Sporty Sluts Always Ignore Me Until I Read This Book About Primate Mating Strategies. Now I Can Fuck Athletic Sluts Even If I’m Not In Tip-Top Shape. Hot Fitness Sluts In Pink Leggings Gets Anal Fucked By A Fat Slob At The Gym Locker Room.

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Every time I go to the gym I always see these fitness sluts with their sexy bodies. I can’t help but look at their asses in those yoga pants as they walk past me. Their hair is tied up like a ponytail. It makes me fantasize about pulling it while smashing them doggy style.

I wish that I could make one my girlfriend. But of course, I can’t. Let me tell you why in a second.

Fitness sluts are not your average female gym-goer. They are a tease. Deep inside they want male attention. The most obvious hint is all they do are butt workouts. And they always wear these “sporty” skimpy clothing. But all it is does is give every guy in the gym a good look.

These fitness sluts have these great proportions. You’d want to grab their waist and hold their body against you. Meat and fat in all the right places that you’d want to slap grope over and over again. But again, I can’t. I need to come to my senses.

I’m just the new guy. I have never set foot in a gym before. My confidence can’t handle talking to these sporty sluts. They just ooze with sexiness. Unlike me who looks like a slob.

The gym is where I met Elizabeth. I see her working out daily. She has that ass that looks heavenly fantastic when she bends down. Her sweaty and toned body makes her hotter tenfold.

I always wanted to talk to her but I don’t know how. I don’t know what to say. And she always seems busy doing exercises. I’m just a middle-aged out of shape guy and she’s a young ripe woman. I’m most likely not on her radar but she’s an angel in my eyes.

But one day I saw this one guy approached her. She kept laughing at his jokes and slapping him as he teases her. Boy, I wonder where this will all go?

I saw that dude another day. I need to ask if he is now Elizabeth’s boyfriend.

“Hello no! No guy would make an easy bitch her girlfriend.”

He loudly told how easy it was to make her blow his sweaty cock in the parking lot. After only talking to her for five minutes.

The dude was boasting in my face. But not just in my face, the whole gym practically heard it. I can tell that it was awkward between Elizabeth and all the other people inside the gym from then on.

I was angry. I was angry that this dude got his dick sucked by Elizabeth. I was angry that she let this kind of guy persuaded her. I don’t know what she saw in that guy. He’s an asshole.

But why do women go for these guys even though these men would treat them like trash? It took me quite a while but I’ve unearthed it.

There are certain psychological behaviors that women fall for. And these assholes exhibit these behaviors. But what if nice guys exhibit these behaviors? Would it make any difference? It would.

It does not matter if you look like a pig. Women, especially fitness sluts will be okay with hooking up with you. But only if you exhibit these psychological behaviors.

Any dimwit can do it. It does not matter if you’re skinny and scrawny or chunky and overweight. Women will look past that. Their sexual mind will look for certain psychological behaviors. And if you possess those then you can bet that she’ll fall for you.

You can alter women’s thoughts about you. Use this eye-opening psychology to put her in a suggestible mental state. You only need to say 4 sexual phrases. Your image will transform right before her eyes. She will wonder why she hasn’t given you a chance before.

Hookup With Fit Sluts Using Primate Mating Strategies

I still can’t understand why women go for assholes. But here ‘s what I can’t fully understand. My friend Nas is the complete opposite. He’s a very good guy. Kind and generous. Yet I see him with all his side chicks. And they know about each other. I need to learn his secret.

We were hanging out at his apartment when I saw a book on his coffee table. It was all about primate mating strategies.

“Female chimps will mate with a multitude of males when they are at peak fertility.”

I’ve read that line and other fun facts as I skimmed the book.

So this is why women have a lot of fuck friends. It opened my eyes to new ways of looking at the world. It made me ask. What if I apply this knowledge of mating patterns in my life?

Another hot gymgoer is Jasmine. She’s a brunette college slut. Probably 19. And she has a body you’d die for.

I was reluctant of using these mating patterns. It might not even work. But I don’t care anymore. I need to get laid.

These mating patterns are subtle so no one would notice. They also work incredibly fast. Jasmine was enthusiastically pulling me towards the locker room. I only needed a few minutes of talk to hypnotize her into sucking my dick. It’s like using a voodoo love spell.

“I hate to do this to my boyfriend but I have needs.”

She unzipped my pants, went down on her knees, and sucked my cock.

“I can’t believe I just did that.” She said after she came to her senses. But it did not stop there. We now have an arrangement to become sex contacts. We’d meet up now and then for the sole purpose of having sex. She’d give me a booty call any time that she’s horny.

Here’s another pattern that I’ve exploited. Social proof.

If a woman finds you attractive, then surely others would too. They’d be curious as to what makes you a pussy magnet. Other fit sluts in the gym probably saw me being flirty with Jasmine. I’ve gotten signals from these athletic sluts every now and then.

Elizabeth, the girl that I’ve been wanting so long to be my girlfriend started showing signs of interest. But as I’ve predicted she would fall fast to my tricks. I got her in the sack fast.

It was mind-blowing. I did not know how to talk to women a few months before. But now I could get free pussy in a matter of minutes.

