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I was the weird virgin kid. Very desperate and hopeless. You would not want to be in my shoes.

When I was a kid, I sat at the nerd table. It’s the designated table for the losers. If you sit there, then you’re at the bottom of the pyramid.

As a teen, we have urges. I have a crush on this girl. Her name was Katherine. She was sweet, kind, and sought after by people. She was very admirable. I wonder why a girl like her is in a relationship with my bully.

I sometimes wish that I could meet a mentor like Mr. Miyagi. Teach me karate and beat the shit out of my bully. I want to make Katherine see me as the better choice. The better guy. Not that alpha bully that always brings me a hard time. But that day never came.

Then came college. My social anxiety skyrocketed. Making me nervous even talking to peers. How could I talk to girls in this state? No chance of getting a local hookup.

Yeah, some girls found me attractive. I like them too. The problem was that I didn’t know how to pull the trigger. I didn’t know what to do. I want to bang local women. No one taught me. I wish someone did.

So, every time this happens, I go home and masturbate. I jerk off like twice a day. I just wanted to feel what it’s like to fuck a girl. I want a girlfriend that would treat me like a king. But in my state, I don’t know if anyone would look at me that way.

I was disgusted with myself. I scream to myself every day. Crying in the shower or every time, I remember that I was already 25 and hadn’t fuck a single girl.

But everything changed when a friend introduced me to female mind control. It’s a simple strategy to fuck bitches. But you don’t have to follow instructions or anything. No scripts or routines to memorize. No gimmicks. Just simple words, and I can make any girl want to fuck.

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It started with getting a girl to hang out with me. It was cool. No need to be scared. Then I invited another girl to hang out with. But this time, I wanted to feel what it’s like to kiss. I wanted to feel women’s soft, plump lips. Wow. The female mind control worked. Everything is going smoothly. I wondered what would happen If I kept escalating and moving things forward.

I invited another girl. But this time, I did not do anything. She was the one coming unto me. It was the first time I’d gotten a blowjob. When I asked why she liked me. She said that she always sees me with a different girl. It made her curious. Plus, the fact that she always gets wet when she talks to me. Little did I know I was putting the female mind control to use.

It all went uphill from there.

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I’m now fond of this lifestyle. I don’t have a lone girlfriend. But I do have many lovers. Each brings something unique to the table.

Regular girlfriends are a pain in the ass. They’ll give you problems and bring drama to almost everything. Even if you think you’re doing everything right, you’ll have an issue.
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