I’m Broke. I Need Work. Until A Close Friend Told Me How To Get Laid And Get Paid At The Same Time. Find Out The Jobs That Get You Laid. Hookup With Women Easily As Perks Of The Job.

jobs that get you laid

Are you tired of pursuing women? Are the ladies ignoring you? Not giving a damn about you? Let’s change that.

Instead of you pursuing women, they could be the ones chasing after you? How do we do that? By increasing the number of women surrounding you. You will have more chances to get laid.

Do you want to know about jobs that get you laid? These are jobs that can increase the chance of you hooking up with women.

You can get paid, while also getting laid. Every man would like that.

So what are the best jobs to get laid? What career should I go for to increase my chances of getting sex? Let’s discuss some below.

Some jobs that get you laid have what we call a barrier of entry. It means that some have requirements that you could maybe fulfill in a couple of months. But if you already have them then you can jump into the work and get laid fast.

These are jobs that get you laid. These are not jobs that you can pursue to impress the ladies and make them want you. Let’s skip that step. Why go through the hassle to dazzle the ladies. If you have the best jobs to get laid then you can jump that step and go straight to the bedroom. It’s because these occupations have plenty of ladies. No need for a slut finder. All you need to do is to choose the hot girls you’d want to sleep with.

Best Jobs For Men If You Want Easy Sex

Let’s start with the most obvious but demanding jobs.

1. Bouncer

This job needs juice. You need to be a little beefy and have a domineering physique. But that’s what also gets you the advantage.

Some women want a brawny and beefy guy. They find the physical attributes attractive. Even if you’re not that good-looking.

If you’re a bouncer, you can hit on the waitress or any lady who goes to the event you’re working. You have an excuse to talk to them because you’re “guarding the perimeter”.

2. Stripper

You still need to be a little muscular for this one. But not that hulky, unlike the bouncer. Tell you what, yeah men like muscular guys, but some don’t like overly muscular ones. They’re alright with toned bodies. You can get away with being a stripper with one.

If you’re shy with too much crowd then start with private events. A bachelorette party. It’s a small group of women to entertain. At the end of the night, they will ask for your number. They’ll make excuses that they’ll hire you for another event.

And if you like any other girls then you can give her special attention for later. She may or may not give you her number, no worries. There’s another private event that you can attend another night. Plenty of opportunities. This is one of the jobs that have a high chance for you to get laid. These women are already looking for it.

3. Pornstar

You don’t need to look muscled for this, but you need to be strapping. This is one of the jobs that actually get you laid. No questions ask. All you need is to just show up. You don’t even need to talk to a girl. You come in for work, unzip your pants, and slide your dick in a tight pussy.

Of course, you need to have the confidence for this.

There’s also a lot of chance to get laid after work. Women too, also watch porn. They’ll see you, recognize you, and want to be with you. You’ll become a D-list celebrity. You’ll have fans.

But then again, the barrier to entry for this job, is that you have a long schlong and can last long.

4. Masseur

A masseur is a male massage therapist. You need a little training for this. A certificate or two. You need a couple of weeks to learn this trade. And then you can post, or get yourself on a listing.

Cater to female clients. Most would get horny once you begin touching their bodies. They’ll long for it. These are the women looking for sex.

They may keep remembering you and ask for your services again and again. Soon you’ll have a good relationship with them. Then it can turn sexual. They might even become your fuck buddy or a sex contact. The one they’ll booty call when they want sex.

5. Musician

Women will see you on stage. Once you go down on stage, they’ll recognize you. Both already have a reason to talk to each other. Ask them what they think of the performance. Do they like it?

They already know you’re talented—no need to prove yourself. Just have a good time with women. Someone in your audience will like to come home with you. It’s your opportunity to close the deal. One might even give you a public quickie at the parking lot.

6. Influencer

It does not matter if you are a YouTuber, TikToker, Twitch gamer, Instagram model. If you have a decent following then you can leverage that to get laid. This is one of the best jobs to get you laid.

As you gain more followers then you can gain the following from hot women. Women that may find you attractive or charming. They may leave comments on your post. Slide in your DMs. Or give like to your every update.

