Don’t Know How To Approach Women? This 1 Silly Item Could Make Girls Approach You Instead

Can you make girls approach you? I remember it was Halloween. A lot of people are in their costumes attending Halloween parties. But most of their costumes were lame. It looks like something that you could make in 5 minutes. Probably something made in a hurry because you ran out of time to go buy one earlier that week.

So I was getting some meal at a nearby McDonald’s. One person caught my eye the moment he entered the establishment. Everyone was looking at him and was astonished at how he looked.

He was impersonating Elvis Presley. Everything was on point. His hair looks like Elvis. His clothing matches those of what you see. Plus even more. He exaggerated things with gold blings and rings.

His walk was spot on. It wasn’t a minute when people were approaching him and asking for a picture or a selfie. He was ok with it and welcome anyone who wanted one.

I bet this guy can get laid anytime he wants with it. A girl will just approach him. He will flirt a little and she will come home with him. It will be easy.

When was the last time a girl approached you? Have you experienced a girl approaching you and asking for a picture with you? Let’s skip that. Probably not a picture. Let’s talk about a simple introduction. When was the last time a girl talked to you because she wanted to introduce herself to you? As a person. Not just for sales. What I’m talking about is a girl approaching you because she finds you interesting. And she wants to spend some time with you?

Nada? Haven’t experienced it? As with most guys. Now how could you fix that? How could you make hot women approach you?

Now the full-on Elvis guy was equipped from the toe up. You don’t need to be extravagant. Just one simple item would suffice to make girls approach you. Just one prop.

Make Girls Approach You Using This

Think of an item. Any item that could make girls approach you and have a conversation with you.

It’s like you seeing someone doing something or someone carrying something and you’re curious about it. You approach that person and ask questions.

You will make it easy for girls to start a conversation with you by having an item with you.

Think of it as something like a magazine in a doctor’s waiting room. Or a tv perhaps. People got nothing to do at the reception area so their minds wander around hoping to find something that would entice them. So they pick up the magazine by the coffee table or they look up and watch what’s on TV. It draws people’s attention. Now all you need to do is carry on with it.

Prolong the conversation. You can ask questions, voice out your opinion. Just tell anything that’s on your mind about that topic and you could have a long lasting conversation with that person.

When you have a sparkling item with you that draws attention it will be easy to make girls approach you. She’ll no longer need to think of a line to say to you. You already have a topic to talk about.

Having an item that you and other persons can talk about is the most convenient arsenal that you could have on how to make girls approach you.

Guess what, that item doesn’t even need to be yours. You can find different shiny objects in your surroundings and you can make a conversation with them.

Have you seen people walk around the park and have their dogs and pups beside them? Just tell them how cute their dog is. From there you could ask more questions. Or you could tell them a story about you. Such as what brings them to the park? Just unwinding from the past busy week? Are they just taking their mind off things? Why were you there? Oh, you’re just walking around because you’re looking for that five-star restaurant that has good reviews.

Have you seen anyone with a gadget that you don’t know about? You’re curious about it. What is that gadget? What does it do? You already have a lot of questions to start a conversation.

You don’t have to think deep when thinking about starting a conversation. The tools are already laid out in front of you. All you have to do is to utter your words and form a sentence. Even married women can’t resist.

Open your eyes to what’s around you. There are so many items around you that you can talk about. You can even talk about the current events or anything trending that’s happening on Twitter.

This Item Will Help You

What’s a topic most girls are into? There are many topics but one of the first that comes to mind is astrology and shit. They believe in signs, horoscopes, etc. Do you? Their attention focuses on something with regards to fortune telling, tarot reading, etc.

We all know those are all bullshit. But that doesn’t mean they don’t fall into a certain category of science. They fall under personality tests.

How can you make girls approach you using personality tests?

Women are fond of these kinds of tests. I bet you’ve heard some. Buzzfeed quizzes anyone? Just google some tests and you’ll surely find plenty. You won’t run out of options.

Women like these kinds of tests because these tests can tell them more about themselves. They’re maybe curious about how they act and behave.

Anyway, what’s important is that you can use these tests to make girls approach you or better make any girl want to fuck.

My friend Eric has designed a unique personality test that evokes women’s emotions to make them fall for you. This personality test is fitted in one item. It’s a deck of cards. But not just any Deck of cards. It’s called the Deck of Destiny.

Just play this game with any girl and you’ll unlock her curiosity towards you. Even if these women were first disinterested and don’t even want to talk to you.

