4 Techniques on How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

She was shouting at me.

“Fuck me harder daddy!”

It wasn’t always like that.

The first time I had sex I had a few pumps in before I came. It was embarrassing. I swore to never experience that scenario again.

That was when I discovered how to last longer in bed naturally. I found out about 5 foods that are readily available in the market.

I eat these foods every time I want to have sex with a fuck girl. Since I was fucking daily these foods are now a part of my diet.

Every time I eat them it gives me immeasurable amounts of energy for sex. Not just that.
I noticed that my dick gets more rigid. It’s now like a baseball bat that you can hammer anytime.

It can even stand to the tons of pummeling and pounding for more than an hour. Never had I experienced it before. I now know how to last longer in bed naturally.

Rough sex was so much easier now. But then another problem arose.

I could not sleep. Not because of any side effects. But because crazy local sluts kept banging at my front door past midnight. Begging me to let them in. Bitch it’s 3am. Let me sleep.

They said they miss me and just want to hang out. For all I know they want to be roughed up and be treated like cumsluts again.

I had to turn my phone off every time I sleep. If I didn’t I’d wake up to hundreds of missed calls and a litany of text messages. I’m just tired of booty calls from college sluts and their horny moms craving for some dick.

I’m not just a piece of meat.

I never would’ve experience any of this if I haven’t bumped into this secret on how to last longer naturally.

I’m feeling generous right now so I’m going to share with you how to make sex last longer using a natural method without pills or sex medicine. I’ve compiled and summarized it one short video on how to prolong ejaculation. You can check out how I can last longer in bed below.

How To Last Longer In Bed Naturally

Ejaculating early during sex is not just a physical problem.

It takes an emotional toll by not satisfying your partner every time you have sex. Every man wants to know how to last longer in bed naturally.

Most feel that they don’t live up to the hopes of their partner. The feeling of being less of a man creeps in as well.

The good news is that it is not a permanent problem but is something that anyone, with hard work and effort, can overcome. We’re just glad that it can be remedied by knowing how to last longer in bed naturally.

The first step on how to last longer in bed naturally is to realize that you are not alone in this ordeal. Many men suffer from PE or premature ejaculation. They want to know how to last longer in bed naturally. Many don’t know that it is actually more of a biological issue rather than some mysterious unknown factor.

What is Premature Ejaculation?

Our bodies are outdated. In short, it has never gotten the chance to adapt to today’s modern world. At best, we still have all the biological preset functions that of a caveman. We men are built for speed and quickies.

The reason behind this is that back in those days, danger was everywhere and we needed to blow our load as fast as we can to impregnate someone without getting eaten by a Saber tooth. The goal was to spread our genes with as many as we can and as fast as we can.

So in turn, our bodies learned how to adapt to this dilemma and made sure that our sexual gears are designed to blow cum faster than putting a piece of Mentos in a coke bottle. The culprit is a weak PC muscle and an ultra sensitive dick.

The goal then is to train ourselves from being a sprinter to a marathoner. By training our dick and muscles responsible for PE, we can know how to last longer in bed naturally.

Start With a Great Foreplay

Let’s start with the basics on how to last longer in bed naturally. To women, foreplay, and sex is the same thing. Foreplay will get her hot and horny. The good thing is that women do not differentiate between foreplay and sex. If you spend half an hour on foreplay and ten minutes having sex, to them it will feel as if they had sex for 40 minutes. This also gives your body a break as you spend more time pleasing her rather than actual sex.

Just relax when doing foreplay. The common mistake most guys make in the bedroom is that they put too much pressure on themselves to perform. Get out of your mind. Let your body move on its own. Some things you can do to help you relax is to breathe nice and deep.

Start and Stop

We will start off with training our PC muscles. The PC muscle is right beside your sphincter that controls your pee.

To learn how to use this fella’, stop your pee midway.

