How to Fuck Your Girl Best Friend? It Always Puzzled Me. Until A Geeky Guy Shared With Me, A Technique To Hookup And Have Sex With Naughty BFF Sluts. I Used It On My Sister’s Slutty Bestfriend. I Fucked Her Horny Slutty Bestie And Came Inside Her Pussy.

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Is it normal to get turned on by your best friend? Definitely. Especially if she’s a slutty best friend.

Let’s face it. It’s probably the reason that she’s your BFF. She’s hot, sexy, thoughtful, and friendly. It’s like she’s the total package. But why are you just her best friend? Why aren’t you her lover? Are you in the friend zone?

A slutty best friend is a girl best friend that you can fuck. A slutty best friend could be your friend or a friend’s friend, or long time BFF sluts that you can hookup with.

Is it ok to hook up with your best friend? Others would say it’s a bad idea and will destroy the friendship. Will it?

The problem is I want to fuck my best friend. She’s a cute slut. One of the prettiest women I’ve met. That’s why night after night, I kept thinking. How can I have sex with my best friend?

Every day I think about it. “How to fuck your best friend?” I google it, trying to find an answer. It seems like other men are just winging it too.

Others are advising not to do it. I don’t want to be that loser who did not get a chance to have casual sex with his slutty bestie. I don’t want to die not knowing the answer.

Tired of being horny yet lonely?

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I just want to know how to make a best friend want you sexually. I don’t want my slutty best friend to see me as just a friend. I want more. I want my slutty BFF to kneel before me and suck my cock.

I want my BFF slut to be my submissive slut. I want her to show me her freaky side. I want her to be sex-crazed in bed with me. I want this woman to ravenously desire me every day of our lives.

That’s it. That’s why I kept asking myself. How do I convince my slutty best friend to be my fuck buddy?

How can other men get to sleep or hookup with their slutty best friends and still have a good relationship with them? No awkwardness. No one’s ignoring each other. No uneasiness. I just want that.

That’s when I got introduced to Sloan. He’s a friend of my best friend, Trish. Sloan acts like a boyfriend to Trish. But she swears that they’re just friends. But I caught them with their hands on each other one Friday night.

I went to Trish’s room to invite them downstairs for a movie night. Once I opened the door, I saw my slutty best friend’s face and mouth on Sloan’s balls.

It got awkward between him and me when he came over. I have wanted to fuck my slutty best friend ever since. But him? Trish only knows him for like a few weeks, and he gets to insert his dick in her free pussy? That’s not fair.

But I need to humble myself. I think Sloan knows what he’s doing, so I asked for advice. I asked Sloan how to get my best friend to sleep with me. I want to know how to get my best friend to have sex.

Swallowing my pride, I asked Sloan how he got my best friend to hookup. Sloan did not directly answer me. Instead, he sent me a link to a website, the fuckbook. He told me that all my questions about how to hook up with my best friend would be answered there.

I was weirded out at first, but I gave it a try. The fuck book showed me a stealth attraction method that any man can do to seduce any woman. It says that you can make any girl want to fuck. That includes a way to fuck your hot slutty bestie.

I’ll tell you more about how I hooked up with my horny slutty bestie Trish. I did it. I got to sleep with my sluty best friend.

But right now, I’ll tell you that I got some free hookup with other BFF sluts I met throughout my life. These slutty besties gave me the best, wildest, and raunchiest sex nights.

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It’s getting hard to choose which pussy I’d fuck first.

I thought it was impossible, but stealth seduction made me do it. It’s a secret attraction mechanism to make any woman want to fuck you. I could tell you more about it, but it’s best to show you.

You will not just find out how to have sex with your best friend. You will get to fuck other people’s slutty best friends and make them your slave sluts. Take a look at it and see how it can do wonders.

How to fuck your best friend? Use this dark temptation theory with caution. This is the best way to get your slutty bestfriend to give you not just a blowjob but have sex with you all the way. Your BFF slut will crazily and sexually want you.

How To Fuck Your Slutty Best Friend

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I’m dumb. I want to hook up with my best friend. I don’t know how. But looking back, she was giving signs that she wants to have sex. My sluty bestie was teasing me all the time. One of her favorites was tickling me. If only I’d known that time, then we’d probably have lot’s of no strings fuck.

I don’t want you to make the same mistakes as me. Here’s what you need to know to fuck some naughty horny slutty best friends.

  1. Take your shot.

Is she really into you? Or is she just being nice? Does she only see you as a friend?

