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Do guys like flat chested girls? I got to be honest. I hate them. I’d never date one. Their natural small tits are so unattractive to me. I don’t know if any guy would want to lick and suck some small tittys.

You know what I’m about, right? But my view changed when I saw this flat chested babe at a Kohl’s in my area. This flat chested lady rocked her crop top, displaying her sexy tummy and lovely figure. But most of all, her face is adorable.

She’s oozing with confidence, even if she has nice little tits. I never thought that flat chested teen sluts could be sexy as hell.

I wish I could make her my flat chested slut that I could booty call for local sex when I’m horny. But I know that I don’t have a chance with her. Why? Because other hot sexy girls are ignoring me. My hot female roommate rolls her eyes when she sees me around.

Flat chested sluts are naughty women that have small titties. They have tiny boobs that are barely visible. Flat chested sluts have perky little tits that will not bounce when you have flat chested sex with her.

Some weeks passed, and I saw her again in the same area. And the week after. I developed a crush on this tiny titted slut. She’s in my dreams every day. I can’t help but infatuate being with her. I wished that she was my slut girlfriend.

But I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how to talk to women. I couldn’t just walk up to her. I could say something silly, and she’d laugh and never speak to me again. I don’t want that to happen. I wanted a surefire way to talk to small titty sluts and get them attracted to me.

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Months have passed, and I still see her around. She probably thinks that I’m a stalker that’s always following her. But I had already given up on the idea that she could be my girlfriend. Or even be a sex partner.

I’m content with jerking off to flat chested pornstars. And flat chested nudes of stunning babes. At least I won’t embarrass myself to other people watching flat chested porn.

The next time I saw her, she was alone. I thought maybe I could get a chance. I’ve been researching pickup lines for some time now. Waiting for a moment like this. But when I was about to walk up to her, this asshole came to her from behind.

She turned towards him, smiled, and noticed her eyes glistened up. Is she her girlfriend? No. Because I saw them exchange phone numbers. Wow. That guy can get any horny girl’s number.

I took a picture. I don’t know why, maybe because I want to teach him a lesson never to mess with my girl.

I got home, kicking and whining about what happened. How could she just give her number to a jerk? I looked at the picture and noticed the guy’s shirt. It’s a link to a website. It’s called the fuckbook. Curious, I visited it.

It busted me out of my bubble. It showed a loophole in female psychology any guy can use to get women attracted. It’s probably a lot of bullshit. But I kept an open mind.

I tried it on this pale slut with small tiny tits at the coffee shop. I got her number and got a date with her. I used it on this nerdy slut at the book store with nice little tits. She begged me to come home with her. I could have. It’s just that I was new to this that I didn’t know what to do and panicked.

Did that guy learn those techniques from that website? Probably. Is he the creator? I’m not sure. But what I know is that his gimmick works. And I’d continue to use them until I can get some hot flat chested sluts with sweet little tits to be my fuck buddy.

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Flat chested sluts are mostly tiny sluts. Their small tittys inherit from their small body frame.

But there are BBW that have small tits too. I thought that was impossible until I was in bed with one. Bitch had foam pads. It was one of the first times I got to experience no strings fuck.

I admit. I’m one of those men who don’t like small titties on women. But some men want completely flat chested breasts on their women. If you’re one of those, here are some things you can do to bed flat chested sluts.

Make her feel beautiful. That she’s enough even without big fat titties.

Her tiny boobs give her a boyish figure. But it’s okay. She’s not unnoticed. In fact, she caught your attention. Communicate this to her, and this will make her so happy.

Her body with flat chested tits is not perfect. But it’s beautiful in its way.

Make her feel that she’s the most beautiful girl ever. You’d empty your balls whenever you’d have flat chested sex with her.

Keep looking at her eyes. Tell her that you’re amazed by how it’s so striking and stunning. Her face is very alluring that you’d like to kiss every part of it. You’d like to spend much more time looking at how irresistible she is.

Communicate these things to her without simping. And you can be one step closer to getting a flat chested fuck.

Don’t mention it. Yes, she has small titties. She knows it. She doesn’t need you to remind her of it.

Don’t even look at it or glance at it. It’s no big deal for you. You should think that if you want to experience her tight pussy.

Instead, you should focus on giving her a good time. Transfer positive emotions, like fun, adventure, and amusement.

Make her feel engaging emotions, such as thrill, excitement, and pleasure.

Once she’s comfortable, impart her with naughty emotions. This will make flat chested babes wet and horny.

Repeat this process to a flat chested sluts you’d like to fuck. It won’t be long till you’re living your best life receiving road head from trashy sluts.

