friend Railed Her Thick Naughty Maid With Huge Booty Ass. I Want To Know What It’s Like To Bring Hot Slutty Maids Down In All Fours And Pipe Their Tight Maid Pussy. This Is How I Ended Up Getting Not Just A Cleaning Service But A Sex Service From My Innocent Sexy Latina Cleaning Lady. Stunning Big Titty Dirty Maids Helps Clean My Dick And Fuck For No Extra Cash. Make Slutty Naughty Maids Polish My Cock With Their Mouths.

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I was hanging out at my friend’s house, Lawrence, with some friends. We were at his mancave in the basement, playing PS5. I thought we were the only ones at home. But there she was, a hot and sexy woman.

It took me a couple of seconds before I registered Lawrence calling for my name. That hot sexy girl turns out to be Jasmine, her maid. “Did you hit that?” I asked Lawrence after she was done.

Turns out Lawrence was fucking a couple of maid sluts. These maid sluts come over to clean the house for the weekend. Little do they know that they’re going to be seduced by Lawrence. And they keep coming back, even without pay. Just to be with him. Is this a new life hack I don’t know about?

Maid sluts are slutty maids that you wouldn’t expect to be so hot and sexy. Slutty maids have amazing tits and a big booty. Dirty maids initially act shy and innocent. But don’t be fooled. These naughty maids are horny. These slut maids would like to have a massive dick up their hungry maid pussy.

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If Jasmine looks this good, maybe other maid sluts in the neighborhood too. I now made it my personal mission to fuck the hottest maid sluts in my location. But first, I had to start with the most accessible one, Jasmine.

Now Jasmine has these huge knockers. It’s almost like torture not being able to grab and squeeze them. I thought of offering her extra cash to remove her top. She just makes my boners rock hard.

Is the maid slut giving me signals to fuck her? Does she want me to whip out my dick and place it on her ass?

My body just moved on its own. I placed my crotch on her butt and grabbed her hips from behind. “What the fuck are you doing?!”. Jasmine shouted at me.

I thought everyone at Lawrence’s place went out to grab food. But Lawrence was there. “Dude! What the hell, man?” My friend reacted. He saw the whole thing. He grabbed me and excused me to Jasmine. He went back to the room and talked to her.

He told me that Jasmine won’t press charges. She doesn’t ask for anything. Just that I wasn’t there when she cleaned. I was relieved.

But I was sad and frustrated. I told Lawrence about it. I told him how hot his maid slut was. And that I was jealous that he gets to fuck her.

“I know, dude. I know what it feels like. I’ve always wanted to fuck some naughty maids. But I’ll tell you this. I found a technique. And it just works. With any maid slut. With any woman.”

Lawrence proceeded to tell me some bits of his profound seduction technique. I thought it was all total BS. I thought that no maid sluts would fall for his scam. I think it was a bunch of nonsense. But he told me to try it that weekend. That I should hire a dirty maid and see if she can become my slutty maid with his techniques.

So I was online looking for some hot young maids or Latina maid sluts, and I found Reyna. Will we have a maid hookup? I don’t know. It’s time to take Lawrence’s tricks to the test.

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I don’t want to bore you with the details, but here’s what happened when I hired that slutty cleaning lady. Reyna got to my place, and I was blessed because this naughty maid was so hot. I can’t help but imagine pounding her hairy bushy pussy from behind.

Naughty maid Reyna told me that my place was a mess. But not to worry because she could do some magic. Speaking of magic, now’s the time to put Lawrence’s magic to the test.

I talked to Reyna and applied some forbidden magic love spells to her. Lawrence said that It would work instantly. I must be impatient because nothing’s happening. But here’s where the good part happened.

A few minutes later and she was taking her clothes off. She told me that the weather was just hot. I offered her water, but she did not drink it. Instead, she poured a little over her sweaty body. Dripping to her chest and in between her big fat tits. She looked at me sensually. I was like, oh my god. Is it on? As in really on?

There was no need to convince her to take her clothes off. She got her top off fast. A few moments later, this naughty maid was cleaning my apartment completely naked.

“Am I going to be the only one naked here?” She asked me invitingly. I pulled my dick out, got close to her, and made her feel my sweaty body. My raging boner can’t help but get close to her.

Reyna and I fucked in different positions, and I finished in her mouth. This Latina slut told me that we should do it again sometime soon. I guess I’ll have a sex friend after years of drought.

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  1. This will be new for her. Remember that feeling when it’s the first day of class? Or even the first day of camp. Think about your first day at work. Everything seems like fun, and you’d want to explore more that adventure.

That’s how slutty maids feel everything they get called over to clean a new house. And you will be a new person that they can get to know.

Start by giving your naughty maid a good impression. Try not to check her out. No malice. Just be good to her. Find out things about her, where she’s from, and her background. Establish a little rapport with your soon-to-be dirty maid.

Be genuine about it. Don’t just talk to her because you want to get in her pants. Yes, that’s your objective, but this is an excellent time to connect to another person.

