New To Having A Fuck Buddy? Here Are Important Fuck Buddy Rules To Follow To Have More Fun And Less Drama. I Use This Fuck Buddy Contract With The Women I Sleep With To Avoid Fuck Buddy Problems. All My Sex Partners Agree To This Fuck Buddy Code.

fuck buddy rules to keep sex partner

So you got a fuck buddy? We’ll share with you what you need to know to maintain that relationship.

No drama, all fun. No toxicity just positivity. Who likes drama right? Who likes arguments and misunderstanding.

This is why you need fuck buddy rules. An informal fuck buddy contract. One where you can agree to the terms.

The best part is that if you can’t agree on these fuck buddy rules then you can either compromise or just end it. No hard feelings because you’re only fuck buddies.

What are fuck buddy rules? Fuck buddy rules are clear expectations that fuck buddies can set. To maintain the fuck buddy relationship and make it work.  Fuck buddies need to follow these fuck buddy rules. This is needed to have a healthy no strings attached relationship.

Fuck buddy rules keep the fuck buddies on the same page. Fuck buddy rules are important to establish trust and honesty. Even if it’s not a traditional monogamous relationship.

The Fuck Buddy Contract

fuck buddy contract to maintain sex contact

Have a fuck buddy contract

No, you don’t need to have a formal and written contract. You don’t need something notarized or done by your attorney. You only need to establish the ground rules. This is the most important step. Skip it and your fuck buddy relationship will crumble.

Here you will discuss what you want to do, what you agree to, and otherwise.

The fuck buddy contract should strictly be followed. Or else the fuck buddy relationship will be short-lived.

This needs to be clear. And everyone must agree to it. The problem is that one could say yes but doesn’t really like one of the fuck buddy rules. This smells disaster.

An example is a girl who would agree to be fuck buddies with you. But all she wants is to be your girlfriend. But you, you just want free sex. Do you think this fuck buddy relationship will last long?

Talk things out. You don’t have to be serious. Just make sure that everyone is on the same page. Do this to avoid fuck buddy problems.

The fuck buddy rules are up to you

You’re probably reading this because you want some kind of guidance.

Whatever you guys prefer. Whatever you guys decide. Don’t let anyone tell you that what you’re doing is wrong or bad. If the fuck buddy rules are ok with you then follow it.

Some fuck buddy rules may work on other couples and may not on some. It differs from person to person.

Every relationship is different. It’s up to you and her to establish the agreement. It’s whatever you both agree to.

Everyone should benefit

You must be satisfied. She must be satisfied. Everyone should be getting what they want. Mostly it’s fun casual sex. But sometimes one is getting neglected more than the other.

It’s like eating pussy and giving blowjobs. Some men don’t like eating pussy, while some love it. Some women despise giving blowjobs, but others are cock hungry. If you can’t give what they want then what’s the point?

Don’t pretend that you like eating pussy when you don’t. A girl should not pretend to like giving blowjobs when she doesn’t.

There can be room for compromise. Make sure everyone enjoys their time.

Bonus fuck buddy rules tip. Always stay hard. Find out how to last longer. Pleasure her and she will pleasure you.

Be open to each other

It can be hard. But there should be complete honesty. No lies. Lies will get you killed. For real. So if you’re married, cheating, have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Let your fuck buddy know.

Past and current STDs? Let them know. They should. Their health is important.
Fuck buddies should be honest with each other. If you can’t freely talk about things then this will limit how you communicate.

There are consequences if you hide things from one another. Say what’s in your mind.

If fuck buddies are open to each other they could talk about kinks and fantasies and they could try those out. Don’t limit yourself. Open up and opportunities will follow.

Hygiene is a must

No one wants to smell that dirty ass. Unless that’s what you’re into. I hope not.

I brought home a bar slut from the club. She’s a 10 in the looks department. I can see everyone’s judging eyes when we were leaving the club. How can this regular skinny guy bring home a bombshell?

This is going to be easy sex right? Anyway, we were in bed making out when my hands were making it’s way to her panties. And I shit you not. The whole room smelled like trash in an instant. It’s like rotten fish in there.

