Sometimes Local Sluts Are So Entranced By Your Love Spell That They Become a Stage 5 Clinger. How To Make Bitches So Clingy and Needy That They Will Want To Have Sex With You Immediately All The Time.

stage 5 clinger local slut desperate for attention

Have you experienced having a female friend or acquaintance who wants to be close to you? They’ll do and show girlfriend-like affection towards you. They’ll make sure that other people can see so that no other woman would attempt to woo you. That my friend is a stage 5 clinger.

What is a Stage-5 Clinger?

A stage 5 clinger is a woman who is extremely into you that she will display highly unusual behaviors just to get your attention. These women have an immense desire for you that they will exhibit a stalker-like attitude just to win you over.

These may include acting like a girlfriend even though she is not. Like being overly jealous. Texting you almost all the time and getting angry when you don’t reply fast. Following you or wanting to be with you wherever you go or wanting to know where you are every minute of every day. Showering you with affection, gifts, and kindness, in the hopes of getting some back in return.

These stage 5 clinger act strikingly insane, abnormal, unhealthy, and toxic compared to women who are well-adjusted, right-minded, cool, and composed demeanor.

They will tell other people that you are their boyfriend. They will fight other women who are close to you. They will become irate if you don’t reply to their texts or callback immediately.

Seems bad? Not entirely.

Imagine several women fighting over you just to get a piece of your dick. These stage 5 clingers will do anything just to win you over. Have you experienced that? No?

Instead of you trying to sleep with women, women will go to extreme lengths just to get in bed with you.

There’s a slut training program that can unleash this behavior in women. Have you ever tried to pursue someone as a romantic partner but she tells you that she’s not into you? Then you should consider using this.

It works like magic. Her attitude towards you will shift gears. Instead of rejecting you, she will almost psychopathically be so into you. It’s so bizarre. It’s like a switch has been flipped on in her brain.

Women will no longer turn you down or deny you sex. Use this covert technique and she will go nuts for you to the point of being almost bat shit insane. Women will show immense craving and thirst for you.

Avoid Creating a Stage 5 Clinger

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You can make women so desperate to be with you. They’ll engage in no strings attached sex or one night stand just to get in bed with you. Even if they do not become your girlfriend. Of course, they’ll want to have a next-level relationship with you, but they think that they are not good enough. This makes them want you even more.

It’s all thanks to the female mind control. You can implant ideas in women’s minds. Forcing them to think highly sexual thoughts of you. It’s like all they can think about is to get on their knees and suck your balls immediately.

Use the female mind control and these women will be your submissive sluts willing to do your every bidding.

But only use it to an extent. It’s so powerful that it creates an army of stage 5 clingers fighting for your attention.

You can use it on one or two girls that you really like. But avoid performing it to other fuck bitches.

Here are some things that you can do to avoid creating a batch of stage 5 clingers.

Don’t make her think that you’re into her. She’s a fuck friend, a fuck buddy. Not your lover, your girlfriend, or your wife. Treat her as one so that she won’t develop feelings. Get her phone number and just give her a booty call every time you want a free hookup. Nothing more.

Don’t ask to hang out. Don’t date. Don’t spend lots of time together. Only when you want to have an adult sex meet up. The fun only stays inside the bedroom. Treat them only as a sex partner.

Stop giving her a boyfriend experience. No cuddling or fun conversations. Just give her a wild fucking then dump her ass that night.

If you do these things above then these women will desperately want you. Why? Because you’re giving these stage 5 clingers a chance to be in a relationship with you.

They’ll think over and over what more they need to do to win you over. Because you’re only treating them as mere sex contacts.

These stage 5 clingers will want to have sex with you over and over until they can convert you to a beta provider or a boyfriend. Make sure they can’t.

There are tons of lonely women out there that are down to fuck. You’ll never be alone. So don’t give these stage 5 clingers a chance to think that they can make you settle down.

With female mind control, you can meet and fuck any women that you desire. Keep on fucking different fuck girls and you’ll never be lonely and desperate for a hug. These women will be there for you anytime that you call them up.

Do you sometimes have an urge to jerk off? Stop. You can fuck local milfs. Meet Asian girls and get a handjob. The key idea is that you can have real sex with real sluts. You can have free sex with any local sluts that you encounter. Are you ready?

These stage 5 clingers will be begging for your dick. Give them a taste. These local sluts can’t help it. They are in heat and in need.

Women Will Be Frantically Desperate To Have Sex

stage 5 clinger bitch wants me to fuck her in the ass

Back when sexting and chatting were still not a thing people spent hours talking to each other on the phone. They would maybe engage in phone sex or just talk about mundane stuff.

That’s when I met this girl. She’d always call me up. Always wanting to talk. I’m practically bored so I let her talk. She’d be happy just for me to be there to listen. But as days go by I can feel that she’s becoming a stage 5 clinger.

She’ll always ask to go on a date. To go to the movies. She’ll make any excuse to bring me out of the house and be with her. Even if I told her that I’m with some girl. She’s okay with it. That’s how desperate these stage 5 clingers can be.

She’ll accept that you can fuck women other than her. And that she’s just a side chick. And you have other sex friends.

She’ll be ok with this arrangement as long as you give her a crumb of your attention from time to time.

This is basic slut training You can make women follow your commands. These women will obey your orders. You can have power over women. You can mind control women.

You can make women do things that they are not used to doing. They will climb mountains just to please you.

Ask these stage 5 clingers to send local nudes and they will, even if they haven’t sent one to any guy before.

These stage 5 clingers will engage in public sex with you. Even if she’s a prude and conservative. She’ll do anything just to look good in your eyes.

They’ll take care of you. They will text you constantly reminding you that they are there for you. Reminding you that they have a free pussy that you can fuck for free. Pleading you fuck them rather than other pussy out there.

This is practically your reality when you know how to fuck. Women will crawl up to you just for a tiny bit of affection from you. These works on all types of women. BBW, teen sluts, hot cougar women, etc. A drop of your jizz and these stage 5 clingers will be frantic cumsluts.

This is how much power you can have with women. But only if you know what you are doing. Can you make local singles stage 5 clingers?

These codewords will make women want to have sex with you on command. All this is from a careful and thorough research of the female mind. Discover this covert erotic hypnosis to fuck women.

Horny Women Will Be Lining Up To Fuck

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This technique is dangerous. There was a time when I fucked the babysitter next door. She’s now a stage 5 clinger blowing up my phone texting every minute. Not just that.

I met women who are seeking affairs. These hot moms told me that they only want to play and have fun. But then they became stage 5 clingers who wants to hang out with me all the time. Even to the point of telling me that they will leave their husbands. Outrageous cheating sluts.

All you need is a little powerful love spell and these women will be begging for your cock. No need for a slut finder. You will be a pussy magnet that attracts the hottest sexy girls.

You won’t have to pay women for sex. These stage 5 clingers are spelling it out for you. You can date and fuck them. Get the secrets of the fuck book.

If you haven’t experienced this with women then you’re in for a wild ride. You can make any girl want to fuck. You can turn women into stage 5 clingers that want your dick like crazy.  

You won’t have to fantasize about fucking hot women anymore. You can pick the hottest girl among the crowd, apply this technique, and she will be your submissive slut.






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