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Is it your first time having sex? Don’t know what to do? Got a girl to say yes and don’t want to fuck things up?

You’re fed up with all the bullying. You no longer want to be the nice guy girls look down to. You just want this to get over with. You downloaded free hookup apps to meet a girl. This needs to be dealt with.

Having sex for the first time can be nerve-racking. Follow our tips for first time sex. So that you won’t regret it later on. You don’t want to be ashamed about this experience.

No one guided me. No one gave me tips for first time sex. I have to figure it out on my own.

But with all my preparation. It was a disaster. You don’t want that as your first time having sex experience.

I’ve gained a lot more experience after that. I learned about a simple technique to meet and fuck women. I’ve managed to have sex with a lot of hot sexy girls. This made me find out the techniques so that I can please women.

After years I met back with the girl I lost my virginity with. With my skills we ended up in bed. And she totally changed her view of me. Now I can have a threesome with her or any other sexual adventures.

Your first time having sex should not be a disaster. Take a look at our thoughts and tips for first-time sex so you won’t have to live with shame.

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Do It With Someone Your Familiar With

Your first time having sex does not mean that it should not be special. The best way to approach this is to have sex with someone you know. She does not need to be your girlfriend. She could be your hot best friend.

Thinking about first time having sex? She must be someone you are comfortable with. Someone you can talk to and exchange jokes with.

Having sex with a hooker is a bad memory. If you’re having sex with someone you know then you’ll never forget about that moment. Having sex with a hooker will be like a transaction. You don’t want your first time sex to be like a transaction where you negotiate things.

Again, your first time sex does not need to be that special. But it can be if you do it with the right person. The right person is someone you trust and comfortable with. Someone you can hang out with after doing the deed.

Your first time having sex could be with a tinder hookup. If you like her and she likes you then it’s all fine. If you like talking to her and she is to you then it’s fine. You have to be open with each other and that’s what this all is about.

First time having sex and you need a girl to be with? No worries. We’ll show you how you can get a free fuck from hot single girls that want sex.

Make Sure She Shows Up

Nothing smells bad news when your supposed sex partner doesn’t show up on your first time sex. It’s like another blow to your ego. You’re a virgin and now you think that you are not worth having sex with. Because she did not show up.

Here’s what you can do.

Make sure there’s high sexual tension between you and her. What does this do? It’s like making her crave more for her favorite food. Add the fact that you’re making her hungry. The only solution is to feed her.

Use the power of sexting. You need to tease her from time to time. Use sexual innuendos. Don’t directly make obviously sexual jokes. Use double meanings. Compliment her from time to time. Then bust her balls. All these will create all those feelings of wanting more time with you. The more she thinks about you then the better chance that she’ll show up on your first time having sex.

Follow up on her around two hours before you meet her. Make sure she’s game and willing. You don’t want your memory of having sex for the first time is a girl not showing up. That’s a bummer. A simple text making sure she stays safe while she’s on the way would do the trick.

Pre-Date Grooming is a Must

These are the basics that you must do before first time having sex. Most men neglect these even during normal social encounters. No wonder their co-workers or other people around them are ignoring them.

Take a shower. It only takes like 5 to 10 minutes. A deodorant is a must. Or else your armpits will perspire and give you a bad odor.

You can shave or trim your body hair. Do this at least 2 days before your first time having sex. Don’t do it on the day itself. It’s to avoid cuts or your skin being so sensitive.

Choose clean and cool clothes. It doesn’t need to be a suit and tie. A simple shirt would do. Just look presentable. Try not to look like a homeless person.

By the way. Don’t forget to brush your teeth when you are on your way out of the house. It’s your first time having sex. It should not end with her rejecting you because your breath smells bad.

Trust the Foreplay

When thinking about first time having sex we always think about popping a girls cherry. We think about a dick entering the vagina.

But that’s not all there is to sex. A part of sex is foreplay. And foreplay is very important.

It’s what sets the mood. What happens in foreplay can greatly impact the overall sex experience.

You should get her turned on even without showing your dick. Use your words, your touch, your actions to get her horny. You must get her pussy wet even before you undress her panties.

Kiss her lips sensually. Tell her the things that you will do to please her. Kiss her neck all the way down to her tummy. Then unto her crotch area. Kiss her pussy. Give her a little oral if you like. Make her hot. Make her want it.

Then make sure she pleases you to. Don’t go straight asking her for a blowjob. Tease her a little bit. Let her know you’re hard. Make her beg for it.

Again, here’s what you need to remember when first time having sex. Never skip the foreplay. It’s an integral part. You don’t want to slam your dick to dry pussy.

Doing all this will make both you and the girl extremely horny. Making it easy to transition to actual penis in vagina sex.

You Need To Use Condoms

You don’t want your first time sex to be a bad experience. That’s why you need to stay healthy and safe. The best way is to wear protection. That protection is condoms. Always bring a condom.