Do 5 sets of 10 repetitions every day and hold each rep tightly until you couldn’t hold on much longer. In short, each rep is enduring the hold “until failure”. This would make sure that you give it a real nice workout.

Do this for a duration of about two weeks and you’ll notice an immediate improvement with putting off your orgasm during sex. This is a good exercise on how to last longer in bed naturally.

Strengthening the PC can also be done by doing lots of Kegel exercises.

Here’s how you can practice start and stop. This is a good way on how to last longer in bed naturally.

When you’re masturbating, the exact same thing happens to you physiologically as when you’re having sex. Your body does not know the difference between sex and masturbating. Use this opportunity to practice lasting longer. Don’t masturbate for a few seconds. Try to masturbate for 10 minutes. Prolong that to 20 minutes the next time. And so on. This will teach you to pace yourself, relax and breath, while controlling your arousal levels.


Jelqing is an exercise that pumps more blood to your shaft so that it gets longer and thicker. A longer and thicker penis is less sensitive. And as we all know, it’s a huge plus point for your partner in bed as well.

Do not hurt yourself when doing this. Just simply pull or stretch your penis. You can do this daily but not regularly.

This is the same concept as going to the gym. You tear your muscle by lifting heavy and heavier weights. They grow by healing those tears. This is a good way on how to last longer in bed naturally.

By having a longer penis your partner can enjoy your dick even when its soft or flacid. Whats more if its erect.


ballooning to last longer in sex

Another way to last longer in bed naturally is by ballooning. Ballooning is enlarging the head or glan and is considered by many sexologists to be a pleasure point by most women during sex. It helps heaps on how to last longer in bed naturally because the head is the most sensitive part of the male organ and adding more mass would help desensitize it to sexual coitus.

You can do this by using a cock ring. It’s still considered a natural way because you can still enlarge your dick even without a cock ring.

To enlarge your dick without a cock ring you just have to restrict the flow of blood. When you’re erect try to cross your legs. You’ll notice that your dick will start to grow larger. You can also grip the end of your dick by the balls.

When it’s in a good size try to stimulate the head. Or you can ask your partner to lick it. Tell her to stop when you’re about to cum.

Repeat the process for a while.


Lastly, edging is both an enlargement and stamina technique. It trains your physical and psychological response to PONR or Point Of No Return. This is probably one of the best ways on how to last longer in bed naturally.

The next time you jack off and are about to orgasm, let go of your hand and use your will and PC muscle power to hold off the jizz from erupting.

It’s a really difficult exercise and takes practice. It’s even more painful than stopping your pee. This is a tricky tip on how to last longer in bed naturally.

Test and see how many times you could make it putting it off. Porn star Peter North claims to practice Edging regularly and it’s the reason why he can make his cum shoot so far off like an Olympic disc throw event.

You can stop pumping your dick into her vagina. Sit back. And tell her to get on her knees and do some ball sucking. Just relax and let her enjoy it.

So those are the exercises that are aimed to strengthen your PC muscle and make a commando out of your wiener.

Mind over Matter

The next step is to address some psychological issues like confidence and emotional issues when it comes to sex.

One reason men fail on how to last longer in bed naturally is because they get too excited when a long hiatus of sex has ended. They over react and their excitement causes them to reach orgasm way faster. Detach yourself from the emotion of excitement.

Practice affirming yourself that your a man who has more sexual options than he can handle. In that way, you won’t see every sexual encounter as a make or break situation.

I’ve told earlier that I’m going to share how to last longer in bed naturally. This is just the simplest and basic techniques. I’ve compiled a ton more. I compressed it into a short video so you’d find it easy to understand. You better check it out now.

I’ll also share with you the superfoods that eat regularly to make sex longer. These are foods. Not some chemicals mixed in a plant. This is my biggest secret on how to last longer in bed naturally. The combination of these will surely help you. I will share it with you.

Imagine what it would feel like to have all the power in the bedroom. You can now be able to control your arousal level and cum on demand!

How to last longer in bed naturally