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Do Nice Guys Finish Last?

Do nice guys finish last? Are women really attracted to bad boys? Do you ever wonder why good guys always get crumbs and the bad boys always get the full package?

Have you ever thought about why women choose assholes who will treat them like shit? Compared to nice guys who will treat them like a princess? The good guys will take care of them and cherish them but why aren’t women going for them? It’s a good deal, right? Is it? Are we missing something?

A nice guy treats the woman that she likes more special compared to other people. A nice guy behaves toward a lady like this, hoping to get a chance to be his girlfriend. A nice guy thinks that if he shows care, respect, and gentlemanly, he has a good chance of making her like him. A nice guy acts like this because he doesn’t want to be compared to a bad boy. Which he despises because all these jerks get all the girls, and he, a nice guy, gets left out with no hot girl in his arms.

I’ve always wanted to get a girlfriend. I just followed what I saw in movies or on tv. It showed me that I can still get the girl even though I’m a shy nerdy loser.

I always play this fantasy in my head. The hottest girl on campus would one day talk to me and see me as the best guy she could ever have. The nice guy always gets the girl in the end, and the jerk captain of the football team loses.

Whenever a girl talked to me, I thought they wanted me romantically. But they don’t. It always makes me wonder why? Why did they even talk to me If they never wanted to be my girlfriend? I always accused them of leading me on and playing with my feelings.

When I tell girls I like them, they laugh at my face. Then proceeded to tell me that It was sweet. I thought it was their way of saying I had a chance. But it wasn’t the case. Not long, some girl called me a creep. The whole school called me that afterward.

That was when I had enough. I want things to change. I don’t want to be rejected over and over again.

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Can You Fuck Women That You Desire?

One of the girls that i’ve been fucking hit me up. She’s having some after-work drinks with her colleagues and asked me to join. It’ll be at her house.

Fuck Women That You Desire

You could say that she’s my fuck buddy. We booty call each other whenever she’s horny, or I’m horny. Her invite was something casual and chill so it’s all good.

I got there and there were less than ten people. It was good. Not too crowded.

I immediately saw this guy staring at me. I just ignored it. But I know deep inside his mind he was jealous. He’s probably thinking about why she invited an outsider? When they were all coworkers.

His mind is probably coming up with a lot of ideas on why he’s better than me. That he deserves my fuck buddy more than me. I know that look. I had that look once before. All I can do is behave and be friendly with other people.

It was late night and other people are already leaving. Here’s where shit happened. The jealous soy boy guy acted like he was too drunk to leave. So we helped him move to the couch and sleep there.

I could tell that, yeah he was intoxicated but he just did that because he was angry at himself. Angry because she chose me and not a nice guy like himself.

So my fuck buddy and I went to her bedroom. We fucked each other’s brains out. Fingered her till my fingers looked like prunes. It was exhausting yet fun. Asian sluts are fun to fuck.

Women Hate Good Guys and Like Bad Boys

We talked about jealous soy boy afterward.

Women notice men like him. It’s not that they ignore their advances. Women know that they are being pursued. But they aren’t acting on it.

They find these nice guys creepy. All they do is ogle and not do anything. They won’t ask her out. Won’t flirt with her. They just act nice and hope that women will do all the work. It’s what makes them creepy. She said.

She texted me a week after telling me about Mr. nice guy bringing her chocolates. And that he invited her out for dinner. I told her to ask for more gifts because I want some free food too.

She brought me big boxes of chocolates when she came over. It’s from other nice guys that give her gifts.

This nice guy will have no chance to have sex with my fuck buddy unless he changes his mindset.

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Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Why Nice Guys Finish Last

Too Logical

Here’s where nice guys and good guys fail. They’re too logical about their approach to women but too emotional about its effects.

If they can’t get what they want they assume that it’s because women are only attracted to bad guys. They feel bad. Their emotions are getting in the way.

Here’s how their logical approach works. They think that they can try to convince women into liking them.

Their logic dictates that if they display their best features then women will want them. But that’s not how attraction works. You can’t force someone into liking you.

I’m not saying that you should not give your best when trying to pursue women. But if you’ve shown her what you offer and she’s not biting it, then you probably need to move on.

But did you know that your best now may not be really your best self? You still have a lot to improve. That’s where the logic fails. Nice guys think that this is their best, but it’s not. They could become better. And when they become better that’s when women will notice them.

Smart Guys Can’t Get Laid

There are many smart men out there. They have different expertise. They excel in those fields. More often than not. These smart men consider themselves nice guys. Yet when it comes to women, they struggle. With all their knowledge why can’t they get free fuck from women?

It’s usually the very intelligent men that can’t get laid. They complain that girls are going for dumb jerks. But you know what. Getting women is an area in your life where being dumb actually helps. Most nice guys think they are smart guys. And this is where everything turns sour.