The girl that you will be fucking could be having no strings attached sex with other people. She could be a total cumslut letting guys run a train on her. You don’t know how many dicks have been inside that free pussy. And if she ever caught an infection or disease. Better be safe. If she insists that you don’t wear one. Walk away. That’s a clear sign that she doesn’t take safety as a priority.

Now if you know the girl that you are first time having sex with then it can be good. You can talk to each other about safety. Of course you don’t want a kid. It’s just your first time having sex. Have sex with her during her infertile days.

Keep it Simple. Don’t Experiment

The thought of satisfying your partner has crossed your mind. Don’t try to impress her. This is your first time having sex. Just keep it simple.

Many would think about a lot of things when it’s their first time having sex. They think that they should need to make the girl reach orgasm. Yeah that’s good. But it’s your first time sex. No one expects you to be a sex god.

Here’s what you can do when having sex for the first time.

Stick to the basics. The basic sex positions are missionary and doggy. Don’t try to insert any other.

Start with telling her to get on her knees and suck your dick. Ask her to suck your balls too.

After a few minutes, you can ask her to lay on her back and get on top of her. Start doing the missionary sex position. Try to maintain that for a few minutes. If you still have energy then you can try doing doggy style.

Ask For A Goal

Maybe you and the girl is having sex for the first time. Since it’s first time sex for the both of you there should be not that much pressure. Ask each other what each one would like to achieve. What are the things each one would like to find out?

Some are curious what a blowjob feels like. Some are curious how it feels when they touch boobs. Talk to each other about what they want to achieve. Find out what each wants.

Some girls are curious what it would feel like with a dick in their mouth. They want to find out what holding a throbbing hard cock would feel in their hands.

How about you? What are you curious about? This is your first time having sex. What are the things that you’d like to find out? About sex and girls in general. Talk to your sex partner about this.

Tell your sex friend what are the things that you think you would like. What are the things you fantasize about when you masturbate? She doesn’t know you at all so it’s better to communicate.

Ask her what are the things that she thinks she would like. Ask her how she likes to be fucked? Slowly? Fast? Rough? You are there to both please each other. Take time. Be open about things. And still, just keep it simple at the start.

My First Time Having Sex

We’ve all heard about horror stories when first time having sex. You don’t want those things to happen to you. Let me just share with you my first time having sex.

When thinking about first time having sex we think about what could go wrong. We think about cumming to early. Early like three strokes in. We worry about what she will think about this. Especially now that you have not satisfied her. Will she have sex with you again.

There’s so much anxiety going on even before having first time sex.

It’s not just you. And it is perfectly normal to think about these things. That’s why we’ve compiled these tips for first time sex. So you can ease up.

When it’s my first time having sex I did not know what to do. My only resource was porn. To our dismay I only lasted less than 30 seconds. And can never get my dick back up again. It was humiliating. She left early. You don’t want this to be your first time having sex experience. So you need to relax and take your time.

What Happens After Your First Time Sex

After your first time having sex you will realize something. You will realize a lot of things. One thing is that getting sex can be easy. It’s no big deal. It’s all natural. You’ll laugh on why you even needed to be nervous at all.

After having sex for the first time you will understand that it is easy to get laid. It’s just two people coming to an understanding that they want to fuck. It’s funny how we complicate things just because we still haven’t experienced them.

Getting to fuck girls again will be a breeze. Now that you’ve experienced having sex for the first time. It’ll no longer be a big deal to invite fuck bitches to be your fuck buddy.

The more experience you gain, the more you get better at how to fuck. You will become a pussy magnet. Girls will be down to fuck just by talking to you. They will volunteer to be your side chick.

You’ll experience real sex. You’ll no longer jerk off or watch porn. You can contact young teens for free sex.

You will no longer pay women for sex. Your first time having sex will not be with some backpage sluts or craigslist sluts. It will be with someone you know. Someone you find attractive. Someone you like, you trust, and are comfortable with. Someone you like to fuck. Not to some hooker, you don’t know.

Getting a girlfriend will now be easy. It’s because you know what switches to flick with women. You will have a lot of options. So choose a good one.

Still A Virgin?

Do you need help. We’re here to show you how to get a girl to have sex with you. In order for you to experience first time sex. You need skills to get women. You must know how to attract women.

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The fuck book is a collection of tried and tested attraction and seduction tactics to get a free hookup. This arsenal will help you fuck the hottest local sluts in your area. You can even fuck married women who are devoted to their husbands. That’s how powerful these techniques can be.

You will not just learn basic and simple first date tips. But guaranteed ways on how to make any girl want to fuck.

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It is simple, effective, and discreet. She won’t even notice it. She will be so turned on. She won’t have any clue about what’s happening. But she will have pure sexual desire towards you. We call this slut training. Turning women into real sluts for your pleasure.

This is not just about how to have sex for the first time. It’s about the first time having sex with any girl that you desire. You can get women to have sex with you the very first time you open your mouth. Even better, you can get them to want to fuck you even before you talk to them.

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