My Slutty Ex-Girlfriend Left A Nice Guy Like Me For A Broke Ass Nigga. I’m Tired Of Women Leaving Me. Until I Learned About A Mystic Intimacy Theory That Made My Slutty Ex GF Longing To Return In My Arms. I Gave Her A Chance And Smashed Her Juicy Ass But Never Let Her Back. She Now Desperately Wants Me More and More.

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I’m kind of proud to say that I had a handful of hot ex-girlfriends. What I’m not proud of, actually ashamed of, is that I haven’t had sex with any of them. Imagine that.

Don’t get me wrong. My exes are not ugly sluts. These women are 10s on the scale. Everyone was jealous of me. Little do they know that I think so small of myself. Why? Because these women never got sexual with me in any way. Sometimes, they don’t even let me get a kiss on the lips. They back away. I mean, wtf, right? Am I not their boyfriend?

What’s more puzzling is how my friends have those slutty ex-girlfriends. They said they had “broken up,” but they still slept with each other. What’s the deal with that? Are they fuck friends?

I want a slutty ex-girlfriend of my own. But these fuck bitches only contact me when they need a favor.

I want to know how my friends can make their slutty ex-GFs still loyal to them. It’s like they haven’t even broken up. I know I have slutty ex-GFs. I just don’t know how to make them horny, naughty, slutty, and dirty toward me.

A slutty ex-girlfriend is a slutty ex that you can still fuck. A slutty ex can still make your dick rock hard. And you can get to use your cock on your slutty ex-GF’s mouth.

Here’s another kicker. You could say I’m around 7 in terms of looks. I don’t look that bad. I’m also not the model type. But when I heard that some of my slutty ex-girlfriends were getting banged by wrinkly old dudes, I was confused.

My slutty ex-girlfriends are surefire head-turners. What made them go out with these aging geezers? What kind of tomfoolery is this? That’s until I met one of these dudes.

I bumped into this man in Panera Bread. He seemed to be in his 40s or 50s. He wasn’t with my sluty ex-Gf. He was with other fuck bitches. I went from being angry to being amused. How come this guy can get to get girls and I can’t?

I was aggressively staring at him. Wondering how he can bag hot sexy girls. On his way out, he gave me a nod. That simple gesture made me understand. He has this charisma that doesn’t just attract women but every person he interacts with.

It seemed creepy, but I followed him out. I directly asked him to mentor me. I said I just want to have a girlfriend that loves me wholeheartedly.

He said he’s no guru, but I begged him to teach me the ways. He was hesitant, but he agreed.

I could not believe it. But a month later, I banged my first slutty-ex-girlfriend on her couch while her roommate was away.

My wins did not stop there. I shagged my second slutty ex-GF the week after. But fucking the slutty ex-gfs wasn’t the only thing good happening. I learned how to fuck women. I can have free hookup with beautiful sluts. And I don’t need to pay for sex.

I’m grateful for the seduction techniques that have been taught to me. Now they’re all compiled inside the fuckbook. A simple log of all the seduction methods men need to make any girl want to fuck.

I want to share this with you right now because I know how it feels to be rejected by women. And this is the answer that I had always been looking for. This might help you, too. Not just to make your slutty ex-girlfriend your fuck buddy. You can enjoy one-night stands and no strings fuck with hot and naughty ladies.

Your slutty ex-girlfriend will not just come back. She will be devoted and loyal from now on. This hypno whore training can do the job. She’ll offer her mouth as if it only exists just for you to fuck.

Fuck Slutty Ex-Girlfriends

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  1. Let her be. Don’t run after her. Girls don’t like it when you act like a sad puppy that keeps following her for affection. It’s adorable on dogs but not on you. Don’t be needy, crying to get her back.

Don’t suffocate your slutty ex-girlfriend into getting back together. Give her all the space and time that she wants and needs.

Think of your slutty ex-GF as a yo-yo. It doesn’t come back when you throw lousily. But when you throw it properly, it comes back up properly. Girls tend to come back when you act aloof toward them.

When you come across your slutty ex-girlfriend, show or make her feel that you’ve gotten over her. Show her that you’ve done a great job moving on. Girls hate it when guys move on first, and they will come back to you.

  1. Don’t be her friend. They say that ex-lovers can never be friends. Do you want to be in a platonic relationship with your slutty ex-girlfriend? Do you want to be “that” guy? The guy she runs to when her douchebag new man makes her cry? No, you want to be the guy fucking her tight pussy. You should be getting free sex from all the headaches she caused you.

Most of the time, your slutty ex-gf keeps going back to you because you’re an easy guy to manipulate. She’ll use you for favors with nothing in return. You became her comfort zone, and that’s worse than the friend zone!

The only reason to be friends with your slutty ex-GF is to be friends with benefits. Why be in a friendship when it’s only one party that’s benefiting from it? Put her on your sex hotline. Make her your sex contact that you can booty call any time.

It’s better to stop communicating with her if all she wants is to just be friends. She already wasted your time. Don’t let her trick you again. Make her your submissive slut instead. A slutty ex-girlfriend that will fulfill your every sexual need. Even better is to make her your slave slut. Let her satisfy your every sexual command.

