6 Steamy Hacks on How to Make Out With a Girl For The First Time

I received an email asking about how a guy with no experience with girls can get to kiss a woman. This woman has much more experience than him. Do you know how to make out with a girl?

The reason girls kiss is sometimes different to us. They want to see if there is a connection there. They want to see if there is an attraction. They want to see if there is chemistry. In a way, for girls, kissing is not so much about the experience but more about learning about you.

It’s a way of her seeing what sort of guy you are. If you kiss, what it does is, it’s hard for her to make a decision about whether she wants to date you or not. For girls, often the kiss is a make or break type thing. If the kiss is good, she is going to consider more of a future with you. If the kiss is bad, you’ve got no chance. What you need to know about how to make out with a girl is that you’ll need to kiss a few girls to become confident with it.

Check out his query on how to make out with a girl below.

This girl and I have been dating and I REALLY want to make her want me by kissing her. But its my first time. I never kissed any girl before. She’s really experienced. What should I do so that she doesn’t laugh in my face?

I’m afraid that I might screw things up and lose the chance to be with her. Is there any tip that you can give me on how to make out with girl?


How To Make Out With A Girl Simple Steps

For guys that aren’t experienced in making out with girls it can be very scary. Add the fact that the woman may be much more experienced than the guy. This can lead to a lot of pressure and fears of not being good enough to please her. Here we’ll discuss ways on how to make out with a girl so that you can ease up and be successful with it.

The key as always is to not focus on all those what ifs. Relax instead, calm down, and enjoy letting the experienced woman show you what she likes.

Women can get very turned on knowing they are teaching you something.

I am very relaxed when I am doing it. The key is to remain relaxed. You don’t want to have any kind of nervousness or apprehension or hesitation. Those are the things that she is going to feel.

Women are very intuitive creatures. She will feel any hesitation and apprehension or nervousness from you.

No matter how smooth you think you are, if you are going to go in for a kiss and you are not confident about it. Then she is going to feel that. It’s not going to be enjoyable.

Even if you do start kissing each other it’s not going to last for very long because she is going to feel weird. Being anxious is not the way on how to make out with a girl.

The key is to relax your body. Your facial expression should be going for a cheeky grin or a smile. I definitely wouldn’t be frowning. Your face should be relaxed. Imagine what you would look like in bed, a sleepy kind of look. But not that sleepy. Probably in bed, closed eyes, and imagining good thoughts or good situations that you could be in.

Start with looking at her face; her lips and her eyes. I might be biting my lip. I guess I would do a lot of these things while talking to her. Drag it out a little bit. This that gets her thinking about whether you are going to kiss her or not.

Make her expect that first move, have her wait for it. This is the smooth way on how to make out with a girl.

The mind can be a very powerful tool of arousal. She will be turned on by the intrigue if when you are going to finally kiss. The timing, the anticipation it all adds to the seduction that a first kiss can be. the first time you kiss a woman can be a very powerful thing. It can set a tone for how far she might be willing to go that time.

I wouldn’t make my move immediately. I might move in and then move back and continue talking. This is an effective way on how to make out with a girl. Tease her a little from time to time.

I would be smiling or have a little bit of a grin and have a little of a sleepy look. When I go for it eventually I would just do it really confidently and smoothly. No fumbling is necessary, a woman follows your lead for the most part, and if you are confident and comfortable that’s going to relax her.

Now experienced women might not even let you wait. You may tease her and start to push and pull. You move in and moving back. She may get excited and and go in for the kiss herself.

Whisper these sweet and innocent words into her ear. Get her attention, turn her on, and make her think about taking your relationship to the next level.

Hint. The more you turn HER on the more she’ll return the favor (And show you things that will blow your mind)

Let’s recap on the basics of how to make out with a girl. Make sure you keep these in mind.

  • Relax. Keep your mind of pressure.
  • Show her a light smile.
  • Move slowly. Let her anticipate your move.
  • Make sure you’re really close to her.
  • Do not hesitate.

What are your thoughts on how to make out with a girl? Does it make you nervous or excited?

Knowing how to make out with a girl is a prerequisite before getting a girlfriend. You need to make sure that you know how to get a girlfriend afterward. This is mandatory to make sure that you know the next steps to take to get the girl of your dreams.

Know The Signs

Here are the steps in knowing when to kiss is. First is to be able to recognize the opportunities. You should be aware of her signals. Is she comfortable with me touching her face? Is she okay with me touching her ear or her neck? If she is then it is usually a good sign. She’s ready to be kissed.

It can be something as simple as saying, “Oh! I really like these earrings,” as you reach out and touch her earrings that are dangling from her ear. You might say, “It looks good on you”. If she doesn’t flinch away at that point, move away from you, or give you some sign of disinterest, she’s open to being kissed.

It may not mean that she’s ready to be kissed right there and then. You may have to move her into an isolated environment first, but that is a great indicator. That can be a good sign for guys to move forward and kiss. Here’s another thing you can do. Time it so this happens on one of her high points. Time it when she says something that’s exciting or impressive. This definitely helps to frame it as her working for your reward.

The second step on how to make out with a girl is that you always want to break off first. You don’t want her to get to a point where she’s thinking, “Wow, this is starting to get a little bit boring.” You always want to break off before it gets to that point, so she wants a little bit more. Here’s what you can do. As you stop kissing her, have your other hand on the side of her face. Then run your finger over her lips, to add a little bit of extra sensation.

The third step on how to make out with a girl. This will let a girl know that you know exactly what you’re doing. as you’re kissing her and starting to build intensity, run your hand up the back of her head. Gently squeeze the back of her scalp, and run your other hand lightly over her breast.

