How Can I Get First Date Sex When I Can’t Even Get A Kiss? This 7 Step First Date Fuck System Shows How You Can Make Women Come Home With You And Fuck On The First Date Without Reluctance. First Date Hookup With No Hesitation.

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I fuck on the first date. And so should you. If you don’t fuck on the first date then you’ll lose your chance. Women won’t give you another one. She’ll think you’re a loser. You need to have sex on the first date. Trust me. I’ve been there. Let me enlighten you on that topic later. But right now let’s focus on the basics.

I don’t need to spell it out to you. But fucking on the first date is an achievement to most men. What does it mean to be fucking on the first date?

To fuck on the first date means that you’re going to have sex with the girl you went out with that night. You took her out, had a great time, and went back to your place or her place to fuck.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a one night stand where you won’t see each other again, or some casual no strings attached sex that may turn into a fuck buddy arrangement. It’s what most men want, but hard to achieve.

“I matched with this hot chick on tinder. Really hot. All I could think about is getting it on with her. First date sex was on my mind but I know that’s hard to reach. I’m just a regular guy. I would settle for a kiss or even hold her hand.

Anyway, we had been messaging for 3 days. Some flirty, some naughty. And she asked to meet up. I thought that was easy.

We met up. It was going great for the first half. But I can feel her energy moving away. Her interest seems fading. Did I do something wrong? Have I said something bad? It was making me nervous that I tried everything that I could say to bring her back to our conversation.

Long story short, she said that she needs to go home because she has a long day tomorrow. I could not stop her.

The next morning I tried to message her but I think I’m blocked. She also unmatched me on the app.”

Do you fuck on first dates? Can you have first date sex every time you go out with a new girl? Let me share some tried and tested ways on how you can fuck on the first date. I’ll share with you them below. But for now, I want to demonstrate to you a covert psychological technique to get women.

This trumps over others. I could go on forever listing down the benefits and advantages it gave me. But I compiled it in a short presentation so you can digest it easily.

Check it out right now. It might go later. Feminists are trying to take this down. They don’t want you to know the real secret on why they go with bad boys. It’s now dissected. You can replicate this strategy to give you an advantage over other men. See it now before it’s gone for good. 

Make your life more exciting. Get first date sex every time you go out with a hot girl. You only need to push a few of her sexual buttons to make her say yes. These 3 innocent questions to make any girl want to fuck can do just that.

Why Do Women Engage In First Date Sex?

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When men go out with women for the first time, sex on the first date is usually not their priority. They think about other things like do they look good, what things to say, how to impress her. This is why these men are not having sex. First date sex is not their focus.

But when women go out with a guy. They want to know immediately if it’s worth their time. She doesn’t want to waste time with a boring guy. If sex on the first date is on her mind, then she wants someone that can deliver.

Here are some things that you need to understand so you can have sex on the first date.

She wants to have sex

She may look like a prude, but she’s probably thinking of blowing your dick. Don’t mistake women’s demureness as a sign that they don’t like sex.

Fact, women like sex more than men. But they don’t want to have responsibility for it. They want men to initiate. Like it’s your idea the whole time.

You have to assume that the women that go out with you want first date sex. This is how you win.

If you think that she’s quiet, shy, or she’s not that type of girl, then you will lose.

Some other guy will butt in and steal her from you. You’d cry thinking that the girl you like is being fucked in the ass by some asshole.

She’s THAT horny

These are what you call promiscuous women. Yes, they sleep around. But not just with anybody.

How is this different from the other factor mentioned above? Well, the first girl only wants sex THAT TIME. This other girl is horny all the time. And she would do anything to tame the animal inside.

You need to know if the girl you’re dating is this type of woman. Yes, she may have sex on the first date, but sex is all she wants. If you also want a long-term relationship then she may break your heart.

Because the next time she goes out with a new guy, that guy may also have sex on the first date. You’re not special in her eyes. Just another dick that she can ride on.

But if all you want is a fuck friend or a sex contact then be with this kind of woman all you want. Having sex on the first date is easy with this kind of girl.  

