How To Cold Approach: 6 Fearless Tips To Talk To Girls

Cold Approach Girls
Can you approach girls at Home Depot?

This is from Robert. He is one of the few men who gained access to our private site. It is where you can gaze upon the secrets on how to make any girl want to fuck.

Robert will tell us about his first experience in doing cold approach.

What is cold approach?

Cold approach in simple terms is to try to talk to a girl that you have no connection. It is called cold because you’re a stranger to her. You have no past social interactions with her. There’s no established relationship between the two of you. You need to warm things up first before she can become comfortable.

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How To Talk To Girls

Anyway, here’s how Robert did it.


Don’t congratulate me yet. I still have a lot to go through, but I know I’m on the right path. It was my first time approaching a girl. I did not know her. She was a stranger It was my first cold approach. I was really nervous. I never did have to when looking back at it.

I was on my way home when I felt the need to grab a bite. So I went to the nearest taco bell. I saw her there in line waiting for the cashier to get her order.

She kind of looks like some of the thicc girls that you see dancing in Tiktok. That made me anxious. How can I talk to a girl like her? I really wanted to but I could not find the courage. I let it pass. She got her food and left.

I was bummed out while ordering my food. While I was on my way out I saw her sitting at a table outside. Thank goodness she did not leave immediately.

I asked if I could share a seat with her. She gladly said yes. I was surprised. We talked for a while. She said she had a good time.

She made the first move and asked for my phone number before I even got a chance to ask. Wow!

I never thought the pussy magnet would work.

The pussy magnet talks about very innocent words that when uttered to a girl, will make her pussy extremely wet. Fast. I thought it was bullshit until I tried it.


Have you tried cold approach? What if you saw a girl that is your type. Would you talk to her or let the moment pass?

Robert’s letter is much longer however I’d like to discuss some of the good and bad during his interaction.

A Good Opening Line

how to talk to girls
Can you cold approach girls at the coffee shop?

Robert just asked if he could share a seat with the lady. He did not have any magic cold approach pick up line.

There’s no need for a powerful pick up line when doing a cold approach. The most important factor is to get her attention.

You could get a woman’s attention in any way you like.

You can slightly bump into her. A simple hello would suffice too. Even lame pick up lines work. You just have to deliver it without a hint of nervousness. Act as if you always talk to girls.

The second important thing when doing a cold approach is how you can keep a girl’s attention.

You have to converse with her in a way that can stimulate her desires. Get her interested. Say something thought-provoking. You can even say something controversial that she can be dumbfounded.

We have a bunch of solid ways on how you can get a woman’s attention as well as how you can keep it. I can’t believe I’m going to share them with you as they are considered contraband. These helped thousands of men increase their chances of getting women attracted when doing cold approaches.

These are simple everyday lines that you can use to make girls dripping wet in seconds. Never before seen. Be the first to get in line. Your success rate in cold approach will triple once you’ve used these. It’s like a female brain control system. You could control women’s responses to you. Making them sexually attracted to you a few moments from talking to them.

Here’s the gist. You’ll use innocent words to turn girls on. This is based on a loophole in female psychology discovered by renegade scientists. The research papers were concealed until a bored janitor uncovered them while cleaning the storage room. When you use this you’ll no longer run out of things to say when you cold approach girls.

This makes a huge difference. You’ll have a clear advantage over other men. Would you like girls to go for douchebags like Cody and Kevin? You could make these assholes jealous and steal the girl right in front of their eyes.

Don’t Ask For Her Phone Number

It was great that the girl offered to give her phone number. Has that happened to you? Did any girl offer to give you her number and asked you to ring her up?

It happens rarely but you can make it always happen to you. How? Just like how Robert did it. Robert used the pussy magnet.

Now that he has her number what’s next? Text her? Wrong!

Texting or getting her number shouldn’t even be the priority. Your first concern is how to get free sex from a girl immediately. You should know how to seal the deal as soon as possible.

Sometimes girls just collect phone numbers too. It’s like their trophy that some guy likes them. It makes their head big. But no she won’t respond to your texts. She’s a princess and you’re just a desperate simp whom she only gave a chance. Are you that guy? Of course not.

Don’t spend your time in meaningless texts. Texting is not where you get to know someone. It is just a tool to establish where you would want to meet her again.

But why bother arranging a second meet when you can’t even get to slide your dick in her the first time. If you can’t persuade her to have sex with you right then and there then trust me there can be no next time. If you can’t have sex with a BBW how can you have sex with hot sexy women?

