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They said most breakups happen before Christmas. But there’s also one thing I’ve observed. Hookups with Christmas sluts happen way more often.

The first time I noticed this was at work. The men and the women are like two separate groups that seldom vibe with each other. But after the Christmas party, I saw some of my male friends become chummy with the females.

I was puzzled by what was happening. What’s going on? Turns out some of the males got to pair up with the females during the Christmas party. Some are in a serious relationship. Some are in a casual relationship.

The one I envy the most is Edgar. He got two office sluts fighting for his attention. He revealed that he sleeps with these hot sexy girls in turns. I asked how he did it. He told me about a loophole in female psychology that only happens during Xmas. And once you’ve exploited it, you can make any woman into your Christmas slut.

Christmas sluts are the women you can bring home and have sex with from Christmas parties. Xmas sluts bring out their naughty and wild side during Christmas. Christmas sluts become hornier and are much easier to hook up with during the season.

Edgar said hot Christmas sluts don’t want to be alone during the holidays. Local singles will try to find and bag a decent guy they could be with during Christmas.

He added that this women’s psychological vulnerability can also be used on Halloween sluts. Women want something to happen during these events. And if you’re in the right place at the right time, you can make it happen.

With that bit of information, I tried it on my slutty neighbor. I had my eyes on Kelsey for a while now. I had like a week and a half till the 25th. This was the perfect time to pursue Kelsey.

I knocked on her door. But she acted like she did not recognize me. Even though another neighbor introduced her to me a month before. She said, “Sorry, not interested.” Maybe she thought I was selling something and slammed the door in my face.

I told this to Edgar and what he said made me dismayed. “She felt your neediness. Women can smell when men only want sex. She rejected you because of that.”

“Of course I want sex! That was the whole point,” I said to Edgar.

“Yes, you want sex. But you must not let women know or feel that you’re desperate for it.” I was clueless about what Edgar was saying. If I want sex from women, shouldn’t it be obvious?

Edgar introduced the concept of stealth attraction. A method where you can attract and hookup with beautiful sluts without the hard work. He said this is what he uses to fuck not just Christmas sluts, but any woman he likes.

A year later and I mastered it. I can get a free hookup from any woman that gives me a boner. Then I got my Revenge on Kelsey and made her my Christmas slut.

I want to share this method with you. No matter what month, Christmas is just around the corner. And I don’t want you without a girl during the holiday season. Here’s how you can get a Xmas slut to keep you warm during the holidays. Let’s show you how to get a girl to have sex with you, not just on Xmas, but at any time of the year.

It’s Christmas. No woman would want to be single. Easily fuck any girl using this exploit. I learned about this sexual sensation intensifier. I used it on the hot nerdy cashier at the coffee shop. Now she’s giving me a blowjob while I sip the coffee she served.

‘Tis The Season To Fuck Christmas Sluts

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Here are the things you need to do and know to hookup with Christmas sluts.

It’s the office Christmas party. Men and women will get drunk or tipsy. This is the perfect time to get a free hookup from your sexy workmate.

  1. Don’t wait. Stop looking for an opportunity to talk to her. You have to take your chance right now. Christmas parties are like two to four hours. She might get it on with another dude if you don’t speak to her.

This is the difference between someone who gets laid and someone who doesn’t. They take action. Now go stand up and talk to her.

What you say doesn’t matter. Small talk would do. What matters is you can keep the conversation going. Make it fun. Hot Christmas sluts don’t want a boring guy.

  1. Take her aside and get some alone time. If at a party, get them alone. Find somewhere where you can talk in private. Preferably comfortably.

You must make it about you and her, even if it’s a party. And that other people around you don’t matter right now.

Get her hand. Lead her to a couch or anywhere where you guys could be alone. Have fun talking to her. Make her laugh. Make her feel the sexual tension. And since you guys are alone, you can safely sexually escalate.

If she thinks no one is watching, she’ll be more open about showing her flirty side to you.

Do you know how to properly touch women? We’ll show you through the button below. But anyway, touch is essential. And since no one will bother you, start touching her and letting her feel you. Doing it right will lead to both of you making out. Then on to another level of heavy and torrid kissing. And then the next is you taking her to your room.

