It’s Hard To Get Regular Sex Even With Average Sluts. Not Until I Uncovered A No-Sweat Process Of Having Consistent Dirty Sex With Any Woman. Now, Average Sluts and Even Better Looking Sluts Help Me Relieve Everyday Tension By Letting Me Stuff and Slam My Hard Dick Deep Into Their Free Pussies.

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Are you trying to fuck women but all you could sleep with are average sluts? The 6s and 7s.

Average sluts are the local sluts that you call “cute” instead of beautiful, gorgeous, or pretty. They’re somewhere in the middle in terms of hotness. Average sluts are bangable but not someone you would make a girlfriend.

There’s nothing wrong with fucking average sluts. With the right amount of makeup and stylish clothes, they can be hot too.

But let’s face it. We want beautiful sluts, we don’t want to sleep with average-looking sluts. But do you have a choice?

Most of the time, you aren’t even fucking average sluts. Sure, you can date average sluts. You go out with them on walks, to the movies, and hang out at coffee shops, Netflix.

But when it comes to sex, you can’t pull the trigger? I mean, why? They are already average sluts, do you have any apprehension when going for the kill?

Don’t tell me you’re only getting lucky. And even if you did get lucky? Do you cheer in victory by fucking some low-hanging fruit?

It’s not difficult to have consistent sex with average sluts, but if you’re fucking up even at this level then we have to dive deeper into the problem.

This was my reality back in the day, but thank goodness it no longer is. I found a way to make sex happen regularly.

Every day there’s a steady stream of average sluts and beautiful sluts that come to my apartment ready to suck my balls.

How do I do it? It’s in the numbers.

Imagine having 20 fuck friends on your rotation. You can just invite one for a booty call and you have free sex waiting for you.

But what if she doesn’t show up? That’s why you have the other 19 sex contacts as a backup. This way you’ll never run out of fuck bitches to slay.

Whether those fuck friends consist of average sluts or pretty women is all up to your skill of bringing them into your circle.

I’ve discovered a simple procedure on how to make this happen.

I’ve got 3 simple words that can make women agree to go home to my apartment and keep them coming back. I’m willing to share them with you. But you must keep them a secret.

Don’t just get lucky and get sex from average sluts. This system shows you how to get free pussy consistently. There will never come a day where you will never have sex.

How To Sleep With Average Sluts Near Me

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You should be prepared when you meet up for sex with average sluts. Even if they are average-looking sluts you should have a game plan.

Don’t go for a walk to some park or shops. No one wants another night with a boring guy. Make her feel excited. A little thrill is enough. How? Be more intimate.

You can do this if you can have a conversation where you could talk about private things. You can’t talk about private stuff in public. Choose a good spot. Your house or her house, a hotel, or any place where there can be a booth where no one can see you.

This is important to sexually escalate things. You can’t intensify flirty and sexual feelings if she’s not comfortable. And you can make her comfortable by taking away the factors that make her not. Such as being out there in public. Any secluded space is enough, even a car. You could even have a public quickie there, which you probably can’t if you’re not somewhere private.

Always go in for the kiss at the end of the date. Even better, don’t wait for the end of the date.

How do you know when to do it? Do it when you can feel it. You will feel the sexual tension. And when you feel it that’s when you need to act on it.

The difference between the jerk and the nice guy is that the jerk acts on his feelings. The nice guy just bottles it up. Hoping that the girl will be the one to initiate things.

But no, it does not work that way. She will not kiss you. She’s not that desperate. So if you do not kiss her, she will find someone that does.

Hey, that’s just the first step, but once you’ve gotten over it, you can easily ramp up the process. You can go from kissing to heavy make out to getting undressed.

All you need is to take that initial step to take things to the next level.

If you’re still unsure how to do this, then I hope you’re ecstatic as I’m about to give you a leg-up.

Through my sexual adventures with women, I accidentally discovered 2 magic sentences that can make women instantly give me a blowjob.

That’s right. No dates, no holding hands or going to the movies, no kiss. Straight for the blowjob. There were times that I don’t even know these local sluts’ names. It works like a voodoo love spell.