You’ll immediately see their faces switch from annoyed to glad that she had a chance to talk to you. If you use the Deck of Destiny on the girl that somehow likes you she’ll grow more interested in you.

Now, how could Deck of Destiny make this happen? As I’ve said before, props are a really good thing to make girls approach you. The Deck of Destiny is like Having props 2.0. It’s an advance version of getting women’s attention.

I could babble about how the Deck of Destiny helped my game attracting women but I’d let Eric do the talking. He’s the creator of it so he knows this best.

Eric might even give you the Deck of Destiny for free. However, printing costs money. Remember this is not just a simple set of playing cards. He might also ship this to you free but who knows. You can check it out yourself.

See how the Deck of Destiny can make girls approach you. Just check it out on the link below.

Hidden in Plain Sight Prop That Women Have To Make Men Approach Them

Did you know that women have a secret weapon to get guys to approach them? I bet that you’ve experienced cracking your neck just to check out their prop. How’d you wish you could have free sex with these thots.

Women have boobs. It turns heads every time. Men always like to look at it and get starstruck. We’d always imagined how we could touch. We picture ourselves between those lovely pair.

Aside from that, we get hots for sexy women. Women with a really good figure will make our ding dong erect.

These are the advantages of women. They have boobs. To add to that they can get any guy if they’re even sexy. Having a pretty face is the perfect combination.

What is the equivalent of these to men? Do we have features that can get women to turn their heads? Can men have this kind of power? What do you have to make girls approach you?

If you can make girls approach you, you won’t need a pussy finder. These fuck girls will be the ones making a move on you. Not just any girl. All 8 types of women.

How To Make Girls Approach You Without Props

There is another way to make girls approach you without shiny items or props. This one is overlooked by most men. By most men, I’m talking about probably 80% of men. If they’d only use this then they can increase their chances to meet and fuck by a lot.

Your best prop or item is you. Think about it.

Make girls approach you using what you have. Use the way you walk. The way you move tells a lot about you. Your movement alone entails if girls will want to talk to you.

Do you move a silly way? Like, are you not composed? Do you wiggle your arms? Do you have any fidgety movements? Are your lips stuttering when you talk to hot women? This shows that you are not confident.

But what if you walk suave? The first thing that you should do is to walk upright. Don’t slouch your back or lean forward. Hold your head up. Make sure to push your shoulders back. Walk with your chest and chin first. But don’t exaggerate it.

Make sure your movements are calculated. Don’t make unnecessary gestures like fidgeting. These are signals that repel women, preventing them to talk to you.

Don’t get nervous when you make eye contact with women. You will feel the urge to break eye contact because of pressure from hot women. If you don’t look away then you can project your confidence more.

Another is your body shape. Are you fit? Do you have a good body proportion? If you look at recent superhero movies the stars have a specific body look that looks really good.

You too can get in in that kind of shape. You don’t need to sacrifice a lot. Just a couple of exercises and diet and you could have a great body.

In the meantime, you could improve your body language and get attention from women. Here are some more details to make girls approach you.

  • Don’t stare at your phone.
  • Be open. Avoid folding your arms.
  • Don’t frown. Smile.
  • Direct your body towards women.
  • Don’t slump or slouch.
  • Stop fiddling with things.
  • Relax and look interested.
  • Be social and talk to other people

This method will not just help make girls approach you. It will also show you how to get a girl to have sex with you. You’d no longer have a reason to pay for sex. Women will no longer consider you a nice guy and leave you in the friend zone.

This is how powerful this method can be. It is based on recent studies on female behavior psychology. Scientists found out how to mind control women. That means they can get girls to do as they wish. You won’t just make girls approach you. You can get these local sluts to be your girlfriend or even make women have sex with you.

Make Women Approach You

It is very simple to make girls approach you. Most guys don’t even have the slightest clue how. We’ve shown you the door. We’ve shown you the basics. You can have props. You can have a good body ratio that women like. And also you could have the movement and body language that projects confidence and charisma.

But what if you could have more? we’ve just introduced you to the basics on how to make girls approach you. What if you could have a full arsenal? We can share with you the tactics players and fuckboys use so that you can make girls approach you. This step is important before you could know how to fuck.

We’ve made a simple video detailing how to make girls approach you. Make sure to see this now. It may be taken down soon. These are the best ways to get women to talk to you. It also details how you can display “approach invitations” so that women will be compelled to talk to you. This will make you a pussy magnet. If you’re ready to make girls approach you the check it out using the access below.

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