How Can I Last Longer In Bed? 3 Remarkable Ways to Prolong Sex

It was embarrassing.

I made a lot of effort to invite this girl out. She agreed but I think she was hesitant. That’s a good sign right?

I think I was lucky because I got laid. But what happened next is the bane of my existence. I just wanted to forget about it but I can’t. And I shouldn’t.

I couldn’t look at her. My eyes are just stuck at the floor not wanting to move. I came in just three pumps. What the hell was that? What would she just say to her friends. I’ll be a laughing stock behind my back.

How can I last longer in bed? I vowed to find out the answer. I want to find the solution to this mess. I think I did. Check it out below.

It’s Time to Take Charge

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the guy that can have sex for as long as you wanted? To not have to worry about things like premature ejaculation or coming too quickly?

Imagine what it would feel like to make girls cum over and over. All the while being in complete control of your body. Imagine having a line of local sluts practically waiting for their chance to have sex with you. Because you can give them what they want and that is long-lasting sex. I’ll show you how can I last longer in bed.

Every man wants to see themselves as the best lover in the eyes of their partner. That doesn’t only mean being sweet and gentle but that also includes being able to give them good sex.

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And mind you, great sex is considered to be a rare thing nowadays for women. So no matter if your single or have a special someone, you will either have your partner be so much more in love and sexually crazy about you or girls from all corners will want to have a taste of your expert sex skills.

In short, the quest to become better in bed should be in every man’s bucket list of dreams and to-do lists. The huge boost in self-confidence and that happy, satisfied look from your woman is all worth it.

However, not all men start on the same playing field. Some are born naturals in bed and can last long but others do not. I am here to talk about the others who suffer with PE or most commonly called, Premature Ejaculation.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Simply put, PE is reaching orgasm sooner than you want it to be. For some, the problem ranges from not being able to last long enough and give their woman orgasm to cumming so fast in less than a minute. Yes, some men do cum in seconds! The former is a common problem but the latter needs extra effort.

Fortunately, these how can I last longer in bed problems can be overcome by having a goal, an action plan, and persistent continuous effort. PE problems can be broken down into two parts: physical and psychological. Both are crucial and you need both to last longer in bed.

How can I last longer in bed? Here’s a short and little secret that you can use right now.

Figure out which positions allow you to last longer. Picking those positions more often rather that those you are used to and have grown to love. Try to stay in them longer. This can be a great and clever way to last longer than you ever thought.

Train Like a Soldier

Improve Refractory Period After Cumming

How can I last longer in bed? First is the physical part of learning how to overcome PE. Again, your arch-nemesis and the absolute thing that is stopping you from giving your woman great sex is PE. So remember to do whatever it takes and not only read these tips but actually do and try them! The physical problem lies in our sexual makeup as men. We are hardwired to be sprinters in bed.

During caveman times, we needed to find a way to pass on our gene pool and impregnate a mate as quick as we can without being eaten by dinosaurs. To adapt, our bodies made sure we can cum and blow our load off as quick as we possibly can to avoid future danger. The sad part is that our bodies are still functioning the same way it has eras ego so we have to counter this hard-wiring and replace it new.

Training yourself to be a marathoner in bed involves training the PC muscle and training your shaft. The PC muscle is the muscle you use when you stop your pee. Kegels are exercises that involve holding the PC muscle for as long as you can until exhaustion. A good exercise plan for Kegels is 5 sets of 10 reps each day. The good thing is that you can do this anywhere you want.

The next thing about how can I last longer in bed? is training your shaft or your penis itself. Contrary to popular belief, length and size isn’t an issue for women.

Most of us men have average penis sizes and women will be okay with that. What matters is how long you last in bed because that is what really counts. Look up the exercises on the other articles on this website that describe Jelqing, Ballooning, and Edging.

It’s All In Your Mind

Prolong Sex and Delay Ejaculation

Second part for lasting longer in bed is the psychological aspect. Two things that make you fail in pleasing your woman are over-excitement and poor self-confidence. Getting too excited when sex presents itself is called sexual anxiety.

That probably means that you’re aren’t getting much and that’s the reason you get too excited. The solution here is experience with interacting with more women (not really sex).

Go out and socialize with more women and desensitize yourself with beauty. Poor self-confidence maybe because of your past sexual failures. There are many ways but the best is to make it a goal to at least have one great sexual experience with pleasing a woman.

Others include Self-Hypnosis and Self-Affirmations and that work great too. But nothing beats having the memory of that winning experience in your head.

Combined together, these how can I last longer in bed tools will help you to become the greatest lover your partner has ever had. You’re questions about how can I last longer in bed will be answered.

How Can I Last Longer In Bed If I Don’t Have A Girl To Fuck?

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If you’re asking yourself how can I last longer in bed if I don’t even have a local slut to fuck do not worry. You’re in the right hands.

How can I last longer in bed? You need consistency and practice. That is why you need to fuck a lot of local sluts near you. You should act like a horny college kid who is in a mission to lose his virginity.

If you don’t know how to get girls just click here. We’ll show you the ropes.

If you don’t have a lot of problem getting girls then all you need is to practice lasting longer.

How can I last longer in bed? I was fucking thicc sluts every day. I was on a hunt for easy girls to fuck. In that way, I could measure how much time I was fucking every time. I even practiced with married women when their husbands are away.

I was practicing day in and day out just to increase my erection duration. Once I’ve jizzed on some cumslut I practice overcoming my refractory period or how fast I could get my dick up again.

Some of these fuck girls were amazed on how I can make my cock rise up fast in less than sixty seconds.

It wasn’t all glory. I came from getting an orgasm in three pumps to who knows how many. I now could last far more than half an hour. I can now get to try various sexual positions. The only limit is my imagination.

You should try overcoming your record. Just like sexual tension. You should prolong it. How long can you last? Measure it. Get a timer. Your next mission is to beat that record. Do it again and again until you have full mastery.

How Can I Last Longer In Bed Right Now

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I’ve discovered five foods that would give me a hard anytime I want. As long as i incorporate it in my diet.

How did I discovered it?

I went on vacation in Vietnam. I’ve always observed some street vendors as I wander around the city. They’re selling exotic items that’s not familiar in the US. I was curious so I asked the guide what they were selling.

He told me straight up that it is for men to prolong their ejaculation. That the dick could stay hard far longer than usual.

He told me that it was an ancient secret passed down from generation to generation.

I was buying them individually and mixing it by myself. Until I looked for a simpler method. I found a supplement that incorporated all of this exotic ingredients.

I don’t need to eat a lot of bitter tasting plants anymore. Just one tab daily and I can last long when fucking my favorite hot moms.

How can I last longer in bed? This is what I use. You should too. You can check it out at the link below. No sign up needed. Just take a look.