Here’s I handled this scenario when I was younger. I asked this chubby slut that I like to accompany me to my car. I told her I had a gift for her, but it was too big to carry.

This Xmas slut ended up giving me a blowjob. It wasn’t a silent night after all. But a night full of ass clapping, moaning, and rough fucking.

  1. Avoid drunk girls. Drunk Christmas sluts are problematic, and I advise you to stay away from them. Drunken Xmas sluts are easy pussy, yes. But you’ll face a lot of problems if you pursue it. You don’t want to lose your job or get sued, right?

A little tipsy is ok. Drunk Christmas sluts can still give consent. Talk to them for like an hour, and they’ll fully recover. It’ll be much safer to sexually advance on them from then on.

You don’t want to hookup with drunk Christmas sluts who are scandalous. I remember making out with a Xmas slut at the club. An hour later, she was so drunk with her tits out and pissing on the floor. You don’t want to deal with that bullshit.

  1. There will be a lot of parties. Santa knows where the bad girls are. I’ve worked at small companies consisting of like ten people. But I’ve also had my time at big corporations. These businesses usually have one big event for their Christmas parties. They’ll book a hotel or an event place and invite everyone from the company. Including other people from other branches.

This is the perfect opportunity to hunt for a one-night stand. Christmas party sluts probably also booked a room at the hotel. You might end up in her hotel room with a few flirty lines here and there.

I’m trying to say that there will be lots of women, and you will have lots of chances. If you do this right, you can talk to many naughty Christmas sluts.

Small talk would do. You don’t need pickup lines. The event is your opener. You already have commonalities. You just need to run your game.

And if you can’t hook up with that particular Christmas slut, move on. Get these sluts phone numbers. Hook up with them later. Then bounce to another Xmas slut that would let you in their free pussy.

  1. And another party. It’s not just the company Christmas party that you will attend. You might be invited to other Christmas parties by friends, mutual friends, and acquaintances. All these events are perfect for meeting sexy Christmas sluts.

When meeting Xmas sluts, you’re not actually making any moves. You’re just being friendly. And these women will let their guard down and let you swoop in.

  1. Text women from the past. This is what you need to do after the party. You will text these Christmas sluts and try to meet for sex with them. We’ll show you exactly what to say if you don’t know how. Click the button below.

Christmas is the perfect time to communicate again with past romances. Have you dated anyone this year, a year ago, or even years before you want to contact? Christmas is the perfect excuse.

A simple greeting would suffice. Then make your move from there. Ask her how she is. What she’s been doing. A few more exchanges of messages, and you could be arranging an adult meet up to hookup.

You can actually use these techniques anytime. Not just during the Christmas holidays but all throughout the year. Easily fuck any girl with this arousal intensifier. You won’t just kiss under the mistletoe. You can have a sweaty messy hard fucking with Christmas sluts that you just seduced.

Hookup With Xmas Sluts Nearest You

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Recently, I’ve been learning about some secret seduction techniques. I wondered if it was another internet hoax Qanon has been spreading. But last night changed everything.

I’ve been eyeing this married slut I met at work. Jenny is a beautiful brunette slut. She had the perfect hourglass figure and an ass to die for.

Before I read up on these secrets, I had tried every play in the book. Nothing. So when the Christmas party rolled around, I knew I had to have her. Christmas sluts always made their true colors known at these festive events.

At the party, we hung out by the drinks table, talking about nothing in particular. The hours dragged on, and it felt like the conversation wasn’t going anywhere. Jenny seemed distracted, always looking anywhere but at me. Eventually, she excused herself, and I lost her in the crowd.

My heart sank. Is she not just into me? Is this strategy on how to fuck Xmas sluts just fake news?

Anyway, I decided to look for other Christmas sluts to get a free fuck from. That’s when Jenny cut me off at the door. She seemed extremely red.

“My husband won’t pick up my calls. Is it too much to ask for a ride home?” she asked while avoiding eye contact once again.

My eyes lit up. I knew exactly what this Christmas slut wanted.

Of course, I agreed. She thanked me a thousand times as we drove home.

I asked about her husband. She laughed it off, saying they were fine, but he could be such a bore sometimes.