  1. Treat her nicely. Treat her like a family or a friend. You are not her master. She is not your servant… at first.

Once she realizes that you’re trustworthy and a fun guy, she’d be much more open. She’ll enjoy working at your place. She’ll joke around. She’ll be at ease with you. Once you’ve gotten your maid slut to fall for you, you can make her your submissive slut.

Treat your slutty maid as an equal. Ask her if she’s hungry. Prepare some food if she is. Give her water or juice. All this will make her feel that you’re not a predator. That you’re just a friend who just needs help in the house, and she’s a person that can help you with it. And if things get heated up, it’s just an accident.

  1. Don’t offer to pay. Yes, money is a good motivator, but the last thing she wants is to be treated like a low prostitute.

Some men think that sluty maids will just have sex with them because they offer her some money. This is the typical plot of some slut maid porn. They offer these maid sluts some money to clean their house naked.

Does it work? It can be if the slutty maid is attracted to you. But if you’re a dork, then you should think twice. Or your slut maid might expose you or blackmail you. You’d probably get a headache instead of a sloppy head.

And it’s much better if your naughty maid will get on her knees and give you a fantastic blowjob on her own. Because she likes it because she wants it. You must be the reward.

  1. Make her feel wanted. Let your slutty maid think that she has a chance on you.

There will be situations where you might get close to each other. At a narrow spot in the kitchen, make her feel your crotch when you go behind her.

But make sure that you won’t put any malice into it. You’re just passing by. Don’t take advantage. When she’s cleaning the top cabinet or the counter, touch her waist or hips.

Look her in the eye and tell her to be careful. Add a smirk. But let go and don’t linger. Let her do her job.

  1. Let her enjoy things. As a maid, you know she doesn’t earn enough to make a living. Let her experience some of life’s great pleasures.

Open up a bottle of wine. How about some expensive food? Expensive clothing? Your slut maid can have it. Everything for free.

If your slut maid experienced it with you, she’d long for that feeling with you. Even reward you for being good to her.

  1. Don’t do stupid shit. Don’t do risky things that will make her leave without finishing her tasks. A friend told me that her hot young maid wearing a slutty maid uniform made him so horny. So what did he do? He played porn on the house speaker. The slut maid just left without saying a word.

Don’t give in to temptation. Your slutty Latina maid is hot. But you should keep it in your pants as long as possible. Only bring out your cock when you’re sure that your slut maid wants it.

She’ll give you signs. If your naughty maid wants you, she’ll try to tell you. Maybe not indirectly. She’ll curve her ass more. She’ll clean in a much more provocative way? She’ll bend her ass more and give you a good view of it.

She’ll give you a glimpse of her body. She’ll even wear clothing that emphasizes her breasts and ass. Your dirty maid might even position her ass to your crotch accidentally. And no, it’s not an accident.

Your slut maid will sometimes give you verbal hints. Like you’re looking good, or your body is working great. She may want to touch it while she gives you this compliment. Let her.

You must be aware of these signs when slutty maids or any woman gives you these hints.

Always remember that anything is possible. And that naughty maids are sleeping with their clients. It’s just human nature to want to fuck.

  1. Heat things up. Now you need to flirt. Now you must show that you’re a sexual being. You’re a man who gets sex from every woman he can. Make her feel this but make sure that you must not say it.

Here are some common mistakes that guys make when sexually escalating things. They bring out their cock. Now, what do these slutty maids do? They either ignore him or go on with the cleaning as fast as they can and run away. Other men masturbate.

They make their maid sluts uncomfortable doing this. You don’t want your sluty maid afraid. You want them relaxed, happy, and assured.

Here’s what you can do to slowly make her feel sexually wanted. Spend more time together. Ask her to grab a bite after she cleans up. Once at the table, get close to your slut maid.

Touch her leg from time to time, not in a creepy way. We’ll discuss this with you more inside the fuck book. Including the proper and in-depth steps on how to fuck a girl.

But the bottom line is touch is essential. You have to jump through that boundary. You can even accidentally graze upon her skin, arm, or hands. What’s important is you establish a physical connection.

Is it time? If your sluty maid is comfortable with you, she’ll be okay with returning and giving you good service. She’ll dress nice or wear makeup or cologne. She’ll do anything just to get your attention. But you don’t give it to her. Act aloof for a couple of minutes.

If you’re doing it right, you will feel sexual tension once she’s done. And she’ll feel it too. Now all you need is to act on it. Ask her to sit on the couch beside you. Make sure your shoulders or legs and knees touch. Then it’s all uphill from there.

Make out with her. Don’t go straight to flying your clothes off. She might feel uncomfortable. Touch her, hug her, and make her feel your body’s warmth. If she’s okay with this, she’ll let you do anything you want. Now is the time to show her your cock. And then you can you’re your slutty maid’s shirt off.

A friend asked how I got a nasty blowjob from my naughty maid? I told him thanks to an ancient seductive ritual passed to me by my grandpa. He thought it was all shit until I purposely visited his place when they had a slut maid over, and made that slutty maid suck my balls in front of him.

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I needed to know that what happened with my maid slut Reyna wasn’t just a fluke. That I wasn’t just at the right place and time when she became horny.

