The 8 Types of Women and Successful Ways To Seduce Them

What are the 8 types of women and the best strategies to win them over? Are there really different types of women? Yes. Let’s figure them out one by one. By the end you will have specific approaches to each one. You can then have the success that you are looking for. Whether it be getting a one night stand or getting a girlfriend.

8 Types of Women

You need to understand the way girls think. What works on a young party girl will not necessarily work on a mature and intelligent woman. Each girl is different. They have different personalities and have different likes and dislikes. That is why we have this classification of 8 types of women. They have different personalities, therefore different approaches to seduction.

Think about this. Why do some girls sleep with a guy easily but other act prude? Here’s another kicker, maybe a girl already agreed to sleep with you. She’s sitting in you bed. But when you in for a kiss she leans back. She says this is wrong and this should not happen. She stands up and walk away. What the fuck right? Why do they do it? It’s mind boggling and it makes men crazy. How can you figure them out?

Here’s the thing. You should have the ability to read a woman’s mind and figure out how she is as a person. This will be the basis of how you approach her. You should know precisely what a particular woman will think and feel about you even before you start to talk to her. Even before you open her mouth. But how? By figuring out what type of girl she is. Where does she fall under the 8 types of women? What personality is she projecting?

Once you understand these 8 types of women, you need to figure out the ways on how you can pursuit them.

You will have to find out what they care about. What does she enjoy doing? What are their insecurities? All this without directly asking her.

These 8 types of women each have a different approach towards sex. Women consider sex to be much more than mere physical experiences. Women go beyond the physical into the emotional realm. What are they achieving when they have sex? What will the guy think of her when she sleeps with them? There are a lot going on inside her mind that you need to figure it out even before you get them to bed. If you can then you can easily sleep with them.

The bottom line is, if you can figure her out then you can mold an approach that will increase your chances of getting her to be attracted to you. How do you do this? Figure her out. Who is she among the 8 types of women.

Find out Her Conflicts and You’ll Know Her Type

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The one size fits all approach on how to fuck women doesn’t work. Yes, you may get laid from time to time. But are they consistent? Can you get a free fuck anytime that you desire? Women are different. Check out a short explanation about this. Find out about the 8 types of women and ways on how you can attract them. Click the play button.

If you can find out what a type she is among the 8 types of women then you will find out how you can approach her. You’ll no longer wonder why she’s not reacting to your top tier pick up line that always works with other women.

If you know her type among the 8 types of women then you will know exactly what to say. You will know exactly what to do. All you need to find out is what conflict is she leaning in.

Think of a girl that you would like to pursue. What do you think are the conflicts inside her mind?

Do you think she’s looking to settle down right now or she’s okay with playing around? Is she looking for a boyfriend or is focusing on her career? Is she flirty with you and reciprocates your advances or does she seem creeped out by the topic of sex? What do you think is going on in her mind? Answer these questions and you’ll find out her type. Among the 8 types of women? In which category would she fall under?

Of course, these are just the basics. There’s more than you can unravel. Discover how you can attract and seduce the 8 types of women. The better you are with this then you have more chance of succeeding with women. We’ll show you the way to make any girl want you.

The Conflicts of the Female Mind

Conflicts in the female mind

Women have a different set of thinking when it comes to relationships. Here’s the conflicts that’s happening inside the 8 types of women.

Tester or Investor. Women who are categorized as being a tester tends to entertain more guys than an investor. Testers don’t immediately put their eggs in one basket, unlike their counterpart.

Investors tend to cultivate a relationship on one guy. They see relationships as part of growth and that even if you have bad traits and such she will still be by your side hoping that things turn for the better.

Denier or Justifier This state is about a woman’s sexuality. Are they more open about it or not? Are they accepting about social norms or do they still adhere to traditional values? A justifier will see sex as something natural and that it happens to most people. She sees it as part of our daily lives.

A denier on the other hand will be prude about it. If a denier had a one night stand she’ll either blame the guy or see it as a mistake that never should have happened. She might even withhold sex with her future lovers.

Realist or Idealist. You will easily get this. Women who fall under being an idealist sees the world like a Disney movie. Where she will have a prince charming that will sweep her off her feet. Everything needs to be according to plan. Unlike realist who are more in tune with the changes of the modern world.

The realist understands that there are different paths to being in a relationship. She’s open to all and does not dismiss anything immediately. She’s level headed about peoples approach to relationships.

A combination of these composes the 8 types of women. Find out in what state her mind is then you’ll figure out how to make her want you. Regardless you can make any girl your sex partner. Just use the female mind control.

The 8 Types of Women

The Playette

The Playette

Her Conflict: Tester-Denier-Idealist

She is the kind of woman who wants five guys around her but she does not want to fuck any of them. This is the kind of girl who kind of leads on men. She’s willing to give men chance but you have to tick the right boxes. If she likes you she will give you a chance but one wrong move and you’ll never get another opportunity again.

You see, she hides behind a mask. You think you get her figured out but it’s the other way around.

She has you on her hands. The best approach is to befriend her. Talk things out find what interests her and show her what makes you interested. You might uncover details that you may like.

Among the 8 types of women, you might consider her a tricky one. She could be a good fuck friend though.

The Modern Woman

Her Conflict: Investor-Justifier-Realist

The Modern Woman

She wants only one guy and would like to date around much before getting down to fucking. She does not pour her energy into one guy. She knows everyone is different and she’s just looking for a good match. You can have sex with this girl easily but that does not mean that she goes around. It means that she see’s you as a potential. Or She could have be just having fun too. Depends on her mood. But when she gets serious then she will be open to new possibilities.

The modern woman understands men. She knows that some just wants to meet and fuck while others try to start a long term relationship. She’s open to both. What’s more is that she takes care of her partners.