Later on, I realized that Elizabeth was not an angel. She’s an average slut with average looks. I could get more like her. There are girls in my area that are down to fuck. All I needed was to apply these mating patterns. I can make any girl want to fuck.

That guy that fucked her before opened up my eyes. It’s easy to fuck women. You just have to be aware of these mating patterns.

This mind-bending sexual strategy unleashes women’s buried animalistic instincts. Even the hottest athletic sluts can’t resist. All she would think about is getting sex from you.

Make Fitness Sluts Want To Fuck

Approach when you can. It’s mostly awkward to approach fit sluts at the gym. That’s why you need to have the perfect timing.

You don’t sit in your car in the parking lot waiting for her like a creep. Are you a stalker?

You need to find the right timing. Sometimes you get lucky and the timing is just right without you doing anything. Don’t bother any workout sluts while they are in the middle of their set.

There will always be a time when she’s by herself resting.

Don’t focus on one girl so you won’t be needy. You can aim to talk to multiple fitness sluts.

Be outgoing. The gym is where people keep to themselves. They are mostly there to workout and mind their own business. They rarely mingle, unless they know you. This is why you need to be receptive and warm.

Are these fitness sluts using the equipment that you need to use? Talk to them. Tell them to call your attention once they are finished.

Are you about to put the weights back and these workout sluts are about to do the same? Ladies first. Give them courtesy. Then start small talk.

You need to be receptive. There are a lot of opportunities where you can insert yourself in a situation and you can have small talk.

Don’t be the person that interrupts these sporty sluts mid-workout. No one wants that. Do you want someone talking to you while in the middle of a bench press?

Small talk is okay. Here’s why. I’m going to introduce you to a simple technique. You can use this not just with athletic sluts but with any other situation.

Micro small talks. You don’t need to have a full-on five-minute conversation with women at the beginning. Start with very simple greetings. A Hi or hello is good. Establish familiarity.

The next time you meet that person add more. “Hi, what are we working out today?” You can end it there.

Then add more the next time. It’s rapidly growing micro small talks. This increases familiarity. She will not see you as a creep because you’re ending the conversation fast. She will feel safe with you. You are giving her space.

Your micro small talks will soon ramp up to a full-on conversation. This is where you can get more flirty. Get her phone number too.

Sexting is good. You can be more naughty and direct through text. It’s because you’re way past small talk. You’ve been talking about things. Now it’s time to move on to the next level.

You can tease her a little bit during sexting. Here’s a line that I use. Don’t copy. Think of your own. Be creative. The goal is to make her laugh.

“Hey, I don’t mean to be rude. But earlier today I can see some camel toe through your yoga pants.”

She’d probably get embarrassed or flirt back. She’ll also think that you’re checking her out. If she finds this offensive then she’s a Karen and you need to move on to better women.

Here’s another one when talking about lifting or weights. You could tell her that “she can’t handle the load”. Find the right timing where you can use that line.

Now I’ve discovered certain words that can quickly make women sexually respond to you. They may show anger at first. But deep inside their lusting for you. These work well with athletic sluts and their insecurities.

Check it now. This may get deleted soon.

You can fuck local women tonight especially sporty sluts. These erotic hypnotic phrases will give her a sexual sensory overload. All she would think about is getting on top of you and riding your dick all night long.

These Sporty Sluts Want Casual Sex

Two years was fast. That’s all it took for me to change from a dude with a dad bod to looking decently ripped. I’ve attended a few seminars to be a personal trainer. It’s just easier to get workout sluts that way.

Women will go to you instead of the other way around. They are just friendlier and easier to talk to.

They ask for my help doing post-workout stretching and I get to touch their body. They’d let me touch their asses and sometimes my hands brush their boobs. There’s no malice. But all this “touching” can make them feel horny and associate those feelings with me.

They’d ask for my phone number or my Facebook account to add me up. They’re just being casual about it. But as my knowledge of mating strategies go this is their way to get a hookup. Their brains are slowly being rewired to fuck me.

Sometimes I get calls to do “home workouts” If you know what I mean. Now, these fitness sluts’ pussy are rammed hard by their fitness instructor.

I get a full sweaty “workout” with different sporty sluts daily. Different chick every day. Including Stella the slutty mom next door who wants me to make her a glorified milf.

These athletic sluts pretend to ask for my “help” exercising. But deep inside their primate mind, they just want to get fucked by their personal trainer. I’m like a genie who fulfills their wishes.

You can also fuck a different chick every day. You don’t need to be fit or ripped. This works even if you have a fat belly or haven’t lifted a single weight your entire life. Women will respond to your mating strategies. All you need is to take advantage of these primal mating patterns and you will get a free hookup every now and then.

These patterns are instilled in their mind. They can’t help it. Humans are wired to want an orgasm. Let us share with you what these secret patterns are.

I have a confidential presentation that’s only shown to a few set guys. If you are reading this page then you might as well count yourself in. Check it out now. It may get deleted soon.

She’ll be waiting for your call. She’s getting desperate. All she wants is to be with you. This basic psychology can make even the hottest fit sluts want to fuck. Even if you are slightly overweight or flabby. All you need is to insert these covert code words into the conversation and she’ll be madly chasing you.