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Asian women are probably much better in terms of social upbringing. They have more values, more courtesy, and are probably much more intelligent.

Just look at some of the people reigning on some quiz bees or talent shows. It’s probably because of their strict upbringing. Asian parents just want the best for their children. You can totally see the difference if you compare them to white women. You’ll hear about white trash, but have you ever heard of asian trash? Nah.

Have you seen any fat Asians? Even if you did they’re definitely rare. You can be sure you’re Asian girlfriend will be still a beauty even if she ages. Another good thing when you want to meet Asian sluts? They’re almost everywhere.

Just look at the campuses. The restaurants. Asian sluts all over the place. You’ll never run out of oriental dishes to try.

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Sometimes it’s much easier to meet asian sluts in their home country. It’s is because they’re more comfortable there. They’re not guarded. If you’re a foreigner then they will think that you’re just traveling and in need of help. They will be more open to talking to you.

Koreans are all over the place with their convenience store. Some store owner’s daughter will definitely be there doing some cashier work. A lot of hot Filipina nurses in hospitals too. You just need to get out of your mom’s basement and approach these fine young women. You can’t meet them if you’re not getting out of the house. Even in online dating.

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This will sound nuts. Dating white girls is easy. They’re somehow detached and bored. But when I went out with this Japanese girl everything is like the opposite. Why is it difficult to meet asian sluts?

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