Meet with some of your lady fans. They’ll sure like it. Make them come over to your apartment. Free pussy will come to you instead of you going after it.

This is why celebrities get easy sex. Women are following them all around. All they need is to choose one to sleep with that night. You could have that kind of lifestyle when you become a successful influencer. But even if you are not and only have a couple of subscribers. There’s always a fish waiting to be caught by you. You could get a facebook slut to come over. Easy slut to meet and fuck.

7. Photographer

Not just any photographer. A fashion photographer perhaps or for a lifestyle magazine that features women. Just anything that can put you in front of hot models.

Get their number. Maybe you can shoot more photos. Or maybe they want to increase their portfolio. Tell them you could help them. Most of these women know the deal. They might even toy you instead of you toying with them. Sex first, pictures later. That’s how it should be.

Women in this industry know that some men are on it because they like sex. You can get some, but you must try to act that you’re not interested in them, that’s how you catch these models.

8. Personal Trainer

Like the massage therapist, you need a little training for this. A couple of weeks to months and you can become a personal trainer.

You could be invited for private consultations inside the places of hot women that you will cater to. Just the two of you alone could increase the sexual tension even if you have no intention of getting in bed with her.

And when in the gym, you will meet a lot of women who want to look fit and hot.

9. College Professor

A College campus or a university is a place filled with teen sluts and college sluts. Everywhere you go you can see a hot babe. There’s an abundance of women in these places.

A college professor is deemed one of the jobs that get you laid. Even if it’s a community college, women will be plentiful.

You would encounter a lot of students with different personalities, beauty, and character. A lot of sluts to fuck to choose from.

Some are bootlickers. Some may seduce you to get extra credit. Some will get interested because they are genuinely attracted.

All you have to do is get them to your place. Make sure that they keep it a secret and you could have an affair with these hot college students.

There may be ethical questions about this. But it’s up to you to have sexual relations.

You’ll also have a lot of colleagues that can be your sex partner.

10. Sales

This is probably one of the best jobs to get laid. You will meet a lot of people here from different walks of life.

As a salesperson, your job is to close. To get them to buy. You may get training from your boss or supervisor. The bottom line is. You are being trained to make a sale. All you need is to transpose that skill into closing women in bed.

You will have many clients. Some hot women. Get the sale first, the pussy second. Treat her professionally first. If you think that she has the hots for you then pursue her. You already have her contact details. All you need is to reach out. She might even have the hots for you too.

You could have the best jobs to get laid. But if you don’t know the exact steps to get women to bed, you’ll end up nowhere.

Get the jobs that get you laid. Be surrounded by women who would want to be with you. All you need to do is to pull the trigger. Find out the exact steps to make sex happen.

Got A Free Hookup For Fixing Her Sink

What was the career path that I took to get a free hookup with more women? I tried sales. I got in bed with hot rich clients. It was a nice ride. The truth is these hot rich women treat it as a transaction. I don’t like that feeling. That’s why I changed things up.

I got a few skills here and there so I became the neighborhood handyman. My neighbors call me anytime something is broken. Squeaky door? Leaking roof? Broken windows? Do the fences need paint? They call me. It was not a “job”. I just do it in my spare time to be a good neighbor. But it’s also where I can meet new hot women and get paid in the process. Meeting girls in my area is a simple way to get local sex.

I’ve encountered desperate married women. These are housewives that are seeking affairs. There are horny lonely women, and naughty local singles looking to get dicked down. Let me tell you about this hot chick.

Allison was a few houses down. She’s a single hot mom. Definitely a looker. Not an average slut.

She always calls me because her sink always clogs up. To be fair, her sink is clogged up. Not an excuse to get me alone. But every time I come over she always answers the door with nothing but a robe. Her perky nipples from her fat titties are always poking out.

She never leaves me alone when I fix her sink. Always talking flirtatiously, hinting at being “lonely” and how it would be nice to get a “warm embrace”. I know what she’s up to, but I dismiss it. It’s one of the secrets I learned from female mind control. Make women chase for it until they go gaga.