If you keep asking yourself these questions, you will never taste your slutty bestfriend’s tight pussy. You will forever be fantasizing about sucking her big fat titties, spanking her juicy ass, and slurping her wet pussy.

Tell yourself, “I want to hook up with my best friend. I can do it.” Instead of asking “How can I have sex with my best friend?” Stop wasting time.

Make things happen. You already have a higher chance than any other guy. She’s your slutty bestfriend! She already feels comfortable with you. Now give her a mind-blowing pounding.

  1. Make her think about you. You already have a place in your slutty best friend’s mind. Now, your goal is to be her constant thought. Or rather, her constant thought when she’s horny.

Be a temptation. Whenever you’re around her, wear something that flatters your bulge. Wear tight jeans or cloth shorts. Subtly bring her attention to your crotch. Put your hands in your pocket or spill something and wipe it in front of her.

Don’t give in immediately, though, once she shows interest. She needs to see that you have many more options than just her. Be the forbidden fruit. Let her believe that she will have to get in line. She’ll want you so bad, she won’t stop until she gets a taste.

  1. She’ll beat around the bush. She’ll say that this isn’t right. That you’re friends and shouldn’t complicate things. Your slutty bff is just scared you’ll fuck her once and leave. Ease her mind. Make her feel confident about your relationship.

She’ll act like a good girl that doesn’t hook up with random guys. Maybe she’s playing you, maybe not, but you have to get past this. Trust me, she also wants to fuck you. You’re not the only one asking yourself, “how to fuck my best friend”? She probably already had a sex dream about you.

If it’s the friendship she’s worried about once you two hook up, tell her there’s nothing to worry about. You won’t stop being friends. You will add a benefit to your friendship. It is way more fun to watch Netflix while fucking.

  1. Don’t let her get into your head. So your slutty bestie is ignoring your call? Oh fucking well, I have an MMA class in an hour. She doesn’t reply to your texts? Post an IG story of you in a club with your other bff sluts.

Be in control of the situation. Your slutty best friend wants you to chase after her. Turn the tables and make her chase you instead. Make her see that you can have fun without her. That there are other pussies you can fuck anytime.

Be aloof until she’s the one begging for your attention. Sluts want what they can’t have. They think it’s a challenge. Well then, accept the challenge.

  1. Everyone has a slutty side. Unleash it. Even the most conservative girl has a slut side. Even the shyest girl has wild fantasies they want to fulfill. Women have a natural hunger for sex. Fucking is our bodies’ natural need.

Do you ever wonder if your best friend masturbates? The answer is yes. So if you’re asking yourself how to get your best friend to fuck you, the answer is simple: ask. Well, seduce and ask. Make yourself irresistible.

Always remember, the mildest ones are the wildest ones. The ones who seem very prude are the ones who can break a bed when fucking. It’s because they’ve repressed their horniness. It’s like when you’re dieting but crashing, so you eat more.

  1. Create little accidents. Today, my girlfriend’s slutty best friend came over and saw me naked. Let her “walk in” on you fucking your slut girlfriend. That would make her wonder what it’s like when you fuck her.

Don’t make it weird by apologizing. Her easy pussy will instantly get wet once you radiate confidence and manliness. Show her that you go after what you want.

Or whenever your slutty bestfriend is around, groan near her ear. Carry something or reach something. Make sure you have a reason to moan. Subtly seduce her with your sex noise and let her fantasize.

Or you can ask her to watch Netflix and play an erotic film. That would turn her on. Or play a horror film that would make her sit very close to you. That would make her start touching you and she would grab your arm when she gets jumpy.

I don’t want to masturbate that evening. So I called up my college slut bestfriend. She said she would never sleep with me. But this instant cock worship hypnosis made her so cock hungry we instantly got into some playful lovemaking. I then taught her how to suck my dick and swallow my cum to make her the best in bed.

The Pros and Advantages of Hooking Up With Your Slutty Best Friend

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I always wondered how to get my bestfriend to have sex. But once I did, it was like I woke up from the matrix. I never knew that hooking up with my slutty bestie would open doors to my sex life.

  1. There’s more pussy for you to fuck. I’m sure you already have a list of beautiful sluts that you fuck. Wouldn’t it be better to add another one? A regular fuck ’cause she’s your slutty best friend. Do you want to know how to have sex with your best friend? Arrange to be friends with benefits with her. Make her your fuck friend.

Isn’t it fun to fuck when you have more options? Do you want a submissive girl? How about an aggressive, wild girl who would dominate you? The more fuck buddies you have, the more choices you get.