This is one of the must fuck buddy rules. Just keep it clean. Make sure nothing’s smelling or anything. Check yourself for body odor. This is a must among the fuck buddy rules.

Don’t be boring

No one likes to waste their time. If you are not going to fuck her brains out then she will look for another fuck buddy that can.

This fuck buddy relationship exists because you want to get fucked. No emotional discussions. No friendly chats. Just good sex.

No one wants to hear some drama at the office. No one wants to talk about the weather or the traffic. No one wants to hear about another political issue.

Unless you are friends and want some of these then be sure to avoid these. Just have fun. Enjoy the time you spend with your special friend.

Make her laugh. Dirty talk is welcomed. Make her feel wanted. Seduce her. And give her toe-curling sex. That’s what she wants when you became fuck buddies.

Don’t get her pregnant

It’s up to her to use birth control. And it’s up to you to bring the condom. It’s both party’s responsibility to talk about this.

You’re just fuck buddies. You’re not even in a romantic relationship. Even long-time couples get anxious when they get a pregnancy scare.

Always be responsible. You can make rash decisions when in the heat of sex. Please don’t. Don’t pull out. Don’t rawdog.

How To Treat A Fuck Buddy

fuck buddy guide for successful casual sex relationship

You’re not friends

Unless you want to go the friends with benefits route. Always remind yourself that you’re not friends with your fuck buddy.

Why is this important? Your fuck buddy may not like you appearing in her life. Or You may not like her to appear to yours. You don’t want her knowing your friends. You don’t want her to learn about your personal matters. She’s just a sex contact that you can booty call when you’re horny.

Does she need to know intimate details about you? Like how your childhood was like, or what your current goals and dreams in life are? Save that for a friend. Maybe she’d like to hear about it but enter with caution.

Maybe she only likes to hear from you when she wants to get pounded senseless. If you want to keep pounding her then you have to keep it that way. And comes one important thing in the fuck buddy rules.

Don’t be sweet

No romantic gestures. Don’t be sweet. Don’t make her fall in love. Because that’s disastrous.

This fuck buddy rule is important to keep things aligned. She’s your fuck buddy for a reason. Because you don’t want her to be your girlfriend. She’s a side chick. So don’t let her fall in love.

No dating outside the bedroom. Heck, don’t even meet outside the bedroom. No coffee dates. No movie nights. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Keep it sexy and she’ll enjoy every moment.

No Texting

Not literally. This fuck buddy rule means that you should keep communication to a minimum. Only contact each other when you want to bang.

Constant communication might signal that you want something more. More than just a fuck buddy.

But sexting is fine. No small talk or getting to know. But being flirty and naughty in texts is okay. If you make her wet through sexting then you can keep your fuck buddy for a long time.

One of my fuck buddy rules is for these easy girls to always send nudes. Want to text me? Get my attention first. That’s how we get a good time.

Emotions should be out the door

Don’t be jealous. Don’t get angry. Don’t react if you see your bitch with another guy. Don’t get angry when you see her flirt with someone else. You are not her boyfriend. Don’t get upset when another guy makes her his cumslut.

Are you having feelings for your fuckbuddy? Stick by the code. No feelings. Because she might not be into having a romantic relationship with you. Don’t treat her extra nice.

Women are more notorious when it comes to casual sex. Men are the romantics. Women fall faster than men. Men, not so much, but they fall harder. So if she’s not falling for you then all she wants is sex and your dick.

Don’t make it hard. She may not want an exclusive relationship with you. She may only have a physical attraction for you. And so you do for her. Don’t make it complicated.

Always get tested

This is an important one among fuck buddy rules. Do this even if you are in a monogamous fuck buddy relationship.

They may be fucking behind your back even if they say they aren’t. That’s why you always bring a condom. Don’t stick your dick in her pussy without it.

Visit the lab and the doctor regularly. Maybe once a month. Just to make sure you’re healthy.

Fuck Buddy Guide

fuck buddy code with local sluts

Here are some things that fuck buddies should talk about when establishing the fuck buddy rules.


