Do You Keep Looking At Her? Glancing At Her But Can’t Make A Move? How To Attract And Fuck A Female Friend? Here are 3 Staggering Ways To Seduce Your Hot Friend And Have Sex With Her.

How To Fuck Your Hot Friend

Ever had a hot friend on your social circle that you sexually fantasize about?

You’ve maybe imagined her when masturbating. You only jerk off to her because you can’t make a move. Do you want to know how to fuck a female friend?

You dream about how she devours your dick. Sucking it and spit on it with her saliva. You also probably thought about fucking her doggy style.

You’ve thought about how you get to put your hard cock on her tight pussy and ravish it like a monster.

However, that’s all there is to it. Just a thought. Just imagination. Not a reality. You just accept that you can’t fuck your hot friend. Do you even have a chance? Does she only see you as a friend? How to attract a female friend?

You always see her with some hot guy. Does your female friend fuck those guys? Does your female friend get on her knees and beg those guys to give her their cum? Why can’t you be the guy she goes on her knees for? Aren’t you enough? Does she only see you as a nice guy?

She talks to you sometimes. She laughs with you. You guys have a great time talking about things about work and the weather. But sexually? She just doesn’t see you that way.  

How could you change this scenario? How to fuck a female friend? How could you be the guy friend that she’d want to fuck? How to attract a female friend? It’s possible.

Several men are transforming themselves right now. They’re morphing. Changing their status with these girls from just friends to friends with benefits. You could change too. We’re here to share the secret with you. Tap the button below, and we’ll show you how you can easily get to fuck the hot women in your social circle.

Your hot female friend has fucked all the other guys in your group but not you? Why? She even says you’re special and would like to keep you as a friend. Fuck that shit. You want her tight pussy. This almost-witchcraft technique can do just that. This will make her beg for your cock.

Why Your Hot Female Friend Doesn’t Want To Fuck You

Fuck Your Hot Friend For Free

Every other guy wants to be with her. You see her every time talking to these men. Laughing at their jokes. They seem to have fun.

There’s one incident where you see her get into some guy’s car. They’ve just been talking for like a couple of minutes. Maybe she gave her a handjob or some public quickie. Who knows?

But you? You’re a longtime friend. You can’t even get to hold her hand. What’s the difference between you and those assholes? What do they have that you don’t?

They treat your hot friend as a dispensable fuck girl. But you? You treat her respectfully, and she doesn’t even give you a chance.

She also gives you the talk. She tells you that you have a great friendship going and don’t want to mess it up. Does she only tell that to you? Does she tell it to the other guys she fucks? Why does she friendzone you but not other guys? How to counter this? How to attract a female friend?

Today, let’s discuss how you can be the guy your hot friend would like to go home with. It’s time for a revolution. It’s time to know how to attract a female friend. You want to be the man that women choose. Make her the easy girl that you can take home to your bedroom. This is how we can do it.

How To Fuck A Female Friend

How to attract a female friend? It’s easy if you ask me. These little changes will give you the biggest impact on fucking not just your hot friend but also the most desirable women. You can be the guy women chooses to go home with.

Don’t Be A Simp

Hot Female Friend After One Night Stand

Do you know what they call a guy that does things for women and doesn’t get anything in return? They call them a simp. These simps will do anything just to get validation and attention for these women.

They’ll do anything like buy her things and spend money on her. This is not the way how to attract a female friend.

They never know that the top players don’t need to do anything to get their balls sucked.

They don’t need to say some special line to get a phone number or a booty call. They turn every girl they talk to into their personal cumsluts.

You need to have some self-respect. You should stop stooping down to women for a chance to have sex with them. If they see you as a potential sex partner, you won’t need to do them any favors.

What you need to do now is how they can see you as that guy. The guy that they will want to fuck. The way to do this is by being a sexual and yet still respectful person. We can show you how to make any girl want to fuck. Find out how to attract a female friend below.

Be A Better Person

Blow your Cum, Jizz, or Load, on your Hot Friends Face

The first step on how to attract a female friend or any other girls in your area is to be presentable. You don’t have to be a good-looking dude when talking about how to attract a female friend. You don’t have to have the stereotypical traits to be physically attractive.

All you need is to take care of yourself. Step back for a moment and stop thinking about fucking your hot female friend. Stop thinking about how to attract a female friend. Start thinking about being good to yourself first.

Are you taking good care of yourself? Are you growing as a better person each day, or all you have in your mind is to sex fuck local sluts?