I leave that day. I tell her that if ever she needs anything just call me. We’ll the next day she texts me asking me to fix something on her computer.

I ring her doorbell. But instead of wearing a robe, she’s wearing a large and baggy shirt. Still, no bra, and I can see her perky nipples. Not bad for a 25-year-old slutty mom. She still has the hots. Got my dick hard in an instant.

We got to her computer and tells me that her mouse isn’t working right. I sit in front of it but before holding her mouse I notice pictures on her desktop. It was thumbnails of her nudes. One pic was of her spreading her legs giving a good view of her pussy. I know what she’s up to, but I acted unfazed.

“I hope you like what you saw,” she said to me while I look up at her deciding what to do to this fuck girl.

I gestured with my finger for her to come closer, and once she did I held her face like I own her.

“Are you a bad girl?” I asked. And she nodded. “Yes sir.”

I already knew where this was going so I went on with it. I lightly slapped her face and asks her what she wants.

“What do you want?” I asked.

“I want you. I want your dick. I want your dick inside me. I want you to cum all over me.” She said.

I made her turn her back, bent her down, and lifted her baggy shirt to her waist. Good thing there were no panties there because I’m going to rip those up. And without foreplay, I inserted my already rock-hard penis.

“Slowly please,” she begged.

“Shut up bitch, I own you now!” I shouted at her sternly.

I felt instant shivers after pumping my dick a few times.

“You like it huh?” I said. The shivers continued. Bitch likes this dick.

“I haven’t had sex in months!” She blurted while I was pumping my cock inside her tight pussy. It was so tight I thought It was vacuum sealed.

This fuck bitch made me hard so much I can’t help but punish her.

“Is this what you fucking want?” I asked her while slapping her face and roughing her pussy hard.

“Yes, daddy. Let me be your fucktoy.” Perfect answer. She doesn’t need slut training. That made me rough her up harder and harder. Holding her arms and riding her like a cowboy.

Pump and pump and pump. It was a whole ten minutes of Doggystyle. I can’t get enough of it. My cue was when she tells me to give her all my cum.

“Put it all inside me, daddy. I want it all.”

I was mercilessly filling her up, pulling her arms ruthlessly and banging her ass relentlessly.

I knew Alisson was a cumslut from the start with my jizz dripping down her pussy.

You can fuck local women tonight. Even without jobs that get you laid. All you need is to unleash women’s hidden desire to fuck. These Hypno-like commands can make women hookup with you with no strings attached.

Careers That Get You Laid

There are a lot of jobs that get you laid. What’s important is you take every opportunity that comes. Hit up every girl you see. But make sure you have the right tools to close the deal.

You could have the best jobs to get laid. Be it a doctor, nurse, even an Olympian. But of course, those need to have lots of training. But if you don’t then you need to know a lot of skills to get jobs here and there. You can be a plumber, a pizza delivery guy, a cable or internet installer. There are a lot of jobs that get you laid out there. You don’t need a pussy finder. You can be a seafarer or a flight attendant and have one night stand with women in any country you land on.

The more women you meet, then the more free pussey that you can bang. You can increase the chances of you having a sex friend when you choose jobs that get you laid. You can fuck many girls.

Then again, you should know how to fuck. You should know what makes women choose you. If you don’t know then the ladies will just go for somebody else. Even if you have an abundance of women around you.

Let me share with you a secret loophole in female psychology. It’s like using a love spell to make women fall in love with me. One word and she craves me like crazy. I use it every time I go to jobs that get me laid. If the HR person is a woman, then she hires me immediately. She wants me in a snap.

Then when you get hired to these jobs that get you laid you can apply this technique to your female coworkers. Is it an office job? Make the hottest girl your office slut. You can. It’s easy. And if you don’t know how then use this guide. The fuck book.

It’s all there inside. The fuck book shows you the secrets of the ladies’ men. Compiled from the greatest minds of modern and ancient fuck boys. It’s time for you to become a pussy magnet.

You don’t need the best jobs to get laid when you can pull the hottest women anywhere anytime. This secret formula shows you how you can use a simple trick to make women fall for you easily. Women can’t refuse you.






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