You don’t make her feel JUDGED

Women will fuck on the first date with you if she thinks that you’re a safe guy to go home with. Not just physically but emotionally. She’s probably thinking that you won’t hurt her, that you’re not an asshole, and will not just pump and dump her.

She will have sex on the first date if she thinks that you will not see her as a slut that just sleeps around. Reputation is important with women. And even if she’s a slut it’s important that you keep it a secret between both of you.

If she likes you and doesn’t want you to think that she’s easy or might give you the wrong impression then you should make it a point to show that to her. That everything’s alright. That having sex on the first date with you will not make you think negatively of her. That you won’t just leave her or ghost her.

She likes you. Don’t fuck it up.

Women would likely have sex on the first date if she finds you interesting. The only thing that you need to do now, is to not do anything to mess things up.

Don’t try to impress her. Don’t experiment on things to talk about, keep it casual. Don’t plan for an astonishing date, keep things simple. Coffee would do.

She will show signs if she likes you. Holds your arm, your hands. She could be a little sweeter than when you met earlier. This means that she’s feeling it. She could feel that there’s chemistry. You just need to boil it gradually. Slowly. In the end, you could have first date sex.

You CAN make her horny

This is the most important aspect more than anything. Women go out with a guy for many things, some do it for their selfish interests. Like they go out for the free food, for the free tickets, for the free ride.

It means that they don’ really like the guy and are only using them as a tool. As a means to an end. No matter what you do, you can’t make these kinds of women sleep with you. Unless you can make her immensely horny. If you can make women overly horny, then yes she might engage with you on a first date hookup.

But this thing is rare. Only a few guys can pull it off. It’s because they don’t know what ticks women. Men have no idea what women want. But it’s fairly simple. You have to make her feel horny. That’s all she wants.

How can a guy make women so horny that they will resort to having sex on the first date? Is it possible?

You can spend countless hours on a date with a girl. But not end up having first date sex. This technique ensures you will get one. These magical words can make her beg for your cock. Enjoy an instant fuck tonight.

How To Fuck On The First Date?

fuck on the first date with women looking to hookup

What most men don’t know is that a date is not a prerequisite to getting laid. You could get a girl to sleep with you without setting up a date. Here’s what you need to do.

The non-date Date

When we think about dating? What scenarios do we think about? A romantic dinner? Movies? You can’t run your game on these types of dates. Let me tell you about the non-date date. It’s easy to do, a no-pressure way to get to know each other, and sexually escalate easily.

Reserve that typical romantic dinner date on a second date if you want.

A coffee, a walk in the park, grabbing a bite. These are examples of a non-date date. It’s just two people hanging out.

Walking your dog? Ask her to hang out. Do you need to buy something at Micro Center? Ask her to come along. Does she need to get some food at the grocery? Accompany her?

Now all you need to do is run up your game. Turn things sexual. So that at the end you could be fucking each other’s brain’s out.

1. Find out where you can meet

Where is the best place to execute the non-date date? The best place is at her place or your place? Where you both can be alone together.

Find out if she lives alone. If she does then that’s good. That’s why men must have a place of their own. They can bring girls anytime.

Does she insist on meeting outside her place? Plan something that can constitute a non-date date. If she doesn’t have a car, you can give her a ride to or from the office. You need to be creative.

It’s important that your meeting place can be a private place where you can freely be sexual with her. It means there are no prying eyes. Away from the public. If it’s a coffee shop, find a booth.

You don’t want to feel awkward making advances in her public. That’s why you need somewhere a little bit secluded. You can’t fuck on the first date if you can’t even get her alone. But make sure she feels safe.

2. Be sexual the moment you meet her

I’m not talking about trying to shove your hand up her skirt. Just show her that you’re comfortable about being sexual with her. You can touch her waist. Touch her arm. Touch her thigh. But don’t let it linger. Just make her notice.

Kiss her on the cheek the moment she arrives. Hug her. Make her feel your warmth. Make her laugh immediately. A small joke would be nice. Tell her she looks good.

