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I got a letter from an avid reader. He’s asking me for advice about seeking affairs. How about you? Have you considered looking for women seeking affairs? Let’s see what this reader has to say.

My wife is really great. She’s my partner and best friend in life. There’s nothing really wrong. Except for this one thing. I’d go bollocks if I did not remedy it.

After she gave birth to our kid her libido came from the highest of the highs to the lowest of the lows.

Before that, she would suck my balls like there’s no tomorrow. Now I could not even get a handjob.

I tried a lot of stuff. I asked her to go to therapy, which she is still going to. We date every now and then. I see to it that it’s very romantic. I let her know she’s being loved. But she ain’t even touching my dick.

I try to look good and be my best self. I go to the gym. I try to learn more about sex so that I could please her. But during a rare chance that we ever get to have sex, she asks to stop a minute or two later. My wife no longer sees me as a fuck material.

It’s just frustrating. Maybe seeking an affair would help alleviate this problem. Please help.

Are you in the same situation? Are you thinking about seeking an affair just to feel the warmth of a body?

I won’t tell you or debate with you the morality of it. But if you are seeking affairs just to get sex again then I think that’s ok.

Now how could you go about seeking an affair?

Did you find it hard to win your wife and now you’re thinking how it would be harder when seeking affairs?

Later we’ll share with you how seeking affairs could even help rekindle your relationship with your wife. But right now you need to know how to seek an affair.

It’s not difficult, you won’t get into trouble, and women will be pouring in.

We’ve uncovered a simple blueprint that you could use to seek affairs. It’s what the top players use to successfully have an affair and cheat on their wives.

It’s an uncomplicated method.

You just need to talk to women, tell her these fast love spells, and she will go after you like a predator hunting prey.

I could ramble all day long but It’s better if I show it to you. Check it out below. It’s free to take a look.

Find out the key to seeking affairs and getting women to fuck you.

I wanted to meet women seeking affairs. I thought it was problematic. Now I meet smoking hot wives with high libido ready to come over at a moment’s notice for wild steamy sex.

Are There Women Seeking Affairs?

hot married women seeking an affair

Yes, but just because your goals align does not mean she’ll immediately sleep with you.

She too has other options. She will try to find a guy that best fits her needs. And even if you put your best foot forward she might go for someone else.

That’s why you need to arm yourself with ammunition. You need to be ready when you are seeking an affair.

These high libido married women have an intense desire to have sex. They are looking for men who could match their energy and overall vibe. You need to have those in check.

Stop talking about your wife. She doesn’t need to hear about her.

If she insists then keep it light, short, but informative. Give it a few details so she won’t keep bringing it up and she won’t second guess having an affair with you.

She wants to know the details but she does not want to hear a sob story. She does not want to see you cry.

Talking about your wife or your girlfriend will a hundred percent make her pussy dry up. Do you want that to happen?

It’s a turn-off. And if her vagina isn’t wet she’ll seek an affair with someone that can make it gush like waterfalls.

She is not your therapist. Aside from not talking about your wife. Don’t talk to her about your problems.

Don’t talk to her about the things that stress you out. She doesn’t need to hear your problems at work. She doesn’t need to know that you forgot to fix the washing machine your wife is bugging you about.

You must be the fun guy. Not too much. And sensitive too.

Women must feel an emotional connection when seeking affairs. She must feel that with you.

Tell her what she needs to hear. The first time you meet ask her to sit beside you. Make her come closer.

Whisper in her ear that she’s beautiful. Tell her that’s she’s very pretty.

Make her feel your warm breath on her neck. Make your lips almost touch her ears. Do this when you say these words to her. She will surely like it.

If you want to know more words then I suggest you get the fuck book.

Inside the fuck book you’ll find the method that we’re talking about. It is the ultimate manual on how to make any girl want to fuck. Including the words that she needs to hear.

These words are scientifically tried, and proven to work to make women immensely lust for sex. This is the loophole in the female brain. And you can use it to your advantage.

With these words, you can mind control women. Intimacy can easily be achieved when you are seeking affairs. She won’t look for another guy. Women will be happy to have you.

No need to make an account on seeking affair websites. You’ll only encounter fake profiles and get scammed. No need to hire escorts. No need to pay to fuck. Experience free sex from local sluts.

Discretion When Seeking Affairs

meet and fuck affair seeking women

Don’t meet local sluts. try to venture out to a town or two away. Much better if they are cities away. Maybe an hour’s drive away.

This is to make sure that she does not have any connection with your wife.

Distance is a start. But to make sure you can check if the woman you want to seek an affair with has no mutual connections with your wife.

Use hotels or motels. Don’t leave a paper trail. Don’t use credit cards instead pay in cash.

Keep cash handy. You won’t just use it to pay for hotels. Use cash even for food and gas.
Sometimes hotels need to see an ID. Make fake IDs, it only costs a few dollars.

Just pure casual sex. You are there to have fun. You are there to release your sexual frustrations and turn them into a hot sexual experience.

No need to know personal details about each other. Unless, of course, agreed to talk about it. There’s nothing wrong with it. Just make sure that you’re goals align.

Don’t go on dates. Your sex dates are your dates. You don’t want other people to find out about you. Keep it discrete and away from the public’s eye.

You should only meet inside the hotel bedroom. No adult meet up in cafes, or parks, etc.

Always be vigilant. There’s always a risk when seeking affairs. These women’s husbands and boyfriends might find out.

You don’t want to be on the wrong side when shit hits the fan. Make sure that she also places caution when communicating and meeting up for sex with you.

Use burner phones. Don’t use smartphones. Just dumbphones. The one with keypads.
Only use it when you want to meet with your affair partner. Only open it once a day at a certain time. If you don’t receive a message turn it off. Treat her as a sex contact.

Wear a condom. You will encounter various women looking for sex when seeking an affair. These could range from married women to pregnant sluts, to cheating sluts. The bottom line is you could fuck bitches from various backgrounds. Always stay safe.

Feeling trapped, no motivation and you think that you just settled for a boring unfulfilled life? Get intimacy back through seeking affairs. Lift those weights off your shoulder and live a more exciting life.

Find an Adultery Partner Tonight

married sluts seeking extramarital affair

The advantage when seeking affairs compared to paying escorts is the fee. You can fuck free pussy. No need to shell out cash.

Seeking an affair is not just a one night stand. It’s like being fuck buddies with a married woman.

But how could seeking affairs help with your marriage?

A sexless marriage would make you insane. You will think that you could handle it but you can’t.

You will be frustrated. You will feel unloved. Your wife that you married is no longer touching you, kissing you. She’s no longer pressing her body to yours.

The hardest part is when you try but she doesn’t reciprocate. It’s ungratifying.

This is why people seek affairs. They want to relive that feeling.

You can induce that feeling with women that you meet. And you can make them your adultery partners. Even if they are faithful to their husbands. This is through slut training.

You can induce a chemical attraction in women’s brains. Making them produce oxytocin. This hormone reduces stress, anxiety, and increases intimacy.

Women want to experience that feeling. And you can instigate this feeling even by mere words. You can make her mind produce oxytocin just by telling her the words that she wants to hear.

She’ll have a positive reaction toward you. She’ll want to have sex with you. She’ll want to have an affair with you.

These illegal code words and phrases bring about women’s desire to have sex, with YOU.

You can easily have an affair with any woman. Even if she’s married or single.

And when you come home to your wife you can use slut training to create good feelings of lust and desire in her mind towards you.

You will go crazy in a stressful, boring, sexless marriage. Have fun, flirty, casual hookup with women seeking affairs.






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