Tiny Sluts Seemed Very Uptight When I Talked To Them. That Was Until I Used This Loony Advice To Make Them Feel At Ease And Cozy With Me. I Use The Same Technique To Stop Making These Tiny Sluts Feel Intimidated. Now I Can Pick Up Tiny Sluts, Throw Them In My Bed, And Use Them Like A Fuck Toy Without Hassle.

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I could not believe that my fat cock could fit this gorgeous petite blonde tiny babe’s mouth. The look of my dick stuffed in her mouth made me so hard. She told me earlier she’d never date someone like me. This untold attraction mechanism I discovered made this tiny little petite slut my bitch.

It was a night out with the boys when we were talking about what we physically like with women.

Jake told us about his fantasy of fucking tiny sluts. Not midgets. Just tiny.

Tiny sluts are at a max of 5’3” in height. Tiny sluts are extra petite. They have a small build and a small frame. You can easily pick up these tiny sluts without hassle.

He said that his type of tiny slut must be like 5 feet tall, with tits that are too big for her body and a really small waist.

To be honest I never thought about tiny sluts. My type is just your ordinary average sluts. Not that hot but of course not an ugly slut either.

So it got me thinking. I never got in bed with tiny sluts. To be honest, I’ve never been in bed with any women for months.

Every woman I talk to just seems scared. I can feel that they only talk to me just to be polite. Just like Linda my regional manager at work. I can see her literally running away when I only want to say hi.

I had another night out with the boys when Jake brought his girlfriend, Ellie.

Ellie was wearing a crop top that exposed her surfboard-like tummy. She had boobs that are bigger than her head. She could pose as a life-size like doll.

Jake kept bringing tiny sluts night out after night out. It made me so jealous that I had to ask him what’s his secret. How can he get these tiny sluts to be his side chicks?

He told me something that I will never forget. He told me that I need to have a switch.


Jake told me that women have a mental picture of men they want to sleep with. They’d totally be a slut to someone like Bradley Cooper or Hugh Jackman. But you don’t have to look like them.

Here’s what the switch technique does. It makes these tiny sluts think that you are someone who is in league with these male stars. Even if you are unemployed and still living in Nana’s basement.

The switch makes all logic go out of the window. It takes over women’s primate minds. All she would think about is having sex with you.  

Use the SWITCH to TURN ON women’s genetic drive to fuck. It works with any girl you talk to. She can’t help but give in to her primal desires. Find out more about this trickery.

Tiny Slut Gets Her Pussy Pounded Hard And Destroyed

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I never thought that this tiny slut is into anal. I applied this seduction routine while casually talking to her. She suddenly blurted out that she likes it when bigger men dominate her. I then got her asshole stretched and destroyed. “Oh fuck it’s too deep.” She said while telling me to keep going.

Remember Linda? My regional manager. I need to report to her now and then. But every time I go to her office her secretary just blocks me. Asks me what I need and just shoos me away. Even her secretary seems disgusted by my existence.

I always find her hot even though that’s her attitude toward me. I always undress her in her mind.

Things changed months ago when we went on a team-building retreat.

I told myself that things needed to be different. I remembered the loony advice Jake told me, the switch.

Should I use it?

We had a day packed with activities. We were forced to interact with each other.

I kept bumping into her or accidentally pushing her. I’m not a big guy compared to other men. I’m just 5’10 and 155. But compared to her, she looks like a tiny slut.

“Aren’t you going to apologize?” She asked.


I didn’t mean to knock her from time to time. It was hard to move due to our playful team-building activities.

I kept happening and happening. She’s now agitated but I brush her off.

The day is done and we’re now in our rooms.

I heard a knock on my door. I opened it and it was Linda.

“I still need you to apologize.” She was adamant.

“Bitch, you don’t give up do you?” I was so tired I forgot I was talking to my boss.

I can see her face shocked. Jaw dropped. Eyes wide. But then something happened. She smirked and laughed.

She lightened up and said sorry about pestering me.

I’m like alright. But as I was to close the door she asked that maybe we could talk for a while. She can’t sleep and she needed company.

I’m like, okay.

I sat on the bed. And she did too. Okay again.

I told her I’m going to lie down because I’m just tired. And that’s when the whole atmosphere started to change.

She looked at me. She was looking at me like a lioness hunting for food.

And then she jumped on me, pushed me onto the bed, and got on top of me.