I found out about it by chance. By dating thousands of average sluts and hot sexy girls I’ve unintentionally identified 2 specific magic sentences that can make women instantly soak their panties with their pussy juice.

I want to keep this a secret that’s why I like to preserve it on a private website. But if you want access, I can share the key with you. These are the secrets to fuck everyday sluts. The ones you encounter every day. Check it out below right now. I might change the locks soon.

You can fuck local women tonight. You could be fucking average sluts. They may not be THAT pretty, but it’s a start. Find out about these sexual brain hijacking phrases to make women instantly wet their pussies.

Make Average Looking Sluts Your Fuck Buddies

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Once you’ve learned how to fuck average sluts then there’s only one way to get better. Consistency.

You need to find out how you can maintain getting free pussy from average sluts.

Can you manage to fuck average sluts daily? Regularly?

Your goal is to get laid religiously every day. Even if it means fucking ugly sluts.

Over time you will find out the psychology behind why women sleep with men. You will find out what makes them tick. And if you do you can use it to sleep with better-looking women.

How can you constantly sleep with women? Get fuck buddies.

You need to make women’s experience with you a fun ride, therefore, making them come back again and again into your arms.

I was having mild success when I was in my 20s. I met Sofia at a park near me. She’s very pleasant to look at, Almond eyes, long silky hair, a face for print magazines, and a body like TikTok thots.

We had a great conversation that lasted for hours. I told her that let’s get a drink at my place as it’s getting dark. She obliged.

Getting her isolated was easy. Getting her naked was easier. She did not stay the night as she said that she had early morning responsibilities.

I texted her the day after asking her that last night was great and maybe we could hang out again. She told me that she’s busy for the whole week and the week after that.

Now I realized that it was all just an excuse to not see me. She could’ve just said no and that she doesn’t want to see me again right?

Turns out I know the steps of seduction but not the rules of it. I was just following the techniques in the fuck book but I don’t know the principles behind it.

It took me a year to find the right formula. I’ve grown from women having doubts about me the moment they wake up from my bed to having early morning sex as breakfast. And they will keep coming back for lunch and dinner, and even for dessert.

I found the formula to get a fuck buddy. Now I have an inventory of sluts that I frequently meet and fuck. No more lonely nights. I got a ton of everyday sluts I can call every now and then.

Seduction does not end with sex. You have to make women emotionally addicted to you. Let me reveal to you the forbidden patterns that I used to erotically hypnotize women to submission and obedience. Do this right and you can literally see the sexual transformation in her face as she willingly submits to being your personal fuck toy.

Average Looking Sluts Want Sex

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You too can have a high headcount of fuck buddies that are willing to come over to your place and have wild sex.

If you can make any girl want to fuck consistently then you can have a lot of sex partners. Make sure that they are always fond of you and enjoy your company.

Remember Sofia? A year later and we matched on a hookup app. This time I won’t make the mistake of not making her emotionally addicted to me.

We engaged in Tinder hookup. Now she’s at the bottom of my list of thousands of average sluts that I’ve fucked.

Many men want to experience this kind of lifestyle. Yet they hinder themselves. They stop themselves from ever having success.

They have these limiting beliefs they learned growing up. These simps have the wrong ideas about what attracts women. And they keep doing it over and over not having the slightest idea that these will get them nowhere. It’s not their fault.

That’s why I need to share these techniques with you. I don’t want to see men struggling with women, even on average sluts.

We want to show you the truth. Assholes can sleep with women easily. You can too, and that’s without being an asshole.

I’ve discovered 2 sentences that can make women feel an intense desire to become your submissive slut. It’s all it takes, and that’s without being a douchebag.

These sentences get buried deep inside her mind causing a sexual sensory overload. You can program women to be your female sex slaves.

I used it on the neighborhood slutty mom and even the office slut at my workplace. Now, they’re my loyal side chicks that I can call up anytime and they’ll be knocking on my front door in under an hour. And with slut training they do send nudes when instructed.

I could tell you more about it but it’s just better to show you. Turn average sluts into a nympho cocksucking slut.

Bring out women’s biological drive to have sex with you. If you know how to trigger these she’ll do anything to impress you and win you over including nasty sexual acts. You can make average sluts and beautiful sluts sleep with you. You can make any women want you.






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