Just remember to have boundaries. Make sure you both know what you’re in it for. Never assume that the other person knows unless they say it. Fucking at the start is fun, but it will get messy if there’s miscommunication. Let her know about the fuck buddy rules.

  1. It’s a door to a threesome. What’s better than fucking your slutty bestie? Hooking up with two of them! Can you see yourself fucking your slutty besties with your dick and tongue? Or imagine them making out and then taking turns sucking your dick. Two pussies are better than one.

Once you’ve started fucking your sluty best friend, getting her other best friends to join will be much easier. It’s a guarantee that her friends are sluts too. Birds of the same feather flock together, remember. Sluts in the same circle fuck together. They probably already had threesomes before, so be confident they will agree.

  1. She could have another slutty bestfriend that you can fuck. The chance of your friend having BFF sluts is high. Who else would a slut hang out with? People tend to go with their kind. If your friend is a slut, she will have another slutty BFF.

It’s also a good thing if your slutty best friend has another slutty bff. You already know how to seduce a slutty best friend. It would be a piece of cake for you. And if the other girl would play hard to get, your slutty bestfriend can help you convince her.

From being the guy who wonders how to fuck your best friend, you now fuck two of them.

  1. You have another slut on reserve. You already know each other well. I mean, you would be friends with someone you have a lot in common with. You’re already both equally slutty, so you don’t have to hide it anymore. She already knows your style and vice versa. Your slutty bff is a good sex friend.

When going to bars, you already have a hot buddy to go with. She would know when to keep her distance so you can hit on potential scores. But if ever there’s no bar slut you want to go home with, you can always fuck your BFF slut.

At least you’re already comfortable with each other. The line between just friends and fuck buddies is thin. It’s very easy to cross. Once you do, you’ll be glad you learned how to hook up with your best friend.

My lesbian slutty bestfriend asked for a massage. One thing led to another, and I’m now down two creampies in her pussy. Thanks to the nympho mind initiator, I made my bestfriend slut so horny she had no choice but to choke on my cock.

Have Sex With Your Naughty Lady Best Friend

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Having a slut best friend is the best thing to happen in your life. It’s a good relationship. Healthy even if done right. Having a bestfriend slut is like having a girlfriend without commitments. All the benefits of an open relationship. Plus having a girlfriend experience all the time. What more could you ask for?

Think about it. Your BFF slut already knows you. She knows your ugly side and your good side. And she’s okay with it. And she’s still fucking you. Having a bff slut is like having a girlfriend without the toxicity and negativity. Your slut best friend will be there for you no matter what.

But let’s step back. Overall, she’s a friend first. She’ll be there when you need her. Your slut best friend will also be there when you need her beautiful hairy pussy. Unlike traditional friendships, she can be a perfect and reliable sex partner.

Once you’ve opened the doors with your slutty best friend, you can have a deeper relationship. Most friendships have ups and downs, but you? You can up your dick inside her cunt, and she can be down to hookup with you anytime. She’ll be more inclined to experiment with sex with you. Having sex with bff sluts will make you much closer and deepen your friendship.

Your slutty bff will be there for you. Even if you get another woman to hookup with. Remember, she’s just a friend, not a girlfriend. You can have a relationship with another woman, and she’ll still remain friends with you. No hard feelings. And if it doesn’t pan out, she’ll always be there to cheer you up.

Overall, you’re lucky if you get to have a slutty bestfriend. She’ll always be there for you. You can have a fantastic relationship, a great friendship, and a fun sex life. All these benefits. I never thought this reality was possible until I hooked up with my slut best friend. It solidified my understanding that this is an excellent and beautiful part of life. I want to cherish it.

I was looking for a casual sex friend in all the wrong places. I never realized I could have one right in front of me with my slutty best friend. Now she tells me she craves to be used by me. “My body is all yours.” Can you control women? This sexual psyche manipulation exponentially increases her naughtiness levels. Your slutty bff will be so horny. All she’d want is to jump on your dick and get in bed with you.

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I never thought that my next-door neighbors were slutty best friends. Until I spent some time with one. Now they take turns riding my cock. I took turns cumming in their pussy.
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I never thought I would experience a crazy threesome with these BFF sluts. I met this horny wife at the bar, her friend was jealous at first but soon gave in.

My landlord kicked me out for having too many women come over to my apartment. My slutty best friend let me stay at her house. Unfortunately, it got out of control. This primal lust intensifier made my slutty bestie wild and horny. It brought out animalistic behaviors that made her beg me to give her some rough fucking and creampie in her pussy.






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