“I can’t believe you treated me like a small kid earlier.”

She pulled her top off revealing her huge as fuck tits.

“Do you like what you see?”

I never got to answer. Because before I knew it she crawled down and pulled my shorts.

“Wait, wait, wait, what are you doing?”

She never cared. She was like a hungry animal that only wants to devour.

She put my limp dick in her mouth. I can feel it growing inside her. Then she went for my nuts.

I can’t believe my boss is sucking my balls.

Once I got my senses back, I knew I needed to fuck her.

I pushed her head down my cock for one last deepthroat and I pushed her away.

“Give me your fucking ass right now.”

She turned away from me and positioned herself for some good old doggy style.

I positioned my dick right at her hole. I wanted to thrust it forcefully the very first time to enter. I wanted her to feel it. I wanted to stretch this tiny sluts’ tight pussy.

“Go easy please.” She said.

“Shut the fuck up!”

I got her arms on her back and with one stroke I thrust my dick into her pussy. She moaned like prey getting caught.

This tiny slut is now bouncing her big ass on my cock. There’s no better feeling.

After a few minutes, I told her to stand up. Our room has glass doors facing outside. I pulled back the curtains and told her to position herself there.

She was hesitant at first but she obeyed like a puppy. The thrill of potentially getting seen by other people was driving me wild.

“Now everyone’s going to see what a tiny slut you are.”

I even got my phone, handed it to her, and told her to record.

I gave her a good performance so she’d keep coming back. And when I can’t hold it any longer asked her to get on her knees.

“Empty your balls in my mouth please.”

One tiny slut fucked, more tiny tit sluts to go.

It was a wild ride. Later on, I realized that I was unintentionally using the switch. I think this made her subconsciously aroused.

Linda is now my office slut who I fuck when I’m horny in the office. She is now a well-trained submissive slut. I started calling her my tiny slut instead of boss, discreetly of course.

Thanks to the switch I now have other fuck friends like Agnes. She’s the slutty mom next door whom I booty call when I need some tight free pussy around my cock.

Do you want to know more about the switch? We must keep this a secret. A lot of feminists are outraged by this technique.

It’s not bad or unethical. It’s natural. It just uses the fact that humans are a species that enjoys sex. We exploit this fact. We unleash it inside women. You can fuck women and get a free hookup. No need to pay to fuck. You can meet and fuck tiny sluts every day like a daily habit.

Have a steady stream of tiny sluts that would fuck you on command. These covert trigger words work directly into her subconscious. Making her want to fuck you. She can’t escape it.

How To Sexually Dominate And Fuck Tiny Sluts

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This extra small 90-lb college teen tiny slut got fucked so hard. She opened up her legs for me to enter. “Shit! Your cock is too big.” She said while requesting that I don’t stop. I grabbed her flexible legs while I pump my dick and get her pussy stretched. Rearranging her guts with my dick until she squirts. I ended up giving her a sensual creampie.

I can’t reveal all the techniques around the switch, but I can share with you some. You can use these to fuck tiny sluts and other cheap sluts. This is what I use to have local sex with girls in my area.

  1. Mild Rudeness. No guy has ever been rude to her. Tiny sluts are beautiful creatures. Almost any guy would find these tiny sluts pretty. Men would put them on a pedestal.

This is why women especially tiny sluts get special treatment. Men have been treating them overly nicely throughout their life.

Tiny sluts have been getting what they want without putting in any effort or work. All they need to do is flirt a little and they can get any man to do their bidding.

That’s where this mind trick comes in. No one has ever been rude to them. They will remember anyone who is a pain in their life.

But you don’t need to be a pain. You only need to be a small inconvenience. Just enough for her to remember you.

You don’t insult, bully, threaten, or do any other forceful stuff. You just need to have standards and point them out when she does not live up to them.

And then you need to do this next step.

  1. Purposeful avoidance. Women have been getting attention from men all the time. They get texts, and calls. You can see men ogling them, checking these women out. You need to be the exception.

You are the only one not fazed by her beauty. You might even act like you’re repelled by it. Women are getting crazy by this.

What you need to do is get her attention. But you don’t give yours. There’s no reciprocation.

She will notice this. Women like attention. They want it from everyone. But why can’t she get it from you?

  1. Mental domination. All these techniques target the mind. These techniques slowly hijack her brain. Putting sexual thoughts in her brain. And then her own thoughts add up. Further amplifying her sexual thoughts toward you.

