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We were in the car sitting. I was nervous because our conversation went silent. I should keep talking to not make her feel awkward. I know that the men who get girls are confident and just kept on talking. That’s what I need to do.

But I can’t. My mind can’t come up with anything. Fuck. But I remembered a joke. I told it to her, and it made her smile and giggle a little. That’s a little relief. Maybe I still have a chance.

I tried to seize the moment and grab her hand. She didn’t react at all. She just let me. Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

We’re talking again. Everything’s going smooth, I guess. But she let go of my hand. Fuck. Doesn’t she like me?

I sit back and give her some space. She’s still quiet. My mind is racing with different thoughts about what to do. What should I do to salvage this? I like this girl. I don’t want to fuck it up.

I looked at her, she looked at me. And she quickly leaned in to make out with me. And yes, we had sex. I’ll tell you more about what happened later on. But what I realized about this interaction is that she’s just a shy slut.

Shy sluts are naughty women that seem reserved when it comes to sex. Shy sluts may seem indifferent about fucking. But that’s all they’re thinking about.

Shy sluts don’t mean that they’re actually shy in person. They could be. But most act normal and sociable. What makes these shy sluts different is that they feel awkward about sex.

They’re shy when talking about sex. They don’t know what to do when it comes down to it. And if they do, they show restraint.

But if you can unleash her wild side. Then these shy sluts will be the naughtiest and raging horny slut you’ll ever meet.

There’s a difference when you pick up bar sluts at the club compared to trying to sleep with shy sluts. Attracting and seducing shy sluts is a whole new, different ball game.

You don’t kick the ball when playing basketball. And you don’t grab the ball when playing soccer. There’s a different rule when you want to fuck shy girls. It’s a whole new playing field when you want to fuck shy sluts.

If you know the rules, then you’ll have success. You will bag every shy slut you meet. No questions. No resistance. She will come with you and let her be your fuck toy.

The real reason most men can’t get these shy sluts is that they don’t know how. They think that what works with their exes would work on them.

If you want to know how you can be the smoothest guy these shy sluts meet, then you need to learn their language. Let me share with you some of the best ways how my friend and I conquered a college campus filled with college sluts and shy sluts.

Shy sluts need dick too. But most men think that they’re aloof and standoffish. Little do they know that these shy sluts are crazy to have a dick in their mouth. Their hints fly over these boys’ heads. Find out this secret female desire knowledge about shy sluts so that you can spot horny women that want to get nailed.

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Here are some quirky things about shy sluts.

  • Shy sluts are shy in bed. Shy sluts usually hide their faces during sex. They’ll even ask you to turn off the lights. Not dim, but shut off. They don’t want you to see what they look like when getting fucked.

Most asian sluts are shy sluts. And that translates in bed. They don’t want you to know how much fun they would have if they have a dick in their tight pussy.

If you’re not used to it, then you’ll react fast and switch the lights back on. What you need to do is to tell her that you’ll switch on some lights and that they’re going to be very dim. Reassure her.

Tell her that you understand that she might be embarrassed or something. What you need is to assure these shy sluts that you still find them attractive and hot when the lights are on. They’re a little insecure.

  • They can be starfish. Sometimes you won’t find any response from them. You won’t hear a sound. Her face will show no reaction. You’ll never know if you’re doing great or bad in bed.

But you must not take this the wrong way. It’s just how shy sluts are. They are sometimes afraid to show emotion.

Be vanilla first. Be on the safe side. But the more the sex goes on, try to take things to the next level. She might like a kink that you like. She’s just too shy to say that she does.

  • They shy away from photos or videos. Shy sluts don’t usually take selfies. That’s why if you ask them about it, she’ll often deny sending you one.

These shy sluts even hide when they send nudes. It’s like they’re teasing you. They’re only showing very little skin. They cup their breasts or cover their pussy.

If you want naked selfies from shy sluts, then you must not force them. You must not pressure these shy sluts to reveal what they are hiding.

They’re going to present them to you when the time is right or when they feel comfortable with you. She will trust you in time and will show you more of her skin. You will see her nipples, her areolas. You will see her big fat tits in all their glory.

You’ll just get a notification from your phone. And once you opened it, you’ll have booty pics of these shy sluts with their assholes showing.

  • Shy sluts can be very open to new things. Unlike cougar sluts who know what they want. Shy sluts are too timid to try out stuff. They’ll say yes to any guy that can show them a good time.

