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She was already in her pajamas, about to sleep, when I told her I needed her tight pussy in my bedroom ASAP. She gladly came over and I nailed this obsessed sluts’ fat ass. I tried to send her home but she told me that she could make me breakfast in the morning. She’s definitely a good girl. She even ate my ass as I fell asleep. Let me show you how this enchanted lust circuitry works.

What do these women see in these guys? Do you ever wonder why some girls orbit around one guy? And it’s just one guy. They could get attracted to other men, but most are attracted to one guy. Why is that?

Like in high school, every girl in my class want this guy named Drew. He’s not that good-looking. Average perhaps. A 7 on a good day. He’s not on top of the class. He’s not on the basketball team. Yet women flock to his side.

It’s like these women are his servants. They do everything he tells them to do. You could say that these women are obsessed with him.

Obsessed sluts are women that are head over heels for a guy. They’re so charmed and captivated by his presence. Obsessed sluts have an intense desire for the man that they like.

Like drew, I want to have obsessed sluts by my side. I want women to be smitten, entranced, and infatuated with me. Can it happen? Can I get women obsessed with me?

Now here’s where my problem starts. I’m just a regular guy. I’m not tall and not short, too, I guess. I take care of myself. I look okay. I’m a nice guy, but I don’t really seem to charm women that much. I had a girlfriend, but that was back in 8th grade. Never even got to make out with her. My arm brushed at her breasts, though.

Can you see where I’m getting at? I’m not a looker. I don’t have blonde hair and blue eyes that can break women’s necks. I don’t have the physique of Captain America. I don’t have the charisma of Iron Man. How could I get women to be my obsessed sluts?

You would not believe this, but I bumped into Drew a few months ago. Still the same guy with the same vibes. Relaxed and just chilling. He has both arms on the shoulders of these hot sexy girls. And they have their hands on their chest. It was trippy. But goddamn. He has obsessed sluts drooling over him.

I want to be like him. I want women under my spell. I want ladies to feel hopelessly in love with me. I was jealous as I stared at him with his obsessed sluts leaving.

I’ve had enough. So that night, I built some courage to call Drew and ask about his secret.

“Drew, bro. You got women lining up at you. You have two girlfriends. I don’t even know how you convinced them. Aside from that, you’ve got side chicks waiting for their turn. It’s like you’re Leonardo DiCaprio. How do you do it? I mean, you must have some enchantment, right?” Drew just laughed. He said to visit him tomorrow morning.

I got to his house first thing in the morning, and two girls walked out before I knocked on the door. Shit bruh. He probably had a threesome last night. But as I walked past his front door, a white slut and a nerdy slut exited his place. Fuck! He was in an orgy. And these beautiful sluts are the ones who pleasured him.

I was now in his living room. Good thing he’s awake. He then threw the book at me. Shit, it looks like a Bible. “Are you kidding me? Are you telling me to study the Bible to get obsessed sluts under my spell?”

“Dude, that’s the Bible. But that’s the Bible of seduction. That’s the seduction bible. Now get out of here!” He said as a hot as fuck chubby slut got on her knees and began unzipping his pants. That obsessed slut looked so enchanted it looked like her mind was taken over and controlled by Drew. I want to have the seduction prowess that Drew has.

I got home and browsed this so-called fuckbook. Drew’s probably playing a prank on me. But as I turned page after page, I was lost for words. I was baffled, confused, and horrified by what was in front of my eyes.

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This cum addicted slut swallows my every load. Last night, she told me to put my cock in her ass. This cumslut was so obsessed with my jizz that when I gave her a creampie, she quickly turned around to gulp my cum using her mouth. This sexual urge manipulator really does wonders.

The information inside this book should never be handed or passed to just anyone. I think these are even government clandestine secrets. Inside is knowledge on how to captivate and charm your “target” to madly and deeply fall in love with you. And if used on women, one could make them obsessed sluts.

Obsessed sluts that will adore and be devoted to you. Highly dependent on your words. Their thoughts are consumed by you. Hungry for your attention.

That night, I felt like I was carrying an assault rifle of how much seduction weaponry I have in my arms. I was so focused on what I discovered that I happened to run into a cute slut. Some of her things got scattered on the floor and I helped her pick them up. I apologized, got into small talk, and the next thing you know, she shoved her tongue in my mouth. Jesus Christ!

I won’t complain. She’s a freckled slut stunner. But this is making me nervous. The technology Drew handed to me is insane. It can bewitch women, making them your obsessed sluts. Possessed with the idea of making you the man and king of their lives.

I don’t want to waste your time further, but here’s the good news. I now mastered the teachings that Drew shared with me. I now have the power to make women my dick-obsessed and cum addicted sluts. All on my command.

I’m like the guy who rubbed the lamp. But instead of making 3 wishes, my only wish is to get women to be my sex-addicted sluts obsessed with my cum. And I get unlimited wishes. I get free hookups from different women. Teen sluts, hot milfs, slutty wives, all the time!

I want to share this seduction methodology with you. I know that every other guy wishes for this kind of lifestyle. You won’t just make any girl want to fuck. Women will be under your spell, on command. This loophole in female psychology will make women so lovesick and hung up on you.

Let me show you this magical captivation formula that can turn any girl into your personal slave fuck doll. She’ll be so spellbound she’ll no longer have control over her thoughts. Only that she’s fixated on having sex with you. She’ll be your breeding-obsessed slut that will worship your cock.

Hook Up With Obsessed Sluts

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I totally swept off her feet this needy obsessed slut. She’s so nuts about making me her boyfriend that she doesn’t want to leave my apartment until I agreed to do so. Do you know what I did, I invited another obsessed slut and let them fight over me. I thought it would turn violent but they took turns satisfying my cock.