Have you seen that television show Big Bang Theory, for example? Smart guys struggle with girls because they think too much. 

If you ask a lot of fuckboys how to be good with girls, they will tell you things like. Try to look good. Just go for it. Just be yourself. Remember to be confident. These things have absolutely nothing to do with your intelligence or your intellect. Ask a smart guy how to be good with girls. He might pull out a notepad and start writing out strategies. Which guy do you think is going to get laid?

Not Being Attractive

This does not mean that nice guys should be good-looking. But they can be looking good. This means that they need to be at least presentable to the opposite sex.

Women are still visual creatures and are attracted to men who look good. The good news is that this can be easily fixed and solved.

Even though we have a surefire system to get laid it does not mean that one should not take care of themselves.

If you’re overweight then make sure to remedy that problem. Not to impress women, but for your sake. Do you want to have the body that women desire? Most nice guys don’t know about this. Find out more about it here.

Good hygiene can be done every day. No need to exert any effort. Just a little bit of time.

Try to look good. Take a look at magazines and check out what the men are wearing. Try to find your style. Let go of your old style. Because it’s not working. Find something that women will respond to positively.

No Attraction Skills

Have you encountered any guy that looks good but does not have a girlfriend? That guy must be gay. But on a serious note, if he can’t keep a steady girlfriend then either she’s fucking a lot of women or none.

Looks can only get you so far. You still need to have the right skills to make women attracted to you.

These skills are learnable. You don’t need to master them. All you need is a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Then you could go a long way.

No Idea About Dating Dynamics

Whenever I lay back after sex with women we often check our phones. Trying to look for missed notifications that haven’t been opened during our sex fuck session.

There’s one thing common happening every time. These women have at least 10 unopened chats from messaging apps.

If they open up their tinder account there are at least 50 unopened matches there.

Women don’t reply to them because men there are either boring or telling the same old lines. Some can’t even come up with a decent line and only say hi.

The nice guys offer a lot. And by a lot, they offer her dinner in some fancy place. Others were trying to offer her money outright just so they could take her out.

I feel sorry for these guys because I usually have sex with fuck girls within an hour of meeting them. These cumsluts would let me nut in their mouth without giving them anything. I make these women suck my balls while these nice guys jerk off to pictures. They can’t even get nudes.

And then there are guys out there willing to let go of their money for some used-up pussy. This is why nice guys finish last.

If they only know about a certified system that guarantees them to have free sex with women then they would succeed.

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Why Hot Women Hate Nice Guys

Why Women Hate Nice Guys


Nice guys think that just because they act nice around girls it means that they deserve pussy.

If you treat people nicely expecting something in return then you’re in for a bad time.

You should treat people with kindness and respect. Not because you want free pussy. But because you’re a good person overall.

Fake Nice

Most men who say that they are nice aren’t nice.

It’s mostly a facade. They use being nice as a tool to get what they want. It’s fake and this is why women hate nice guys.

They don’t show their true colors. They don’t show their true intentions.

We all know why men pursue women. It’s for sex and relationships. But being fake nice means that some nice guys pretend that they don’t want sex. They pretend that they only care for women. But we all know that isn’t true.

Nice guys even pretend to be a friend. But they want to slide their dick in their pussy. This is why women hate nice guys. They no longer can find a genuine friend. Every guy just wants to fuck their pussy.


Have you ever had someone bother you every minute about something you’re not interested in? That’s what being needy is like. And women hate that.

Nice guys want to show their affection to women. They think that when they shower her with attention then she will reciprocate it back. Yes, that could be a good start. But not when it is too much.

This is why women hate nice guys. If you can get any advice out of all of this then this is what you should remember. Neediness is the ultimate attraction killer.


When men are needy then they focus all their attention and energy on women. What do you think happens next?

They text her all the time. They call her if they aren’t texting. Nice guys want to be wherever the women are. They’re always on their tail.

It’s suffocating and women hate that. Men need to lead their lives. Men need to have their own lives and not just focus on women.

Are you familiar with the simple economic concept of supply and demand? It says that if there’s a lot of supply, Its value drops. But if the supply is scarce, its value may increase.

Make yourself scarce and your value to women may increase. Flirt with her from time to time and not all the time. Don’t be predictable. Make her miss you.

Are you displaying these nice guy behaviors? Nothing repels women more than being needy, clingy, and a creepy nice guy. Make sure you don’t show these unwanted quirks.

Hookup With Sexy Ladies Even If You’re A Nice Guy

No More Mr Nice Guy

It’s time to turn things around for the better. All you have to do is be the opposite of why women hate nice guys and why nice guys finish last.

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I no longer need to beg women to go out with me. I no longer need to pay for sex. I have a number of hot side chicks that are ready to suck my dick. Women are the ones inviting me out on a date. Married women are not exempted. Sometimes they even ask me to just come over. They give excuses. All they want is some cock. And I know it. And I give it to them.

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