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John Miller Your Local Sluts CEO

Hi. I’m John Miller.

I’ve encountered many challenges when it comes to women, dating, hookups, and relationships, and I’ve struggled to overcome them.

I know what it’s like for men to get rejected over and over again. I know what it’s like for women to ignore you and choose the jerk. I know the feeling. I know millions of men are experiencing the same.

Everything started when I was in college. I was finding it hard to speak to my attractive female classmates.

I only wanted them to be friends. But they keep making excuses not to hang out with me and saying they only see me as a friend.

I mean, yes, that’s what I want. Why are they giving me a hard time, though?

It’s not just that. When I meet hot girls on campus, I don’t seem to have the confidence to walk up to them and start a conversation.

It’s more than just not having the right words. I can’t even seem to have the guts to go up to them and have a chat.

This continued until I got my first job. Still a virgin with almost no experience with women. It’s becoming a struggle to meet hot women as days go on.

I wouldn’t call myself ugly. But why am I finding it hard to meet hot girls? I just want a girlfriend. A sweet loving lady that would care for me. And if not that, Is it too much to ask for a naughty fuck buddy?

All I could do was go home and jerk off to porn. And it was so pathetic. That’s when I decided that things needed to change.

Your Local Sluts was designed to help men counter the repeated disappointments and challenges of dating and hooking up.

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Our Approach to Consent and Boundaries

We strongly oppose any form of sexual assault, including non-consensual sexual advances like rape. Unwanted touching, such as groping or fondling without consent, is unacceptable. We’re also against sexual coercion, where someone is pressured into sexual activities against their will.

No matter what an individual’s personal sexual preferences or interests may be (unique kinks), it remains imperative that they provide clear and informed consent. An example of such kinks could be consensual non consent – A type of role-play or kink in which all parties involved agree to act out scenarios where one person appears to resist or refuse certain sexual activities. Another type is Slave role-playing – A form of BDSM where the “slave” consensually submits to the authority and control of the “master” or “mistress.” Expressing their willingness to engage in these activities is a must.

We emphasize the importance of respectful and consensual behavior from the very first moments of meeting someone, extending through all stages of any potential sexual activity or intimate relationships. This includes consent, willingness, voluntariness, respect, clear boundaries, open communication, and trust.

The steps, techniques, and methods presented on this website are intended to guide you in fostering meaningful connections and building trust, all while respecting the importance of willful, voluntary, and consensual sexual interactions with women. These principles aim to create an atmosphere where individuals can comfortably express their desires and engage in seductive yet consensual intimate relationships.