Here lies my problem. Thanks to this carnal desire manipulation. I’ve got 3 sluts obsessed all at once. All at the same time. These obsessed sluts are just coming unto me, even without me making an effort.

I moved to an apartment closer to my job. I was thinking of ways to get local sex from women in my neighborhood. Good thing I can make the females in my area my slutty neighbors.

Maddie is a 21-year-old shy slut. She’s very reserved and withdrawn. That’s what attracted me to her. We never had a long conversation. We only had small talks and greetings when we bumped into each other. She then texted me one night, asking for a favor.

She said she had an “Itch at the back of her throat” that I could help with.

How did it happen? How could this woman that I barely talk to suddenly is so horny that she’s devouring my hard cock as if her life depended on it? It’s all thanks to stealth attraction. It can discreetly create feelings in women that make them hung up on you. The side effect? A semen-hungry slut that will want all your cum.

“I want this cock in my mouth all day,” Maddie said as she pleasured my throbbing member. Soaking my dick with her spit. The best part, I get to ejaculate while her face is buried in my cock. “I love the feeling of your cock ejaculating inside my mouth.”

This obsessed slut is so dependent she spends her nights on her knees pleasuring and pleasing my cock. I get to abuse her throat daily. And she has no qualms about it. It’s like she exists to get her throat pounded by me all the time.

How did I make her an obsessed slut? She said I made her feel emotions that no other guy could ever give her. “It’s like electricity down my spine. It made me feel pleasant emotions and feelings. And after that, I’m now so drawn to you. I can’t help it.”

I spend my weekends at her place. Maddie was very thoughtful and sweet. She always prepares me an amazing home-cooked meal. She said we could do this instead of going to a fancy dinner or restaurant.

I sit by the dining table while she goes under, preparing to be my cum guzzling bitch while I eat my food. She’s a top-tier fuck girl that I would not give up.

I met skinny slut Samantha last December. She became my perfect Christmas slut. I instantly got this married slut so enchanted for me. I was behind her in line at Raph’s grocery. She was being a “Karen” to the cashier. And to teach her a lesson, I spoke to her some hypno lines that immediately changed her mood.

Not even 15 minutes later, we were in the backseat of her van. I fingered her tight twat, drilled her pussy with my cock, and gave her some hardcore car fuck.

In the end, she became my anal slut by enjoying the warm anal creampie that I just gave her.

This obsessed slut is so lovesick and charmed she’d want me to be her lover. “Am I good enough to be your girlfriend?” I told her I’ve got to think about it. Then I shoved her face back to rimming my sweaty ass.

Dinah is a tattooed slut. I got mesmerized the moment I saw her. But I also got her mind taken over and got her devoted and adoring me.

What do I like about Dinah? She’s the definition of a submissive slut.

“Use me how you like,” “I like it when you manhandle me.” Those are her words when I throw her all over the bedroom, choke, slap, spit, and piss on her.

Dinah is intent on being my main chick. She always texts me with sweet messages. She always takes me out to eat out and have a date night. It’s her love language.

But my intention with her? Filling up her tight holes whenever I want and rubbing my dick in her big pussy lips. She became my breeding slut.

“Oh fuck, I can’t have enough of this.” She says as I got her tight pussy filled with my hard dick pumped full of my seed.

Dinah likes riding daddy’s dick so much she comes over whenever I booty call her. I got her on my speed dial at my sex hotline. No hesitation. Even if it’s 3 am in the morning. She’s enamored by my intense fucking that she’s so obedient in fulfilling her master’s wishes.

She still doesn’t give up even though I only treat her as a cum dump. Totally captivated.

“I could be a good wife to you.” She said she’d wait for me to change my mind and leave the other girls I’m hooking up with. She said she’s willing to be patient and that I will see her worth someday.

Obsessed sluts are perfect slut slaves. They’ll do anything to please you. They’re an excellent creampie obsessed, deepthroat toy that you can use and abuse regularly.

Obsessed sluts are so charmed, captivated, and infatuated they will go to any length to satisfy you. And if you want them to be the perfect sex machine that is always thinking about fucking? They’ll give you that. If you perfectly executed this spellbound erotic script they already have a raging sex drive. All they’d need to do is to hop on your dick.

I get free sex from these beautiful sluts all the time. This libido instigation technique can get their minds so possessed. Lovesick and fixated and making you their man. Do you want women to be head over heels for you and worship your cock? Do you want the ladies to be consumed and dependent on your attention? Let us show you an easy step-by-step module to brainwash women to be so bewitched to you.

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This cum addicted slut is so charmed and lovesick towards me. She told me I could use her mouth anytime So I called her at 3 in the morning to see if it was true. Half an hour later this brunette slut is giving me a sloppy deepthroat that made my eyes roll back in satisfaction.
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This Latina slut is so hooked, her mind is occupied and consumed by the idea that I’ll make her my girlfriend. She tries to send nudes thinking that it could do the trick. But she can only be my cum dumpster that I use. Her mouth filled with my hard dick filling it with my jizz.

This mysterious sexual appetite enhancer can turn any good girl into a needy sex-obsessed slut desperate to serve his master. It releases women’s sexual urges. Spellbound into thinking that they’re cum guzzling cock obsessed sluts.

Use it on a woman that you like and she’ll be so engrossed, keen, and hell-bent on fucking you with no hesitation. She’ll see you as the real man. And will want you to abuse her daily and treat her like the real whore that she is. Check out how you can use this bewitchment sorcery.






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