You must create and increase sexual tension after you cold approach women. This will make her uncontrollably lust for you. She’ll be wanting to ride your cock in no time.

Do not try to get phone numbers. Try to get a free hookup from her asap. You can invite her out to a motel. You can even do it at the back of the car much like public sex.

Did you know that it’s better not to get phone numbers from married women when you approach them? Why? So that there’s no evidence that you hooked up. Less trouble.

Seal the deal as soon as you can. Chances don’t come often. Strike when the iron is hot. Make sure to think of the end in mind when you cold approach women. What outcome would you like to come out of it?

Make sure you can make any girl want to fuck you in seconds. Use the pussy magnet. It’s not a gimmick. It’s based on cutting-edge psychology. It can let you attract women in as fast as 3 seconds. All you have to do is slip in innocent words. You’ll turn her on immediately. We’re not sure when we can keep this up online. Check it out below.

Cold Approach More Girls

How can you have tons of one night stands with hot women? How can you have no strings attached sex with local sluts from time to time? The answer is simple.

Talk to more girls. The idea is easy. The execution can be difficult. This is why men don’t cold approach women that often.

Men are anxious and nervous when trying to talk to hot women most of the time. Just try to approach girls at the park. They can’t get their heads straight. Tons of funny ideas get into their head just to make an excuse NOT to talk to a hot girl.

It’s because of our upbringing.

Here’s another problem. Maybe you’ve gotten to talk to a girl. You did a cold approach. What happens next? What now? Most men don’t know what to do after. It makes them look like a creep.

Approaching women is the easiest part. The problem lies in how you can get those girls to be attracted to you. Guys may not even know how to talk to the girls without screwing things up!

Women like assertive men. Men who go for what they want. Nice guys just stand on the sidelines watching all the other bad boys get the girl. Are you a nice guy? The next time you see a hot girl make sure to cold approach her.

This is why knowing how to make any girl want to fuck is important. This is the reason why we are letting men like you have the chance to find out about this method to meet and fuck.

You now have the chance to cold approach women of a different caliber. The only limit is to what type of girls you’re going to approach. Would you like to fuck hot moms? Are you in college and want to bang college sluts?

Fulfill Women’s Desires

Why do you want to cold approach women? Are you lonely? Are you looking for local ladies near you? Do you just want to bang? Or are you looking for a girlfriend?

You have to fulfill her desire. She wants a guy that can sweep her off her feet. You only have a few seconds to show her that. The subtleties in the way you talk and the way you move are what determines if she’ll go home with you or not.

Does she like you or not? She’ll know in an instant. That’s why you have to be ready. Your arsenal of seduction and attraction techniques should be top-notch.

You don’t need to be good-looking but you have to look good. Smell nice, look clean, and have good hygiene in general. Pay attention to what you wear, and you’d be surprised by the difference it will make.

Also, try to make your body look nice too. You don’t have to become a gym junkie. If you just look a little more fit, she will view you as sexier. It works amazingly well.

Don’t be afraid to touch her more than you’d usually touch her. Maybe greet her with a hug, touch her arm when she’s talking, build up tension. If you want a free fuck, tension is always a good thing.

It is now much easier to sex fuck local sluts than ever before. You can have the technology right in your hands. A cold approach is just the first step. See how guys who have tons of experience do it.

Make Girls Approach You

Here’s a kicker. What if you can get girls to pick you up instead of you doing a lot of cold approaches? This is another secret that the pussy magnet can share with you.

What if you can get girls to come to you automatically? You don’t need to hire escorts. You don’t need to look for craigslist sluts or backpage sluts. You won’t need to work hard for their attention. They’ll give it to you. They’ll shower you with affection in hopes of getting it back from you.

This is what the slut finder is all about. The slut finder makes you recognize all the signals that girls give in order to know if they want to fuck. They have no idea they give such signals. If they don’t have any idea about it then so do most guys. That’s why there are a lot of missed opportunities when it comes to hooking up with local sluts.

Not anymore. You’ll instantly find out which girls are ready to fuck just by merely looking at them.

If you think they are not ready to fuck then you can make them chase you. You can disguise a simple body language that alerts girls that you can be the guy that they’d want to fuck.

You don’t need to be good-looking or rich. Just simple words and a few gestures and her brain automatically responds. She’ll think of doing sexual thoughts with you. It’s out of her control as this is done inside her subconscious.

These local sluts will want you like ecstasy. They will be the one to cold approach you. You will no longer be rejected anymore. Get a sex friend now.

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