These small gestures can increase her buying temperature. Her emotions would rise, thinking about different thoughts about you.

“Does he like me or is he being nice? Wait he does like me? But why doesn’t he push for something more?”

Make her think. Keep her guessing. The more she does, the more interested she becomes. But you should not keep her guessing all the time. Escalate from time to time. Once you reach the top then you can fuck her on the first date.

3. Stop talking about yourself

She doesn’t need to know how “successful” you are. Stop telling stories about how “interesting” you are. She already went out with you. You piqued her interest. She’s only on a date to find out if you’re the real deal. That you’re not weird and a creep.  

This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to say something about yourself. Give her a fulfilling response every time she asks you a question.

Let her talk. It’s about making her invest in this interaction. Ask her what she’s into right now. Like her hobbies, movies, and shows she watches. Those things tell something about her. Find out what are her plans for the weekend.

4. Tell her cute things about herself

This is where you can create sexual tension. You are indirectly telling her that you find her hot and that you want her. How can you do this?

Tell her she looks sexy in that dress. Tell her that her hairstyle looks good. Look for things that you find pretty on her. Not just physically. How about the way she talks? Her smile? How she walks. Tell her that you find her amusing and you can’t get enough of her.

5. Be a gentleman

You would interact with other people when you go out with her. The barista, the waiter, etc. Treat them with respect.

Being a gentleman goes a long way. Open the door for her. Pull her chair. It’s the small things that count.

This only works up to a point. You’re there to fuck on the first date. Remember tip number four. You have to be sexual while being a gentleman. This shows charisma.

You want to be a gentleman about being more sexual. Be patient. Ninjas attack when you least expect it. You should know when to make a move. Too fast and she might back out. Too slow and she might think you’re not into her. If you want to have a first date hookup then you should know WHEN to make a move.

The answer is to always be assertive but pull back when she’s uncomfortable. And try again later. She might warm up to you by then.

Fuckboys know how to be a gentleman. This is why they can have sex on the first date. They know what persona to show to these girls to make their panties wet.

6. Bring her home

It’s as simple as suggesting that you go back to her place or yours. Offer her a ride home. Tell her you can chill at your place, she must be tired. Tell any excuse, make a good one. Make sure that she likes your excuse. You can propose that you will make her taste your infamous sandwich that most of your exes are dying to taste. Whatever. Just be smart about it.

The thing is it doesn’t matter what you say to her. If she decided she will go home with you, then she will. Even if you say that you’re already tired and just want to sleep. She’ll make up reasons like she still doesn’t want to go home. Anything just to have time with you. This is why you must know how to make women horny. It doesn’t matter what you say, she will go home with you no matter what.

7. Go in for the kill

You need to seal the deal. She might like you and go home with you. But you have to take things to the next level. Most women will not make a move on their own. Unless her pussy is dripping like a leaking faucet. You have to trigger it.

Start touching her more and more. Then put your arms around her. If there’s a chance hug her from behind. All these leading up to kissing her. If she likes it she will let you make out with her. If she likes how you kiss then you can undress her. And one thing will lead to another.

Don’t say anything while doing this. Let your body and hers do the talking. Feel each other. If she’s willing to fuck on the first date she’ll know what to do.

Does your date seem not into you? These trigger words can rewire her mind to make her receptive to your sexual advances. This almost illegal technique can mind control women. Making her fuck on the first date.

Want Sex On The First Date? Don’t Do This!

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You want to fuck on the first date right? It’s not just about how perfect you can execute your plan. It’s also about not fucking things up. There are some things that you must and never do to have sex on the first date.

You can make women fuck on the first date. But you need to stop talking about these things. Things that will make her pussy instantly dry. As dry as a heatwave in California.

Don’t be negative. Stop talking about things like they are doomed from the start. Or that the worse thing is going to happen. Do you want her thinking about that or do you want her to think about having sex with you on the first date?

Yes, things can get worse. There’s unemployment, climate change, high inflation. But her going out with you is her escape. She wants to feel a little normal for once. Don’t bombard her with things that she needs to think about. Stop complaining about life and how hard it is. Make her feel good.