Bring fun and excitement into her life by introducing her to kinkier sex life. Mix things up by trying new sex positions. Make sure it’s easy so that she won’t have any reluctance.

Find out what makes her wet. Does she want to be a sub? Does she want to be dominated? Take her to new places. Talk about new stuff. If she enjoys your company and thinks that you’re a good candidate to fuck, then she can be your sex friend.

You don’t need to move mountains to make shy sluts your fuck buddy. There’s a certain method that can make any girl want to fuck. You can even use this on women who rejected you. That’s how good this method of how to fuck is. But don’t take my word for it.

I want you to take a look at a live demonstration of how to use this. You might call bullshit, that’s why we’re showing you real footage of how you can fuck many girls. If you’re ready, check it out at the link below. See this right now, as it’s only online for a limited time.

Stop ruining your chances to fuck shy girls. Shy sluts are also sex seekers. And they want to meet someone whom they can have fun with. But one wrong move, and you’ll make it seem like you’re desperate to hookup. There’s a right way to communicate and impress shy sluts. Use this lust initiation technique, and she will even be the one to pursue having a no-strings casual sex relationship with you. It’s that good.

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Most would think shy sluts are uninterested. Yes, they may exhibit signals that may seem indifferent toward you. They don’t always show obvious signs that they want to have sex. But even so, there are shy sluts that want cock. You have to know the difference.

Even if she’s not interested, you need to know how you can get girls to want you.

Because if you want to fuck bitches, you’ll run into women who don’t want to be with you. Now, how do you deal with that? Do you creep them out? Message them all the time? Send them unsolicited dick pics? Harass them at their workplace. That’s not the way to sweep women off their feet.

Here are some things that you can do to liven up a shy slut. Make her life more exhilarating. You must make her enjoy your company. The more she likes it, the more she will want it.

  1. Do some dares. Make her try new things. Naughty things.

Dare her to answer the door for the delivery guy with sexy clothing. A big shirt with no underwear?

One thing I did with a brunette slut was to have public quickie sex. I’d have to stake out the place with her for a few days to make sure no one sees us. I just want her to feel secure when doing something new.

If a shy slut does something new and regrets it, then it won’t happen again. Better give her a good time the first time. You might ruin a kink, so better make sure.

Another simple dare is to wear a remote-controlled vibrator outside.

  1. Start small. Ask what she hasn’t done before and would like to try. Be creative. You can check out online what other people are doing. There are endless options to dare shy sluts into being naughtier.

If ever she’s into it, you can try for much bigger dares. You can try to dare her to flash in public. When in the car and she’s in the passenger seat, ask her to pull up her shirt when a driver drives next to yours.

  1. Tease her. Playful teasing is a must. With proper execution, this creates sexual tension. The more sexual tension, the more she becomes wet.

Don’t belittle her for being unassertive, or self-conscious, or she’ll walk away. You have to be playful. Jokingly touch and squeeze her butt. But make sure she’s okay with it.

Make sure not to tease her that she’s ‘boring’. Don’t knock her down. Teasing should make her smile, giggle, or laugh.

Do these things and the door is now open. But you must pull the trigger. Once you do, these shy sluts will be the nastiest girls that you’ll ever sleep with. It’s like their cumsluts and stage 5 clingers combined. You’ll have a shy slut in your bedroom addicted to your dick and always wanting cum.

How can I get shy sluts when they seem uninterested. This quick solution could turn shy girls into excited fuck girls that would bang you like crazy. No more beating around the bush. You can get draw these shy sluts to your bedroom. Experiencing the hottest steamy sex with cute beautiful timid shy girls in your area.

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I’m a regular at Taco Time near my area. And I always see this feisty-looking redhead slut cashier. But when you talk to her, she’s really reserved. She smiles from time to time. But you know it’s just for courtesy.

But I can’t get enough of this shy slut. She’s really thicc. I don’t show it, but I’m salivating at the thought of me drowning between her thighs.

Ever since my friend brought home a shy slut it has been my mission to fuck shy girls. And thanks to his guidance I learned a few simple steps that I could use to lure women to my bedroom like a pussy magnet.

He showed me some irresistible ways to trick a girl, so you can get a free fuck. If you want to take a look at this method, then I suggest you grab the fuckbook. Anyway, here’s how it went.