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Make love to it. Her flat chested tits are still worth squeezing. Here’s what you need to do. Once cozy, snuggle with her. Make her feel your warmth. Make her feel your dominance.

And then slowly make your move. Make out with her. Touch her where she wants to be touched. On her back, on her waist, her shoulders.

Put this flat chested slut in your lap. Hug her. Touch her flat belly. And then slowly slide your arms to her tiny boobs. Don’t grope. Don’t be rough on it. It’s like a slow dance where you feel each other.

That’s how it starts. But the minute you touch her boobs is the minute that you should begin undressing her. A couple of minutes later, you should be smothering her flat chested tits.

All this should lead to a flat chested fuck where you can splatter your cum on her perky little tits. And she will be a grateful cumslut. Are you ready for this?

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I was skeptical. I just got lucky, right? No woman would fall for me. It was just a fluke. But when I saw this flat chested slut with perfect tiny tits, I needed to make a move.

I have wanted to have a pet since I was a kid. I never had one because my parents were strict about it. So I’m at the shelter, ready to adopt a dog. And chicks dig puppies too. But that’s secondary.

I saw this striking chick. A cute slut with flat tits. I thought she was a lesbian slut at first. She had an oversized shirt that freely hangs on her body.

And she’s with this flat chested milf with cute little tits. It’s probably her slutty mom, right?

I don’t know how, but I went for it. I shoot my shot. I’d probably fail. But at least I took a chance.

The lines I learned flowed through me like a smooth stream of water. It was very natural and effortless. I didn’t even need to memorize these lines, I just read them once, and it was very casual of me to use them organically. That’s how straightforward this method is.

So I gave my spill, right? I thought I was killing it. But looking at their faces, they seemed distrustful. Even suspicious.

I was like, “Fuck, I knew this shit never works.”

So as a last resort, I just asked for her number. Maybe I could text her sometime, and she might change her mind. But she asked for mine too.

She said so that she could save it. She doesn’t answer unknown numbers. That’s a good sign, right? But I can still see her face, wary of my motives. Maybe she asked for it so she could block it immediately.

Anyway, I got my puppy as I intended. And she got hers. And we went on our ways.

I was at home, playing with my pup. Thinking of what I could text to make this beautiful slut with small titties go out with me. I had a lot of clever and funny lines in my head. But I was cynical that any of them would work.

I was starting to get frustrated when I noticed a notification on my phone. It was from her. This alluring woman with perfect tiny tits just texted me. Is this real?

She said it was just her first time having a dog, and would like to know more about how she can take good care of it. She said that maybe I could come over, and we could let the dogs have some play time together.

Shit, it’s my first time too. But I think I know where she’s coming from. She’s just making an excuse for me to come over.

This flat chested welcomed me wearing a hoodie and skimpy shorts. I could clearly see her delicious lower butt cheeks.

She probably noticed me checking her out. She said it’s comfortable. And she doesn’t need to wear a bra. “People won’t notice. And it makes me feel dirty.” She added while giving me a smirk.

Not even a minute or two, she was sticking her tongue in my mouth. I didn’t make a move. It was all her own.

She started rubbing my crotch and grabbing my cock.

“Behave yourself,” I told her. And that made her even naughtier, and she started yanking my cock more aggressively.

“That’s it. You need to be punished.” She slowly backed away, smiling.

“Come back here!” I grabbed her arm and pulled her to me. Then I pushed her down to her knees for me to face fuck her.

This flat chested slut was sucking my dick and swallowing my balls for over an hour.

“I’m willing to bet your girlfriend doesn’t play with your balls like this.”

I slapped her face lightly, pulled out my dick, and told her to stick her tongue out.

I spat on her tongue, and she swallowed it like a subversive degraded slut. “What a good slut.” I told her excitedly as I love the feeling of having power over flat chested sluts with cute small tits. I also took flat chested pics of her as a remembrance.

She probably felt me quiver and thought that I was about to come. She got hold of my arms and placed them on her head. Telling me to use her head to jerk off my dick. And I did. And within a few pumps, I unloaded spoonfuls of my jizz in her throat.

This cumslut with tiny little tits face was so wet from all the tears, the spit, and my cum.

It was exhausting yet fun even though we hadn’t had flat chested sex. I took a nap at her flat tits for a while.

I had a night of fun with her even If I hadn’t got to play with her nice little tits.

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As I was leaving, I saw this flat chested milf that accompanied her at the shelter.

She was just coming home from work.

Turns out I was right. It was her horny hot mom with her at the shelter.

“Did you fucked my daughter?” She asked.

I never got to answer. “Could you help me get out of this dress?”