The switch is not about what words to say, what body language to use. Those play out. But you need to understand attraction on a deeper level.

You are not attracting women. You are making her emotionally addicted to you. Like a drug that she can’t do without.

Women want someone who can control them without physical coercion. This is where slut training comes in. You should have an idea of how to mind control women. You should know how to make women send nudes with just one text.

  1. Sexual domination must first happen mentally. She must first think of you as something else. If she’s a tiny slut and you’re a big guy, then it’s just a bonus for her. Use the switch and you can make her pussy soaking wet. If you can do this right then you can make any girl want to fuck. No hesitations.

Fuck local women tonight. This banned sexual hypnosis will make her immensely vulnerable. It will overpower her thinking mind. All she would want is to be with you and in bed with you.

Hookup With Little Petite Tiny Sluts

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This 18yr old petite tiny slut was squirting when I got her tiny snatch pounded by my cock. She told me to use her holes as I please. I fucked her hard and choked her tiny neck until we came at the same time. This tiny slut told me that it was great and that no other guy came close to my performance. A few days later, she kept texting me asking me to hookup.

I also overlooked tiny sluts. Every time someone asked me what my type of girl was all I could think about is thicc sluts. I’d just want to bury my face on their thicc thighs.

Little did I know that tiny sluts can bring a different kind of joy. These tiny skinny sluts are hot.

Tiny sluts are like from a different cuisine compared to other women.

These tiny sluts are somehow similar to Asian massage sluts. Most of the time they have small tits. It’s a big bonus if she has huge tits. They sometimes do have perky tits. It’s a view to look at.

Have you noticed their twig-like forearms? You would think that it might snap just by grabbing them. I like to grab them when doing doggy style while I jackhammer their pussy.

You may even perceive them as tall from afar because of their stick-like legs. It makes them seem long. But truthfully sometimes they are. They have long legs and a shorter upper body. Their slender body makes them seem taller when looking from a distance or from a different perspective like a photo.

Their body is probably not built but good for fucking. You can pick her up like a bag of flour. These teeny tiny sluts are just easy to carry and easy to throw around in bed.

Tiny sluts are also flexible. You can spread their legs, put them on your shoulder, and stretch them to their limits. You’d enjoy having sex with one because you can do a lot of sexual positions.

Overall, you’d get a kick from having sex with them. But with their fragile body, you better be careful with the bruising. She’d probably fret for you to go easy, but deep inside these free tiny sluts like it rough and hard.

Do not click unless you’re really serious. We only have a few positions for men who want to access the switch. We don’t want it going to someone who will waste the chance. If you want to fuck hot tiny sluts tonight. This lascivious erotic induction will make women addicted to you like crack.

Cock Hungry Tiny Sluts Ready To Be Roughly Slammed

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This tiny little Asian slut got a rough pounding. I fucked her doggy and dominated her tight pussy with my dick. Her pussy made me cum 4 times while she had intense screaming orgasms. I was the oldest guy at the club. But she went home with me. How? My routine to fuck tiny sluts never misses.

Tell me. What’s the price that you’re willing to pay to know how to fuck any girl that you desire? It can be done for free. There’s always a free fuck waiting for you from women that would want to be with you.

But how do you do that? How do you make women so compelled to be in love with you?
The switch is like a voodoo love spell which you can cast on any woman. It can transform any man from a boring chode to a pussy magnet.

It does not matter what kind of tiny slut she is. These women could be a bar slut, married women, or even pregnant sluts. This even works on big beautiful women. You will always have sluts to fuck no strings attached.

The bottom line is, it just works. There’s a whole science behind it that is very eye-opening and revolutionary. But it’s covered in secrecy. I only discovered it through my friend Jake.

Now I want to share it with as many men as possible. Because I know how frustrating and saddening it is. Men don’t want to be rejected over and over again by women who aren’t even that hot.

Men from all over the world are seeking the truth. They want to find out how to fuck bitches easily and simply. Without parting with their hard-earned cash.

This method will give you an advantage over 80% of men. You won’t be competing, you would be the champion.

Are you ready to be in bed with these tiny mature sluts?

Make your sex dreams come true. Find women that will willingly satisfy you sexually. Tiny sluts can do just that. This highly repeatable system will make it so that you can get women and get laid whenever and whomever you want.






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