Find out when you are going to have sex. Weekly? Thrice a Week? Just when she’s in town? Anytime you’re horny?

This can be good to avoid conflicts in schedule. No one wants to feel rejected when your fuck buddy is unavailable. And then you’ll make up reasons in your head. Thinking that she’s with another fuck buddy or something.

A good fuck buddy rule is to find out when and where you can meet so that your local sex with your fuck buddy can go smoothly.

One thing is a must. Only meet up when you’re sure that you can give a good time. Ring a booty call when you’re in the mood. When you’re overly horny. Because you know that you can give her a mind-blowing orgasm.

Don’t hang out when you’re tired. Don’t hang out when you have a lot in your mind. She’s not going to have fun and will just kill the mood. Always bring you’re A-game when you want to meet with your fuck buddy.


Fuck buddies should talk about if they’re going to fuck each other exclusively. Some like this arrangement to minimize STDs.

For some, they’d like to have more options. They’d like to have more fuck buddies. And that’s okay too. Remember.

How about you? Do you want to fuck women, lots of women? Do you like multiple sex partners or just one?

The fuck buddy rules are yours to make. Don’t let other’s dictate how your fuck buddy contract is going to go.


Can you talk about your fuck buddy to other people? Mention your fuck buddy to your friends? You may or may not. With names or no names. It’s up to you where you are comfortable.

Some may be ok if you just mention that you are friends or just acquaintances. Some are not ok even without the no-names approach. They prefer that you keep it a secret.

A top piece of advice to give is to keep everything a secret. Even to your friends and best friends. Don’t tell that you have a fuck buddy. Don’t show your fuck buddies nude selfies. Don’t share any stories about your fuck buddy. Zip it for everyone’s comfort.

Hanging out.

Is it okay to hang out outside the bedroom? Not a date per se. Probably just to grab a bite after sex or coffee before sex.

Some don’t like it and prefer to just go straight to fucking. Renting a hotel and going straight to the room.

Some would like to hang out first. Catch up a little and transfer to the bedroom. Some are even ok hanging out after and cuddling. I suppose you can call them friends with benefits. But again, you should talk about these fuck buddy rules with your partner. See where she is comfortable.  

The Fuck Buddy Code

Fuck buddy etiquette for no strings attached sex

One of my favorite fuck buddies is Brandi. She’s a tiny slut with big fat titties. We’ve established some fuck buddy rules to make sure that we always have fun.

One of our fuck buddy rules is that She has a dick appointment every time that she’s on her period. That means that I get a blowjob from Brandi when she has a red tide. I get to use this fuck girl‘s mouth every month because her mouth is not bleeding.

She can also fuck other men, provided that she wears protection and gets tested regularly.

And because she’s fun we can hang out too. Sext and text most of the time. Share memes with each other. But I limit the number of times that we hang out. Because I want her to miss me. You want women to give all to you when you have sex. You have to make her miss you.

Brandi is fun because she’s open to new sex ideas. She even volunteered to be my anal slut. Without me mentioning it to her.

It wasn’t her period week but she wanted to hang out. I’m ok with it. She comes over. We make out while HBO max was on. Then I asked her.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with your boyfriend tonight?”

“It’s alright. He’s out of town. And you’re my favorite fuck buddy. I’ll go to yours instead of those boys.” She said.

“And, I really miss fucking you. You always fuck my mouth not my pussy.”

So that night, I pounded her pussy like there’s no tomorrow. She did find it hard to go home because she can’t walk straight. She comes back next week for blowjob week.

Brandi has been a fuck buddy for a couple of years now. We keep things fun and healthy all because of our fuck buddy rules.

You can fuck many girls or just a fuck buddy. What’s important is to abide by the fuck buddy rules. And if you still don’t have women to bed then we can help you with that.

You can have sex friends that offer you free pussy. These women can be your future fuck buddy. But are you ready for it? Are you up for it?  See this now and you could have a fuck buddy soon.

The fuck buddy rules help you to keep your fuck buddy. But it doesn’t show you how to get one. This tried and tested method can.






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