I can’t say no. I started undressing her. She turned around. We looked at each other like lovers hungry for affection from one another.

I then pulled down her top.

“Are they enough for you?” Asking if her cute little tits could satisfy me.  

I did not verbally answer her. But I held her face close, and we started making out. This flat chested milf with very small tits is down to fuck.

I noticed some picture frames hanging on the wall. So I guess this hot bitch is a married slut.

“Where’s your husband?” I asked. “Don’t worry about that.” She said.

I’m sorry, bro. I get to use your slut wife and daughter tonight. Best night of my life. Good thing I have enough energy, thanks to my pill to get more erections.

“Treat me like how you treated her. I’m your flat chested whore for tonight.” She requested.

Now I had no choice but to give her the best flat chested fuck she’d never had in a long time.

I started grabbing her ass. Touching her body sensually. Making her feel sexy. And then I slipped my hands into her panties. And she was so wet that it was dripping down her legs.

I started fingering her, and she started shaking from pleasure. “Please, don’t stop.”

A few minutes later and she pulled back. She positioned herself on the couch with her mouth wide open, ready to be used.

I put my balls in her mouth and told this tiny titted slut to lick and clean my balls. Her mouth couldn’t take a break as I started inserting my dick and placing my balls on it alternately.

“Oh, fuck. Your daughter can’t suck dick like this good.”

And that made her gag on my dick more. She’s working for it. Trying to prove to me that she’s the better flat chested slut. To be fair, their blowjobs are almost on par with each other.

I tried to flat chested fuck her small titties. I poked tiny boobs with my penis. And played around with it. Smearing my pre cum all over her perky little tits.

I then sat on the couch. And without telling me what to do, she sat on my dick. I started thrusting her wet pussy aggressively. I can see her eyes roll back.

“Fuck! That’s a tight pussy.” I said while I continued pounding it.

Once again, I feel I’m about to go over the edge. But I can’t stop thrusting her tight pussy. It’s like my dick was programmed to ram her vagina and destroy her insides.

I poured it all out. I spilled all my load inside her tight cunt, giving her a wet and warm creampie. I took flat chested pics of her destroyed pussy with my creampie afterward.

I got to fuck two flat chested sluts in one night. All thanks to the female mind control. I never thought I could do it. But it proved I can use this to fuck many girls with small titties and flat chested milfs with cute little tits.

No need to force women or pressure them into having sex. Use these techniques like a love spell. These small tit sluts will gladly sleep with you at the drop of a hat.

I no longer need a slut finder to search for these flat chested babes. My radar can easily locate these hot ladies with tiny tits and get them to come home with me. It’s not just the flat chested sluts or local singles in my area. It’s any hot woman in my radius. I can make any girl want to fuck. No doubt.

I want you to experience what I’m experiencing. An abundance of gorgeous women that’s willing to fuck me. Not just hot babes with small tittys. Any type of woman. And I don’t need to pay for sex. All these appetizing women ready to give me a free fuck.

What do you do when you see small tit babes nearby? Most men will just stand there and do nothing. Eyeballing these flat chested sluts imagining that they’re fucking them. Never be satisfied with imagination when you can fuck hot women with perfect tiny tits. This is how you can do it.

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This mother and daughter tandem sends flat chested pics like they’re flat chested pornstars on a photoshoot.

My phone is now blowing up with flat chested nudes of other women. These babes with natural small tits keep sending their local nudes. Just to grab my attention and make them my girlfriend. My fuck buddy rules say they can only go up to being a side chick.

I’ve thought about having a threesome with this flat chested milf and her daughter. But I think that’s kind of taboo for me. Maybe I could invite the slutty mom with other milfs near me with small titties.

I couldn’t have done this without knowing how to fuck a girl. I can get flat chested sex anytime that I want. I’m getting free pussy, not just from tiny titted sluts. But from other beautiful women in my area. If you’re into flat chested sex, you need to take a look at this.

I’ve gone to fuck college sluts with cute little tits. I’ve met Asian women with small tittys at the restaurant around the block. These Asian girls looking for sex, and I’m here to provide it to them. I’ve hooked up with barely legal teen sluts with nice small tits. I never thought I could fulfill many of my fantasies in so little time.

Women, especially flat chested sluts want sexual pleasure. But these flat sluts want it with someone that can guarantee it. They want emotional intimacy with it.

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A friend said he was on a mission to fuck as many girls as possible. He’s count was still at zero. That’s when I shared with him the ultimate solution on how to fuck a girl. He used it on the first flat chested slut he saw, and they immediately hooked up at the back of his van. From then on, he had consistent results of banging horny chicks. All this without any effort. At all.

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