  1. Be a new man. Focus on yourself. What are your goals? Work on it by yourself first before pursuing someone else. Love yourself first, or else you’re bound to get screwed over.

Have you ever had a slutty ex girlfriend break up with you for a bad boy? The bad boy types tend to attract more girls than the nice guys. But do you know what’s more attractive than a bad boy? A successful man.

Success is attractive. Let her see the new you. Transform yourself into a different person. Show your slutty ex GF that your life got better when she left you. Then you’ll see her try and crawl back to you.

Here’s how this should play out. Maybe you bumped into her somewhere, or you agreed to meet. Whatever the case, you should let her feel that you only see her as an average slut. And she doesn’t want that.

She doesn’t like the idea that you’re treating her as an easy pussy. She’ll try to fight back and play games with you. Don’t fall for her shenanigans. Let your slutty ex-GF see you as a new man. She’ll try to test you and see how a man you are. Don’t fall for her tricks. Stand your ground. Once she realizes this, she’ll easily be down to fuck you.

  1. Don’t try to right your wrongs. Forget about the past. Don’t be angry or bitter. Now is all that matters. You can’t turn back time, so focus on the now.

Don’t try to remedy your relationship with your slutty ex gf. Focus on what you can achieve now. What is that, you ask? Making yourself better.

Heal from the wounds of the past and emerge from the ashes like a phoenix. Once your slutty ex-girlfriend sees you’re a new man, she will come back to you like an animal in heat.

  1. Seduction is crucial. Do you know how Christian Grey got the girl to agree and try BDSM? Because he knows how to seduce. He knows how to make the girl wet by talking to her.

Be confident about your sexual energy/vibe. You may already have skills. But you need to sharpen them.

Make a sexual connection with your slutty ex-girlfriend. Stimulate her imagination and make her want more. Show appreciation for her body and give lots of flattery. But don’t make it seem like you’re only doing it to fuck her. Make her feel confident of her power.

  1. Get a lot of practice. Talk to many women. There are a lot of fishes in the sea.

There are a lot of ladies out there, women looking for sex. Adapt the abundance mindset. Generate more opportunities.

The more women you entertain, the more seduction and sex practice you get. Experience is the best teacher, and women love experienced men who can blow their minds. The goal is to have the mastery and power to make any lady want to give you a local blowjob. Not just a blowjob too. But also a free fuck.

Sticking to one woman and trying to get in her pants only slims your chance of getting laid. Plus, even if she agrees to fuck, do you want to only fuck one woman all your life? It’s like eating only one flavor of ice cream forever. You will get tired of it.

  1. Don’t let her string you along again. Isn’t it annoying when your slutty ex-girlfriend keeps stringing you along? She always has reasons for you to come to her rescue. She always acts like a damsel in distress that needs rescuing. But does it make you feel good? What do you get in return?

You get to be her comfort zone. For a moment, yes, it feels nice to be there for your slutty ex-girlfriend. But once she feels better, she’ll forget about you. You’re alone, again, while she fucks another guy.

Your slutty ex-girlfriend has needs, too, and you can fulfill that. You already know her. You’ve probably seen her naked, right? The balls are in your court. Now, use your skills and stick your balls in her mouth.

So don’t go becoming obsessed and fixated on her. Instead, make her the crazy slut that can’t live without your dick.

She told you before becoming your girlfriend, she lets guys pump cum inside her. But when she’s your girlfriend, she never allows you. It did hurt when she said, “You’re not worth it,” when you broke up. But when you initiated this rejection rectifier, she became your local slutty ex-girlfriend. Now she’s addicted to letting you jizz in her fertile pussy whenever you want.

Hookup With Your Slutty Ex-GF

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Two years ago, I met the girl of my dreams. She was lovely, beautiful, and sexy. A few months ago was our anniversary. I spent hundreds of hours and dollars to surprise her.

Little did I know that I was in for a surprise. There was my slutty ex-girlfriend fucking another guy on our bed. I felt sick.

“Can you blame me? You’re so boring. It’s ridiculous!” My slutty ex-girlfriend said as she rolled her eyes at me.

She packed her things and left with the other guy. I was livid, but what could I do? In our two years together, we never fucked. Not even a handjob. That was the first time I saw my slutty ex-GF naked, and she was riding another guy.

“If only you were as exciting as him, I would’ve stayed.”

My slutty ex-girlfriend’s words echoed in my mind. It had been months already, but I was still bitter. I gave her everything. I worshipped her. I would have kissed her feet if she had asked me.

I felt like a loser at that time.

Luckily, I learned about these techniques on how to fuck any woman I wanted. Point at it, I can seduce it. My friend dared me to fuck a milf, the shy slutty neighbor next door, or a slutty ex-GF.

He was tongue-tied at how well these methods work. I can make any girl want to fuck. And I shared these tricks with him. I’ll share it with you, too, at the link below.

I decided to try it on my slutty ex. We shared a gym, so it was easy to run into her. I used this magic love spell on my slutty ex-girlfriend, and she was all over me immediately. She wanted to go back to my place and fuck. I grinned and continued working out.