The very basics of how to attract a female friend are getting a decent haircut, building your body, and getting clothes that fit you well. This will give you a plus in being presentable to the opposite sex. You’ll have a higher chance of women noticing you. Therefore, there is a higher chance of women noticing you and might take you home to their bedroom.

How to fuck a female friend? Be a better you. Learn social and dating skills. Teach yourself new things, even if they are not in your interests. Broaden your horizon. This step is all about you.

Stop thinking about how to fuck your female friend. This is all about you. You have to get your shit together. Do you have a stable job? Do you have a place of your own? Is your well-being okay? This is the foundation. Most men neglect this. They think that all they have to do to attract their female friend is be friendly and do nice things for her.

You’ll only experience the upsides. No downsides. You can get your hot female friend to have no strings fuck with you. You’ll be the one she’s calling when she wants to have casual sex.

Distance Yourself

how to fuck your female friend

This is a crucial step on how to fuck a female friend. You must not skip this step.

You must cut communication with her and your friends for a while. Don’t ghost. Just say you’re busy or something. But you will be busy because you are rebuilding yourself to a better you. Step 1, right?

It may take a few months. But it will go fast because you’re bettering yourself. You’re meeting new people. You’re even meeting new girls that you can fuck.

What does this do? It will make them think that you have exciting things going on in your life. They will even miss you. Your hot female friend will talk about you. “He’s no longer hanging out with us?” Don’t worry. It’s all part of the plan.

And then, one day, you’ll come back and be a different person. That you are not the person, she’s used to talking to. You are now more flirty, more naughty, and she will want you. You’re no longer a friend in her eyes. But a sexual prospect. No longer a simp. No longer a nice guy. No longer a doormat. But a sexual being that she’d like to get in bed with.

Here’s a little secret. Make her miss you more. After a few months, hang out with your friends. Have a good and fun time with them. They will want to hang out with you soon. But the next time they invite you give an excuse.

Your hot female friend will chat you up. Ask you where you are and why you’re not hanging out. She’s already missing you. She’s missing the guy that she wants to sleep with.

Give it time. Make her miss you more. She wants the new you. She wants to sleep with that person. You have to make her want it. Make her chase you. Again this is a crucial step on how to fuck a female friend. You have to play this right.

You see this all the time in movies and tv shows. A guy returns to town, and every other girl who rejected him in high school wants him. That’s the effect that you want. This happens in real life, and it works a hundred percent.

You Have To Be Sexual

Take Local Sluts Home To Your Bedroom

How to attract a female friend? You need to be direct but not offensive. A way to do this is by being physical. Be intimate in how you touch her. This is the difference between some men.

Nice guys don’t even touch a woman. They’re afraid that this might offend them. They don’t know how to create sexual tension.

You also have to be sexually indirect. Yes, this contradicts being direct but hear me out.

Women like sexual mind games. Playing with their mind is how to attract a female friend. It’s their roller coaster. Does this guy likes me or not? Make her work for it.

Make sexual jokes but again, not offensive. The trick is, if it gets a laugh, it’s good. If it weirds out people, then no pussy for you.

This is one of the most difficult pieces of advice that we can give about how to attract a female friend. This is because you must change your whole mindset towards women and sex.

The good news is that we have loads and tons of insider information about how you can do this and how you can achieve this. Including the loophole in women’s minds. With this information, you can mind control women into getting them to want you. Including how to sexually attract your hot friend. You will know how to fuck any woman that you desire.

We can give you full access to the concealed techniques on how to attract a female friend. Fuckboys use these to meet and fuck local sluts. Gain access to this right now. If you use any of our techniques, then you can have a one night stand by tonight. You can even get to have a road head on the way home. All you have to do is to take advantage of and grab these seductive methods right now.

Time To Fuck Your Hot Friend

Now is your chance to turn your hot friend into your sex friend. You will no longer need free hookup apps as you will turn your hot friends into your fuck buddies. You will know how to attract a female friend.

The tactics that we’re about to share with you are not just to fuck your hot friend. You can also use this on any girl that you want to fuck. Teens, Milfs, Asians, College Girls, etc. You can get any girl to go to bed with you. They will fulfill your every sexual desire.

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Soon you will know the secrets of how some guys get free hookups without any effort. We just need you to commit to the betterment of yourself. The first step is to access these blacklisted techniques.

Tap the button below. Your whole world is about to change. You can turn from being the nice guy friend to being the guy that can get girls left and right. It’s time to choose.






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