If you want, you can use the back of your hand to run around the edge of her breast. It adds a little bit of extra excitement. Add a light touch As you continue to run that hand down her body. Almost like if you imagine what it’s like for her to be wearing a silk nightie and it’s lightly touching her skin. That’s the sensation you want to be able to create. I hope you learned a lot about how to make out with a girl.

How To Start Making Out With a Girl

How to make out with a girl? How do you make out with someone so hot and sexy? How do you start the make out? Is it going to progress naturally?

A lot of guys are too shy to take it to that point. They don’t want to jump from square one to the end zone. They seem like they have no manners or social knowledge. How do you build up the sexual tension? How do you naturally progress from small talk to the part of a night where you need to make out with a woman? Especially if she is a woman with a little bit of class?

I like to kiss a girl early on in an interaction. It is not a big deal if I show my sexual interest. It shows that I am a forward-moving man who knows what I want in life. That is often a turn-on for women.

I always mention to guys to treat a girl as if you are already lovers. If I am drawing it out, it is one way to build some sexual tension. I am not just trying to kiss her. I am setting the entire scene.

If I was taking my girlfriend out, I wouldn’t have any problem kissing her upon meeting her. I would talk about whatever she had been up to all week. I would take a sincere interest in her endeavors. I would compliment her looks, both what she was wearing and how she had her hair styled. I might even refer to her perfume if it were memorable.

I might begin sniffing her and nuzzling her. I might not be able to stop myself from licking her. Sometimes I like to suddenly lick a woman’s nose. That always surprises them. It is a playful thing to do. It reminds me of the happy moments that dogs display. It shows their true devotion and affection towards you.

After some time, I would give her a big hug and a kiss. Is it surprising to have it happen so early in your interaction? That might be surprising for some girls. With experience, you’ll know how to make out with a girl fast. Then after that, you will know how to fuck.

How To Make Out With A Girl Using Tongue And Not Turn Her Off

So many guys just don’t know how to use their tongues properly when they are making out with a girl. You can do better. Here’s how to make out with a girl using your tongue.

Some guys have been told that it is mandatory to use their tongue a lot when they are kissing. Some guys have been told that girls don’t like it. So how do you judge how much tongue to use? And when you are using your tongue, how can you do it properly so that you don’t repulse the person who you are kissing?

Let’s start with the basics on how to make out with a girl using tongue. The number one rule is to always brush your teeth and make sure that your breath is fresh. You also want to check if you have food or anything in your teeth. That is going to freak her out before you even get to put your tongue in her mouth.

Here’s another basic on how to make out with a girl. This is an important rule: keep your tongue in your mouth before you kiss her.

Don’t approach her with your tongue out. This is a bad way on how to make out with a girl. That is going to look freaky and probably turn her off. Approaching her with your tongue out could increase your chances of turning her off. Even if she loves it. So just focus on making lip to lip contact first and then you can start thinking about using your tongue.

When you do insert your tongue, it is probably best to start off gradually.

A lot of guys get really excited while they are making out. They continually probe around with their tongue. Probing around is never good. You want to lick her lips and her tongue as if you are dancing with her. You don’t have to keep your tongue in her mouth all the time, so remember to withhold it sometimes.

I often find that women use their tongues too much. When I am making out with a girl she will often overdo the tongue thing. So I tell her to chill out and just kiss me mostly on the lips. That produces a more passionate and more sensual type of kissing. There is lots of lip contact and not too much tongue. Part of knowing how to make out with a girl is being in charge.

Think of your tongue as a surprise gift. Slip it into your partner’s mouth every once in a while, but then withdraw it and focus more on kissing. That is going to keep her wanting more and make things really passionate and sensual. Now speaking of sensual… do you know how to make out with a girl sensually?

How To Make Out With A Girl Sensually

People often use the senses, especially the word sensual when talking about how to make out with a girl. They like to be so sensual. But figuring out what sensual means and how it works into making out can be hard to balance for beginners.

Sensuality will arise by using the five senses. Touch her a lot. If you are wearing cologne or some sort of scent on your body, it will also appeal to her senses.

It is more about tantalizing her, making her react to your touch, to the smell of you, the taste of your lips or skin. It isn’t just about jumping on her and rubbing up against her bluntly. Subtlety is the key to being sensual when making out with a woman.

What is sensual? If you look at the difference between what is hardcore porn and softcore porn, softcore porn is more sensual. There is going to be a lot more touching. You’ll notice a lot more stroking. Touching each other with different textures. Like feathers.

There are also different levels of aggression along with subtlety or softness. Knowing how to make out with a girl is about keeping all these things in mind. Kiss her softly. Kiss her lightly. Kiss her on the lips. Kiss her on the face. Kiss her all over her body.

Then again, sensual doesn’t necessarily always have to be soft. It can be a bit more aggressive and that is still going to be sensual because the two of you are close. The closeness or the intimacy that you build is really going to reel that sensuality.

Think about when your bodies are close. Stomachs are touching, your body is pressing against her body. Both of you are passionately kissing. That is going to be a lot more sensual than say licking each other’s tongues in midair.

Again, I’m not going to name any names. Light subtle touches, just closeness can be a real turn on. Let a woman know you like her body pressed to yours. Let her know that her hands on your body make you hot. This can make her much more aroused than a mouthful of tongue. This is how to make out with a girl sensually.

Final Words

Knowing how to make out with a girl is more about balls than anything else. If you can kiss girls confidently then you have a very low chance of getting in the friend zone, and you have a much better chance of actually dating her, and having more of a sensual relationship, which I guess is what you really want. You should practice kissing a lot of girls in order to be good at how to make out with a girl.

Soon you will not just learn how to make out with a girl. But also learn other things regarding women and dating. You can learn how to date a lot of women or even have casual sex. You can become a pussy magnet. It will depend on you. You just need to take action right now. Check out the ways on how you can get the girl of your dreams.






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