If You Can’t Make Her Feel Any Spark or Chemistry Then She Will Stop Talking To You. 5 Ways to Create Sexual Tension and Hookup With Women.

What Is Sexual Tension

So you went out on a date. Everything seems fine. Things are going smoothly. You bring her home. You’re hoping for a goodbye kiss. But she went out of the car immediately.

It’s like she’s running away from you.

You head home and hope that everything was fine. You text her the next day. Asking how her day was. And then you slip in another invite. You want to ask her out again. You say that you had a good time and want to see her. But here’s what she says.

She says that she can’t feel any spark. She thinks that there is no chemistry. And that it’s best if you two stop texting already.

What happened?

What is this spark that women are talking about? It’s simply called sexual tension.

We’ll talk more about it but here’s what you need to understand. You should know how to create that spark. You should know how to create sexual tension. She wants to feel that chemistry so you should know how to make her feel that.

If you know how to create sexual tension then girls will no longer reject you. You’re doing yourself a big favor if you know how to generate these feelings and emotions inside her.

How do you do this?

It’s simple yet mostly overlooked. Men should have people skills and social skills. Most men don’t have it. They are shy when talking to women. They are fidgety and anxious. Even to other people. What can they do about it?

The best way to influence women’s minds with sexual tension is by having basic skills. Men should enhance their communication skills and have awareness of social norms.

These are just the foundation. One cannot create deep sexual tension just by being good with people. One has to be good with women? How do we do that?

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What Is Sexual Tension

building sexual tension

Let’s use another word that you can easily relate to. Suspense.

Imagine the feeling that you have when you know you have to do something. But you physically can’t get through with it. That is tension. We feel tension in our everyday lives.

When you’re watching horror or thriller movies and the star is walking in the halls looking for the killer. You’re feeling afraid that the start could be killed or harmed. The killer might come out any second. But didn’t. That’s tension. That’s suspense.

How can you apply it to dating women? That’s where sexual tension comes in. This is one of the loopholes in women’s minds that you can exploit to get girls attracted. Imagine the feeling of two people wants to have sex with each other but they can’t for some reason. Another is when you want someone but can’t have it for some reason.

Sexual tension is when there’s a definite attraction and desire to have sex between two people. But for some reason, they can’t.

Think about the last time you talk to an attractive girl that showed a glimpse of being attracted to you. You’re getting a hint that maybe it’s not just a simple conversation.

Maybe you could have a chance to have a date with her or a one night stand. It’s like she’s stringing you along. And you like it more and more.

How can you use sexual tension to your advantage?

What you need to understand is women tend to have a very low threshold for intrigue, surprises, and not knowing the full story

Sexual tension is very in line with being intriguing. Perhaps it’s leaving out valuable information in a story. Or leaving something open or not answering a question. The more intrigue you can create the more you can feel sexual tension. This piques her interest and curiosity and will get her wondering about you.

How To Create Sexual Tension

how to create sexual tension

Just like what we’ve discussed earlier. The basics of sexual tension are by having the right social skills that can influence people.

When you talk to people can you affect their emotions? Can you make them laugh? Can you make them feel certain emotions to pull them towards you?

Start small by socializing more. Meet more people. Read about it. Look up books about interpersonal skills, socializing, and dating. You may not be a phenomenal communicator but at least you will have what it takes to not be alone in this world anymore.

A good way to learn about sexual tension is to experiment with making people happy when you meet them. See if you can make people’s day by doing certain things that make them feel happy and important.

And when someone can create chemistry with a girl. What he is able to do is make her feel things—happiness, tension, concern, confusion. Etc.

You want her to feel things like uncertainty. This is where the real power is. You’re going to tap into her core and be able to influence and persuade everything she thinks and feels.

This is what sexual tension chemistry is about. You affecting someone. You should be able to truly affect them on a deep core level.

Here are some things that you could do.

Use Eye Contact

Look at her romantically. Don’t just stare. Listen to what she has to say.

Some men can’t even look at women. You have to be brave doing this. When she looks back at you don’t bring your head down. Be the last one to break eye contact. She’ll think of it as manly and challenging.

If you break eye contact you lose. You’ll no longer have a chance with her so be careful with this. Stand your ground. But not too much.

Make Her Think about Kissing

You don’t need to kiss her. You just need to give her the idea that you both will kiss. If not now then later.

Look at her lips from time to time. You can even lick your own when she’s looking at yours. Don’t do it creepily.

Lean in from time to time. Move your body as if you will kiss her. But you will not. Just tease her.

Hold her chin or jaw once in a while. You can even give an excuse that it has dirt or leftover food. But playfully touch it.

Conversations Don’t Have To Be Perfect

Talking to women can be awkward. Men don’t know what to say. What topic to choose. It does not matter. Just as long as everybody is chill and in a good mood.

Don’t talk about morbid things. Unless it’s morbidly entertaining like movies and tv series.

The best way to do this is to make her talk about herself. Make her feel like she’s trying to prove herself to you.

Make it about them. Ask them about their embarrassing moments. Tease them about it. Laugh with them, not at them.

She’ll soon ask herself why she’s talking to you like that. What kind of a person are you to bring those topics out of her.

Drag Them Into Your Reality

Don’t get too caught up in being theoretical. You’ve got to get into the real world and start experimenting.