While resting, my slutty ex girlfriend texted me her naked photo. I didn’t reply, so she sent me a short video of her playing with her pussy.

“I probably shouldn’t send these to you,” – was her text when she sent her nudes.

Looks like my slutty ex-girlfriend fell for my techniques. I told her to meet me in the bathroom.

I unzipped my cock and gestured for her to get down on her knees.

She reluctantly placed her hands on my thighs. Looking at me as if waiting for more instructions.

“You better work on that dick or else.”

My slutty ex-girlfriend pulled my shorts down. Her eyes widened, and she immediately sucked my dick. I grabbed her hair as I drilled her throat. I pulled out and unloaded my cum on her face.

I made her stand up and place one of her legs on the toilet.

“Look at that. My slutty ex-girlfriend is dripping,” I said as I rubbed her clit.

My slutty ex gasped as I pushed my finger inside her unshaved pussy. I kneeled and licked her as I fingered her faster. Her juices dripped down my chin.

“Turn around and bend over,” I told my slutty ex-girlfriend when I stood up.

I rubbed my hard dick on my slutty ex-GF’s pussy. She was itching for me to fuck her. “Please, put it in already.” I slowly entered before giving her a very hard, rough fuck.

“Oh fuck! You were never this big!” My slutty ex-girlfriend screamed.

I covered her mouth with my hand. Other people were using the showers.

“So you’re a dick expert now, huh?” I murmured in her ear.

I fucker her faster and harder. I can hear her pleasure-filled gasps every time I push my dick in. I pulled out when I felt I was cumming. I turned her around, and she immediately kneeled. I pumped her face full of cum the second time until I came.

“I’ve never done these kinds of things before.” My slutty ex-girlfriend said as she cleaned herself.

“There’s always a first time for everything.” I grinned as I answered.

When I made sure that she was all set, I opened the door.

“Hey, call me, ok?” My slutty ex-girlfriend called out as I walked out, to which I didn’t respond.

I went straight home to take a shower. My phone was already buzzing as I set it down. I ignored it and went about my business.

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The following day, my slutty ex-girlfriend was at my door. By her naughty look, I already knew what she wanted.

“Hey baby, you know we can’t keep meeting up like this.”

“That’s one hell of a dick I can’t resist.” She said while rubbing her hands on my crotch.

Good thing I have enough energy thanks to this erection enhancer.

I ripped my slutty ex-gf’s tight shirt and threw her on the couch. I gobbled her huge fat milkers as I removed her leggings. She pulled my boxers and proceeded to suck my dick.

“You know what, I don’t like a blowjob?” I then suddenly grabbed her head and throatfucked her instead. And I made sure to make it messy.

I never felt more fulfilled than putting her on her knees and making her drain my balls dry. I then went on top of her and ate her already-wet pussy while fucking her mouth.

My slutty ex-girlfriend shook as her juices flowed out. She bit my dick a little bit while moaning. I stood up and noticed her phone on the floor, ringing.

She saw it too. She looked at who’s calling and ignored it. I grabbed her phone by her hand and answered it.

“Dude, shut up! She’s busy right now!” I snapped at my slutty ex GF’s boyfriend.

We were on a video call, and I pointed the camera at my ex-girlfriend’s pussy.

“Fuck me like a cheap whore!” My slutty ex girlfriend moaned as I pointed the camera at my cock in her cunt.

Her boyfriend yelled as I pounded this cheating slut like a beast. I threw the phone and fucked my slutty ex-GF harder. Her ripped panties were completely ruined, but it was still on her hips.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” She was screaming so hard I had to tell her to keep it down. And when that didn’t work, I placed a pillow on her head.

She played with her clit as I pumped faster. We both came together at the same time. She screamed as my cum overflowed in her pussy. I fucked her so damn hard, I made sure she can’t walk the next day.

“I’ve never felt anything like that,” she told me, crying and smiling at the same time. She then kissed me as she said thank you.

We lay in bed after. A few minutes later, she got hold of my sticky cock and played with it a little. “I like that it’s warm in my hands.” We proceeded to have another round.

We would fuck a couple of times every week. She was like a dick-addicted whore that kept coming back to get fucked again like a piece of meat. I never asked about her boyfriend, either. All I know is that she can’t get enough of me.

My favorite thing when she comes over in the mornings is that she makes me and my side chick breakfast. Then I fill her mouth with warm hot cum as a reward. She now learned her place in life. To be my cum dumpster and nothing more.

I never thought it would work. I took advantage of this susceptible lust exploit. This made it all easy for me to dump a huge load in my slutty ex-girlfriend’s mouth and made her swallow all that cream.

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I never knew she had it in her. Until she became my slutty ex-GF. Now she sucks me like a whore and I can fuck her from all angles.
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I live alone. But I wasn’t expecting my slutty ex-girlfriend to be spreading her legs, ready and prepared when I came home for work.

I read about this erotic worship ignition. It said It could get my slutty ex gf back to me. It’s better than expected. My slutty ex girlfriend now lets me do what I want with her. Every day I got her to spread her cunt and get her holes drilled with my dick.






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