I took my time. Getting a shy slut to fall for you takes finesse. Bit by bit, I dropped lines that would make her think of me when she’s alone. This is under-the-radar female mind control. And I’m using it even if the government thinks this is illegal.

At the end of two weeks of light flirting and talking, I dropped the bomb. I told her something that she couldn’t resist. I thought it would not work or even backfire. I got nervous when she walked away. But she came back and hands me a note with her number. Female psychology loophole activated!

I never bothered sexting her. I know the seeds have been planted. And I pulled the trigger. All that’s left is to guide her mouth to my cock.

I texted her asking what time she get’s off. She says by 5 in the afternoon. I sent her my address and accidentally fell asleep.

I was woken up by a loud knocking on the door. It was the chick on Taco Time. I was still drowsy from my sleep, so I lay on the couch, and she sits next to me. But her being beside me with her thick thighs woke up my boner.

I looked at her and pulled down my shorts.

Then I teased her. “Look at what you did to my cock.”

She smiled, grabbed my dick, and started stroking it. With her soft hands and mellow strokes, this shy slut knows how to give a good handjob.

“Wow, you’re kinda good at this,” I said.

She then leaned down and started giving me a blowjob. What a good girl. I don’t need to tell her what to do. I’d probably make this shy slut my side chick.

I knew it! She’s hungry for that cock. Shy sluts tend to be the kinkiest of local sluts of them all. Kinkier than those anal sluts and degraded sluts. It’s like they’re nymphomaniacs on steroids.

10 minutes later and she’s still going. But she got up and asked. “How many rounds can you go?”

That woke up my senses. Is this shy slut challenging me? I answered with a smirk and forcefully bent her down.

“Bitch, I’ll fuck you till whenever I want.”

“Can you really?” She replied giggling.

This shy slut has some guts. It’s time to teach her a lesson on manners.

I fucked her like there’s no tomorrow. I fucked her while the TV was on. I fucked her while checking my email. I fucked her while making a sandwich. And I fucked her while sexting some random sluts that I’ll meet up for sex tomorrow.

All that and this shy slut can’t get enough of dick.

“Oh fuck, your dick’s getting bigger.” She said. And that boosted my confidence a little. This shy slut knows how to talk. She knows how to hype you up.

“Oh yeah. You like that? You like being my fuck toy, bitch?” I said.

“Yes, that feels good. Make me your bitch.”

I grabbed her arms, folded them on her back, and handled her like a jackhammer. Thanks to my pill, I could last for a long time in bed.

2 hours passed. And now I can feel it. I can feel cumming. So I started roughing her up harder and plowing her faster.

That’s it. Keep it going. And when I was about to reach my point, we broke our bed. One leg snapped, and we fell down from it. But It did not stop us. I kept pushing my dick inside her and pumping all my jizz in her vagina. This shy slut’s free pussy swallowed all my cum

We should sell tickets for the performance that she gave last night.

Every time I go grab a bite at her work, she takes a break. We meet up at the back and let me splurge my cum all over her face. I get a meal and I get to blow my load at this cumrag. This is the best.

This shy slut from Taco Time now knows her place. As my submissive slut, willing to do any sexual favors I ask. I tell her to lick my ass, and she does. No questions asked.

That’s why she’s on the top 3 on my speed dial sex hotline. She’s a fantastic fuck buddy. And I’m going to keep fucking her even when she gets wifed up.

Even shy sluts are an example of women looking for sex. It’s up to you if you’re going to go for it or not. Don’t and some other guy will use her easy pussy. Let’s see to it that it’s you rather than someone else.

It’s easy to make shy girls fuck you. As long as you know how to play the game. But most men are frustrated because they keep chasing women. They’re doing it wrong their whole life. That’s why they can’t get laid. This guide for one night stand will make shy sluts and any woman you meet easily down to fuck. Skip the dates and go straight to hooking up. Have casual sex with a new hot sexy lady every weekend.

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There are a lot of unbelievably hot, shy sluts in the area. But they mostly meet men who only give them a headache. Now, you don’t need to worry about anything. There’s a surefire technique to solve all your troubles on how to fuck shy girls or any type of woman. Discover the detailed information used by playboys to experience the easiest way to hookup and fuck shy girls. Shy sluts will be ready to show you what they’re sexually capable of.

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