Ah, yes. Christmas sluts come in all shapes and forms. It usually is the bored sluts. But mostly comes down to the slut wife with a husband who never satisfies her anymore.

I could tell from her breath that this Xmas slut was begging to be fucked. She kept fidgeting her legs and adjusting her red dress.

When we got to her house, she seemed hesitant to leave my car.

“Thank you, Jenny, for the wonderful evening,” I said as I placed my hand on her bare knee. I felt her stiffen up as my hand traveled up her thigh.

Before I knew it, she was scrambling on top of me to kiss me. I grabbed ahold of her big fat tits and undressed her right in front of her husband’s house. I licked her nipples as she moaned and grinded on top of me.

I hiked her dress up and caressed this Christmas slut’s bare pussy. “No underwear? And you’re dripping,” I teased.

“I-I got so wet talking to you during the party. I had to touch myself in the bathroom,” she admitted, clearly embarrassed. I laughed. Who knew Christmas sluts could be so easy?

We snuck our way into her home, where her useless husband was asleep on the couch.

Seeing her undress for me in the room she shared with her husband drove me crazy. I watched as this Christmas slut dropped to her knees immediately, clawing for my zipper. “Ho ho ho, someone’s excited for their present,” I chuckled.

Her tongue felt immaculate on my throbbing cock. Blowjobs from Xmas sluts are always the best because of how desperate they are.

“Wow, you look so much prettier with my cock in your mouth.” She moaned under the glowing praise and deepthroated my dick until I saw stars. I felt so close to coming, but I knew I wanted to make this horny Xmas slut into my breeding slut.

I threw her onto the bed and crawled on top of her. Kissing her neck, I left love bites all over her snow-white body. The Xmas slut shuddered under me, her fingers digging into my arms. “Put it in now, please,” she begged with tears in her eyes.

I laughed and ignored her cries as I shoved two fingers into her with no warning. Gasping loudly, the room was soon filled with her pretty moans.

With one hand on her neck, I choked the fuck out of her. Making her tremble on my fingers. If there’s one thing I love, it’s making Xmas sluts cry.

When I could tell she had had enough, I threw her legs over my shoulders. I rammed my hard cock inside her dripping, tight pussy. She cried out in relief and began moaning like crazy as I pumped in and out of her at lightning speed.

I had to cover her mouth to keep her loud moans from waking her husband downstairs. “Shut up. Christmas sluts like you don’t deserve to make noise.”

Putting her in doggy style, I gripped her hips and fucked her deep into the bed. “Hold my hands back and fuck me,” she begged as all the horny Christmas sluts do. Her tits shook like crazy as I pulled her arms back and drilled deep into her.

Soon, she collapsed on the bed, so I picked up her limp body and made her hop on my cock. Her pussy juice made it so easy to slide in. “Warm up your dick inside me,” she said, panting.

My Christmas slut did all the work. Grinding on my dick, she moaned in ecstasy until I busted it all inside this cumslut.

We fucked until the sun rose. Before leaving, she begged to see me again the following week. “Missing you,” is what it said when she sent me her nude selfie an hour later. That’s when I knew that Xmas sluts were my favorite part of the holiday season.

To be honest, I never knew I could do this. I was very hesitant to try out this trick. But I knew it was the real deal when I got to fuck my slutty neighbor next door the next morning. Then the day after that, the local milf brought me some cookies. She got a bite while we had steamy sex near the fireplace.

It’s all thanks to the methods inside the fuckbook. That’s what I’d like to share with you. Because I don’t want you being alone this yuletide season. You should not be spending days jacking off to Christmas sluts pics. With the female mind control, you can have real sluts at your disposal.

Your present under the Christmas tree will be your slave slut bending over and ready to take your cock. I know you’d like that. Here’s how we can turn that into reality.

A blowjob won’t just be your best Christmas present. You will get it on with pretty and sexy women of high caliber. All thanks. All your wishes will come true.

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It’s not just the bells that will jingle. Your balls will jingle once these Christmas sluts suck and worship your nuts. All I use is this speedy sexual excitation strategy and I can make these women fuck me this holiday season. Offering me their free pussy and making my dick orgasm my jizz ended up in the north pole.






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