I wanted to know that I could make maid sluts horny whenever possible. So that I could get a handjob whenever I liked.

I’d like to share one of my first dirty maid stories with you.

I wasn’t looking for any slutty maid service. Just maybe a slutty housekeeper that I could convert to be my dirty maid.

Mexican slut Gabriela came over with that juicy ass. I wanted to grab it immediately. But I must control myself. I must not make this slutty maid know that I have the hots for her.

I played the safe and short game. Maybe hire this naughty maid for a couple of slutty maid service and see if she’ll fall for my trap. And that’s what I did.

My naughty maid Gabriela started showing signs in the second week of her work. I noticed that her slutty maid outfit is much tighter and sexier. They emphasize her juicy ass much better.

Now I can even see her hard nipples piercing through her top. Is she doing it on purpose? Probably?

The third weekend I had to get water in the kitchen, and naughty maid Gabriela was working there. She was all sweaty, and because of that, I could see her areola. This slutty maid did not wear any bra.

I try to play it cool. You need to show these slutty maids that you can stand your ground.

But I accidentally brushed my arm against her tits while putting my glass on the sink. And she was washing dishes there. I noticed her smile a little. That gave me an instant boner that she probably saw too. I went back to my room with a hard-on.

I was in my room lying in bed, thinking about how to pursue my slutty maid. Thinking about it made my cock even harder. Slutty maid Gabriela knocked on the door. She opened it even before I could hide my boner.

She looked at it for a few seconds and told me she was done and if there was anything more she could do.

I did not answer her immediately, but I just stared at her. “Yes, there’s something that you could do.” Then I adjusted myself in bed, gesturing that she could join me.

She was a little hesitant at first. Standing there, not wanting to sit. I nodded at her to take a sit. She did but at the end of my bed. I gestured with my hand to come closer. She was still acting hesitant, but I knew that she already wanted it.

Gabriela is now close to me, sitting between my legs.

I set free her big fat titties that are hiding under her clothes. Gabriela has these perfect tits that I’d just want to bite the moment I saw them. But I needed to hold back. I need to act composed and not desperate for her huge knockers.

After that, I asked her to stand up a little, and I stripped off the rest of her clothes. I grabbed her big juicy ass. It doesn’t even fit my hands. Her booty is so thick I’d want to place my face on it.

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I got her to sit again between my legs, but this time much closer. And that’s when my slutty maid Gabriela hugged me. I hugged her back. We hugged each other for a couple of minutes. I loved how my slutty maid showed affection toward me. Then we felt that it was time for our lips to touch.

But it wasn’t just our lips that touched. Our tongues collided, and we exchanged saliva. I then went on down to her boobs. Licking it, biting it, caressing it with my lips.

The foreplay was very romantic. I don’t know why. Maybe we just had natural chemistry. But my dong is telling me that he is ready for some action. I looked at it, and I looked at Gabriela. She nodded. She knows what I need to do.

“Please be gentle she said,” Nothing I did to that maid pussy was gentle in any way. I roughly bent her over and pounded her pussy from the back.

I was thinking about pounding this glorious ass for two weeks. I never knew that slutty maid Gloria would be down to fuck in any way. Now, I am raw dogging this dirty maid. It feels like a dream. I never thought I could do it. Now I know that this naughty maid is an easy pussy.

Her maid pussy was beyond my expectations. All I could do was thrust her hard in different positions. And she answered with moans, screams, and shivers.

“I’ve never been fucked like that,” She said. She kissed me right after and pushed me into the bed.

My slutty maid Gabriela started kissing my dick, then to my balls. She then went further down there until she kissed my ass. She started licking it, smooching it, spitting on it like she was some kind of a rimjob expert.

I was begging to feel that I was about to cum. I tried to control myself for a few more minutes but could no longer hold it. Grabbed hold of her face, and skull fucked the shit out of her.

That was it. I held her face on my crotch and blew everything down her throat.

I let go, but there’s still a spoonful of jizz spurting all over her face. Some dripped on the floor when she got up. I asked her to clean it up before she leave. I was surprised when she licked it off and showed it to me before swallowing it.

What a nasty dirty maid I have. Now I have a clean place and a cumslut dirty maid.

I thought she was going to ask for extra money, but no. She said she wanted all of it to happen. And would do it all over again if she were to choose.

This slutty maid was my best slutty housekeeper in a long time. Money well spent. I want it to be clear, though. I did not pay her for sex. But she’s still the best.

I was seeing her out when she turned around, touched my crotch, and smiled. I knew she wanted to say something. I let her say it on her own and did not interrupt her. “Let me feel your cock again, daddy.” She said, smiling.

I just placed my hand on her head and pushed her down to my knees. And she did what she did best.

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She comes weekly for quick cleaning of my apartment. But I cum daily from her sucking my cock.
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She told me it’s not just the dishes she can wash. Minutes later we’re in the shower rubbing each other.

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Maybe next time, I’ll try a slutty asian maid. But tonight, I invited this sluty maid a few houses down. Perhaps she can satisfy me with her cleaning and fucking services, which I don’t pay for.

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