Stop talking about other women. This could be your 15th meet up without fucking on the first date? And you kept complaining that women only want nice guys with fast cars. It’s probably why women won’t sleep with you. Don’t talk bad about other women. Even your exes. Don’t talk about any girl at all. Focus on her.

Have you been cheated? Have your feelings been played? Were you led on by the last girl you dated? Talking about this just makes her not want to continue having a date with you. If you focus on how you get her to laugh and have a good time then you will surely can have sex on the first date.

No nerdy stuff. Or any topic that women don’t like. You may be enthusiastic about your hobby, but is she?

Talk about what she likes instead. You may or may not relate. But tell her. Ask her why she likes it. You may even find a common ground. A common topic where you both find interesting.

Don’t argue. People are different. Each has their own opinions. You could say your piece. But don’t make it a point to prove her wrong. Again, she’s on a date to have a good time. She’s not there to debate.

Are you clingy? Don’t talk about when you can see her again, especially after you fuck on the first date. Even if you did score this will seem needy. Just tell her to take care and message each other when there’s time.

Having sex on the first date is a must. If you can’t fuck on the first date then at least get her to kiss you. Something sexual must happen at the start or else she won’t give you another chance. There might not be a second date if you can’t fuck on the first date.

Prepare your schlong. There’s nothing more embarrassing on first date sex than not getting hard. You could be nervous and anxious. That’s perfectly normal. But you should still be prepared. Here’s my hard as steel pill to make my dick last for a long time.

The less talk the fewer the mistakes. But how can you amplify her interest? Chick flicks can get women’s attention. This Hypno erotic routine can do the same. Find out how to execute this technique and get to fuck women on the first date.

This Trait Will Make You Experience First Date Sex

sex on the first date with local women in my area

This trait is assertiveness. It simply means confidently going after you want. Women like this trait because it makes them feel wanted. That they are your desire and you want them conquered.

How do you show assertiveness so you can have sex on the first date?

Take the lead. Be the one to initiate things. Get her number. Ask her out. Don’t ask when she’s free to hang out. Tell her what time you can be available.

Take the lead on a date. You should know where to go. Have a plan in mind. Women don’t like a man without a plan. You should be the man that they will follow. This is why women are submissive sluts to jerks that toys them around. These assholes can string women along like a cat.

Make decisions. And stand by it. Women will challenge your decisions. But if you stand by it then she’ll see it as a turn-on.

Are you going to the movies or staying in? Will you go for food or go to the park? Don’t be fickle. But also make sure to ask what she thinks about things.

You should not invalidate her opinions. Being assertive also means not being a dick. Oh, she doesn’t like to eat that kind of food because she has allergies? Don’t be an asshole and insist for her to eat it.

Being assertive is different from being pushy. You don’t want to force women to do things. It can lead to sexual harassment or her accusing you of rape. If she wants to be with you she’ll find a way. If she doesn’t like you she’ll make an excuse.

This is why I can fuck on the first date. I’m assertive. I’m decisive. I take action. Some men would go with the flow. But most men would let the lady lead.

How can being assertive help on getting sex on the first date? Assertiveness helps in being actively going for sex. Having sex on the first date is your goal. Anything that happens between is just a detour.

Ask to meet up with her. Go for it. It’s better if she meets up at your place or hers? There’s no need to be going out. Assure her about this. Tell her it’s convenient to just stay at home. Once alone together then be decisive when sexually escalating. Don’t be nervous or anxious. Soon you will have your hands around her, then making out, then undressing each other.

You have to be determined and firm. You have to be certain that you can fuck on the first date. It starts with the mindset. It should be like a mantra that you keep repeating over and over in your head. The moves and techniques can take care of themselves. But you need to have that determination.

Are you nervous to take action with women? Can’t ask her out? Can’t hold her hand? How can you have sex on the first date when you don’t know what to do? This simple and easy step-by-step guide can show you how. No complicated moves. It’s direct and straightforward.






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