Make women focus on you. I remember I was working once. There was a new girl. The moment we locked eyes I knew there was instant sexual tension between the two of us.

We went out after work for drinks. She sat beside me and made it her goal to keep my attention only to her. She didn’t want me looking at the other girls. She wanted me to solely look at her. This woman even attacked other girls because they keep talking to me. Anyway, she was really hot so I went with her after having drinks. I want to get some free pussy that night. Pretty soon we were having sex in someone’s backyard.

What sexual tension does is it allows you to get people completely sucked into your world so they don’t see anything else existing.

You’ve got to get them to forget about everything else going on in their life and focus on you.

What sexual tension does is it creates almost a kind of secret bubble between you and the girl. This makes her feel so good about herself. And It makes her daydream about sex with you.

Building Sexual Tension

sexual tension between friends

Making her feel sexual tension is not enough. You have to amplify it. You have to increase her feelings of desire. How do you do this?

All you have to do is repeat the process of creating sexual tension. If you’ve seen the tips above. You have to do all those again. This will make her think more about what your intentions are.

She will wonder. What are you up to? Are you into her? Maybe? Tease her more. The more you do this the more you heighten sexual tension.

It is important to release it though. Repeating the process twice is good enough. If you keep doing it then she might grow tired of it.

Here’s what she’ll think. Why aren’t you making a move? You’ve shown her all the signs but why aren’t you taking action. Are you not confident enough to seal the deal?

Be careful if she feels this way. There’s no going back. That’s why you have to play this carefully. You have to show her that you want her. Reward her. Simple gestures include touching her when you talk. Much better is when you touch her when you’re not looking. It’s like what couples do. She’ll think of both of you as a couple.

Now go ahead and make a move on her. Take her to the bedroom.

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Sexual Tension Signs

signs of sexual tension

There are different signs of sexual tensions that you could notice when you think she’s thinking of you. Or if you’re thinking of her.

She may give you glances. She may fix her hair. And give you a little smile. She may touch your arm unknowingly. And take her hand back when you notice.

People say you look good together. And you smile in your mind. Your heart beats faster. You don’t know how to react.

Another sign of sexual tension is you and she is inseparable. You eat together. You seat together. You do things together. Even when in a large group. Other people don’t mind. They know there’s sexual tension between the two of you. They can feel it too.

You’re just drawn to and you don’t know why. You miss her when you can find her presence. You feel relief when she’s there. Everything just feels right. Nothing is forced. It’s like everything is working according to plan. Even if there is no plan. Things are going smoothly.

Those are good signs of sexual tension. However, all of those fail in comparison to what I’m about to tell you.

There are only two things that you need to focus on when looking for signs of sexual tension.

These are the only signals that you need to be aware of:

  1. She hasn’t walked away.
  2. She hasn’t told you to leave.

That’s it. You don’t need to analyze every situation whether she wants you or not.

If she is not interested in you she will either walk away or ask you to leave. Unless she does those two things. DON’T GO ANYWHERE.

This is the biggest mistake I see guys constantly make.

They walk up and talk to a girl and on the slightest sign of negativity… BANG! They are out of there.

They wussy out. Their tails are behind their legs.

Experience is a good teacher. It will teach you that even if girls want you and want to sleep with you, they’ll still show mixed signals. Sometimes they’ll show negative behavior towards you. Or they’ll even treat you bad. But if she’s not walking away, think of it as it’s all part of the process.

Don’t think of this as something negative. It’s just a way for women to make sure that you are a man. That you are confident. And that you really want her…

It’s a pretty easy and effective way of weeding out all the weaker males. You’ve got to admit.

If she’s still with you and gives you all the sign that she’s drawn to you. That’s all you need. No need to look for other signs of sexual tension. All you need to do is make a move. You have to use this opportunity to close.

Take her somewhere where you can be alone together. Sexually escalate from there. Hug her from behind. Turn her around and sensually kiss her. Make out with her after. Make it a heated moment. Move to the bedroom. Undress her slowly. You know where I’m getting at. This is it. This is your moment.

Use Sexual Tension To Hookup With Local Sluts

sexual tension at work

Imagine you haven’t eaten all day. You’ve exercised earlier too. Now you’re really hungry. You go to a shop and you see the most delicious lunch possible in the window.

We’ve all had our salivate from food before. We’ve all felt what that’s like.

How amazing would it be if when women looked at you with the same energy?

They’re not going to eat you. But they’re going to want to have sex with you.

What can you do to create that level of sexual tension? How can you get girls to desire you? How can you do this without having to put no effort at all?

Rockstars do this with groupies. Girls pretty much offer themselves to them. They stand by the backstage and scream at these people to catch their attention. “I want to have sex with you”. That’s what they say.

So these rockstars just say yeah and let the groupies in. These women share sucking one dick. They’re not jealous of each other. How come rockstars have this much power over women? Some of them are ugly as hell? What in the world is happening.

How can you make girls do this? For most guys, it’s completely outside of their reality.

The tool that you have right now is sexual tension. There are other tools to meet and fuck local sluts. We have all you need for it. We just want one thing from you. Commitment.

Commitment to leveling up yourself. You need to be a better you. The first step is immersing yourself in finding out how to make any girl want you. We have the tools. All you need is to take action.

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