She may sound too good to be true but there are plenty modern women around. They are intelligent, balanced, and collected. You’re lucky if you land this type of woman.

Among the 8 types of women. She’s what they consider a catch.

The Connoisseur

The Connoisseur

Her Conflict: Investor-Denier-Realist

She is very selective in picking men and loves to be socially savvy. She’s gorgeous and pretty yet finds it hard to get into a relationship. It’s because of her high standards. If she rejects you she will let you know so no party feels any resentment towards each other.

Once she lets you in her life she will fulfill being a good loving girlfriend. You can rely on her as she is good all around. She honed all her skills for that one guy. You are lucky if you are him.

She will be devoted to you and the relationship. You can say that she’s a giver. Treat every moment with her as special and she’ll appreciate it.

The Social Butterfly

Her Conflict: Tester-Justifier-Idealist

The Social Butterfly

She wants to date many men and is quite similar to the Playette; only, that she is more liberated sexually. You can see her always wanting to go to night outs. She says its only because she wants to party. But it’s because she wants to meet more men. This does not mean that she will immediately have sex with you. You have to play her game.

You can be aggressive with her. You can get her alone fast. She may even be the one to suggest it. Sex may come sooner or later. But you should not be overtly sexual on your approach. Once she smells you being too sexual and wanting to just pump she may go out the door. Let her lead you the way.

The Seductress

The Seductress

Her Conflict: Tester-Justifier-Realist

The Seductress is very shrewd and sharp. She will care more about her goals first; her career will come as priority and then followed by her men. She probably is not into long term relationships. She sees men as a goal or someone to have fun with.

When you encounter a seductress you might observe that she’s very focused on herself. Not in a narcissistic way. She may be furthering her studies. She may be looking for new hobbies. She may be deep in her career.

Men can be a categorized as a disturbance to her. You just need to be friendly and let her take the lead most of the time. You should not have bad feelings with her if she chooses to not be with you anymore. She just enjoys the ride and you should be okay with that.

Among the 8 types of women, it’s better to steer clear of this girl. Unless you just want to play games too. She could be a good local sex contact though. Give her a booty call every now and then.

The Hopeful Romantic

The Hopeful Romantic

Her Conflict: Investor-Denier-Idealist

The Hopeful romantic is mostly living in her dream world, waiting for `Mr. Perfect’ and she may be slow enough to hold back almost everything until she finds her perfect man. If you go in looking for causal sex then you will be immediately turned down.

She will walk away from temptation. Unless you know how to tickle her bones.

If you have no intention of having long-term relations with her then you might break her heart. Even to the point of resenting you. But still giving you enough leeway to come back. There could be so much drama involved. So if you just want to have no strings attached sex then you better skip this one.

She has the most stalkerish tendency within the 8 types of women.

Here’s the catch. If you made her your girlfriend. She’s more likely to become a cheating slut among the 8 types of women.

The Private Dancer

The Private Dancer

Her Conflict: Tester-Denier-Realist

The Private Dancer also wants many guys around her; she is quite fussy though. She will only fuck the guy whom she is sure of making a great contribution in her life. So you have to make sure you have the qualities that she’s looking for.

She’s scared to be attached to a guy because she has a tendency to fall for them fast. This is why she keeps this barrier around her. But once you get to know her you’ll see her beautiful and caring side.

You should not take her for granted and just get what she gives. You also need to let her know that you’re there for her and you’re willing to give your share.

The Cinderella

The Cinderella

Her Conflict: Investor-Justifier-Idealist

The Cinderella loves to love. She likes falling in love and she will get intimate with men quite fast.

This is the kind of girl who you always see that has a different boyfriend. It does not mean that she’s playing around. It’s just that she likes to pour her feelings into the relationship, and if does not work out then she’ll move on to the next. And she’ll put effort in it too.

She’s vulnerable. Some men may even call her an easy lay. It’s just that she’s okay with it as long as she’s with the guy she likes. She falls easily buy mere sweet talk and nice gestures. This clouds her judgement and falls for that guy even if he has bad qualities.

If you like this type of girl all you need is to be sincere and be honest with your feelings. She’ll appreciate it and do her best to be the girl for you.

Make Her Want You

Attract The 8 Types of Women

These are just brief descriptions of the 8 types of women. There is so much more to uncover inside the system on how to make any girl want to fuck.

Think of your past encounters with women. Think about the girl that you liked and could’ve wanted to woo until you fuck things up.

Have you got her in mind? What do you think is her personality type? Who is she among the 8 types of women? Do you think you could’ve gotten a chance with her now that you know how she thinks and how she views you, your approach, and how she sees relationships?

You’ll be astonished as to how you can easily read women and know what they are thinking about using this method.

Even married women can’t resist. They’re still under the 8 types of women. This is how powerful this loophole in women’s psychology can be.

Now that you’re familiar with the female personality types you should easily recognize them when you talk to women. You can distinguish her personality among the 8 types of women.

Irrespective of which of the 8 types of women she is, you have to build up enough sexual tension and lead the sexual thoughts onto the woman. It is always advisable to use subtle touches and flirty banter.

The initial approach is the hardest to make any girl want you. Once you start getting positive feedback, it will get easier for you. Any of these 8 types of women could be near you. All you have to do is open your eyes and be ready to seduce them.

Grab the fuck book and you’ll immediately become a sex magnet towards the 8 types of women. Inside includes a technique that works like a love spell. You can use it to attract and sleep with any of the 8 types of women.

Once you can easily identify the 8 types of women, you will be well on your way to make any girl want to fuck. You can predict all their moves to make them yours. If you want to know how to fuck all types of women then get and in depth look. We reveal the secrets of playboys in a short video. Take a look.






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