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During freshman year, a buddy of mine invited me to this wild party. We got there, and I realized it was a frat house. Picture this. The place was packed with gorgeous girls. Now, I gotta admit, I felt kinda out of my league when it came to chatting up the ladies. I tried. Tried really hard.

Half an hour later, I was already looking for my friend so we could bounce. But guess what? I accidentally walk in on this wild scene in one room. I saw this stunning blonde frat slut with a heart-shaped ass and perfect, perky, all-natural breasts. And she is getting spit roasted by two guys.

Crazy stuff, right? I only see those in frat party porn. I always wished it happened to me too. But I just stood there watching. Amazed at how guys get to fuck frat sluts so quickly, and I couldn’t even get women’s attention.

Frat sluts are horny women that frat guys call to have sex with. That’s her only purpose. Also called a frat rat. She gets passed around by frat guys when they want some sexual release. She usually stays around the frat house so that her frat pussy is easily accessible when a frat brod needs it. Frat sluts have probably hooked up or sucked off every guy in a frat.

Well, guess what? Throughout the rest of my college years, I tried to get a frat fuck. But nope. I never got to have a frat party fuck.

I know Gina, my slutty classmate was a frat slut. I never got to talk to her. I could not even get the attention of average sluts in my class.

I regretted it. I wished I could’ve opened up myself more to more opportunities. If I just built more connections, maybe I could’ve gotten into some frat sex party.

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You won’t believe what happened a few months ago, though. I got lost in this neighborhood and luckily got a flat tire a few houses away from another frat house party. I told myself, I don’t look that old to enter one. Maybe I could get some help from people inside.

Well, when I found myself in the bathroom, I saw a guy getting a frat blowjob from a frat slut. It brought all the memories and regrets I had when I was younger.

As to not give me a bad time, I grabbed some beers and tried to talk to some women. I spoke to some blonde sluts, to some brunette sluts. But they don’t seem to be biting.

I gave it a chance and was now walking back to my car. You’ll never believe what I saw behind the bushes. That very same guy is getting another frat blowjob from a different frat whore. This time a redhead slut is sucking all the remaining cum from his cock. He looked me straight in the eye and laughed at my face.

The frat slut saw me, too. She stood up and walked away.

While he was about to leave, I asked him. I wanted to know how he got two frat sluts to give him a free blowjob. And it didn’t seem like he gave any effort at all. It’s like the universe is granting him all the sexual manifestations he wants.

He was like, “Dude, it’s simple. Just listen up and show real interest in every girl.”

I’m like, “Seriously, spill the beans, man. What’s the trick? How do you score with all these girls?”

“Alright, I’ll share, but this stays between us. No one else can know.”

Later on, he revealed how he discovered the secret. It all started when he saw his psychology professor’s messenger bag casually placed on a table. As he looked at the bag, his curiosity got better, and he noticed some files sticking out. And there it was, right before his eyes – a few files with the word “classified” written across them in bold letters.

So, there I was, intrigued beyond belief by this guy’s mysterious secret. He must’ve sensed my curiosity because he looked at me and said, “You know what, man? Come back tomorrow, and I’ll let you in on those secrets. I’m too drunk for this shit.”

The next day rolled around, and I returned to his place. True to his word, he handed over a stack of files. It showed scientific insights, stories, and strategies – all designed to help me connect with women.

“So you just stole these files from your professor,” I asked.

“That’s why you should never talk about them with anyone ever,” He said.

Slowly but surely, I integrated them into my interactions over a few weeks. And you know what? Not once did they let me down. It was like I had a secret toolbox of connection-building tricks at my disposal.

Not even five minutes after invading a house party, I got a frat house fuck from one of the fuck bitches there. The following week I never thought I’d be in a frat party orgy with young horny college sluts.

I get it. I’ve been there – the nerves, the uncertainty, the feeling that you’re at a disadvantage when meeting women. I know how tough it can be.

And these secrets, they’re not just about getting women and hot frat sluts. They’re about leveling the playing field. I can’t keep these to myself when I know so many guys could use a hand. That’s why I want to share them with you.

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How To Fuck Frat Sluts

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  1. Scout the place. The first thing you should do when you arrive at a party is look around and see what’s happening.

Walk around the place, feel the mood, and find some exciting things to discuss later. This will help you familiarize yourself with the party. It’ll also give you some ideas for conversation topics.

You can also make eye contact and smile at people as you walk by. This shows that you are friendly and open to socializing.

And if you see the woman you like, whether alone or with friends, don’t stare at her, but make a quick eye contact and smile. This will let her know that you notice her and that you are friendly. But don’t interrupt them if she is already talking to someone else. Wait for a better time to approach her.

Looking around the party will help you find things to talk about. It’ll also make you look more confident and relaxed.

Plus, it will show that you are not just standing in one place like a boring person or a wallflower.

So, explore, observe, and when you’re ready, use what you saw to start a fun and engaging conversation.

  1. Check your vibe. You should have a good, fun energy coming in. No negative vibes. Leave all those outside. When you talk to them, you don’t want to bring the women’s vibes down.

Smile and act relaxed. Imagine this: you walk towards her with a smile that shows how much fun you are having. Your smile is not just an ordinary smile – it is a smile that says, “I’m here to enjoy every second of this party.”

Your body language should be casual, like the mood of the party. Stand up straight but not stiff, and let your arms hang loosely by your side.

Here is another tip: As you get closer to her, look at her eyes briefly and let your eyes say, “Come and join me.” Your eyes should be bright and playful, telling her you are not just there to talk but to have fun. It is like saying, ‘Hey, this party is great, and I want to share this awesome time with you.’

Remember, your smile and eye contact should be friendly and welcoming, not strong or scary. It is all about connecting with your positive energy and body language. Have fun at the party and let your happiness show!

  1. Avoid trouble. Sometimes, you need to change your behavior based on how the frat slut is feeling. This can help you have better interactions with them.

For example, if you are talking to a frat slut and they look bored or try to walk away, it means they don’t want to talk to you. You should always be aware. Get a hint. If you keep trying to talk to them, you might make them angry or upset.

You should also remember that if a frat slut doesn’t like you might ask their friends for help. Sometimes, their friends might think you are rude or mean and try to stop you and make you leave. Enter white knights and other desperate guys who want her frat pussy. They’ll intimidate you and start trouble. This can cause problems or fights that you don’t want.

Pay attention to people’s feelings and be flexible. You can avoid making trouble or hurting anyone’s feelings. The goal is to enjoy yourself while being friendly and respectful to everyone at the party.

  1. Get her alone. When you find a frat slut, you’d like to have a frat fuck with, it’s best to get her alone fast. Try to find a quieter spot at the party. Maybe you’ve noticed a cozy corner or a less crowded area where you can talk without distractions.

Here’s something that you could say, “Hey, it’s getting a bit loud here. There’s a quieter spot in the other room. And they have a couch. Would you like to join me for a more relaxed chat?”

This allows you both to focus on the conversation, flirt, and be naughty with each other better.

Remember to make her feel comfortable and show genuine interest in what she’s saying. But don’t forget to squeeze in sexual and naughty jokes.

Don’t appear desperate. If you’ve been to many frat parties and haven’t gotten any frat party fuck, then you’re probably showing signs that you’re eager and hungry for some frat pussy.

Frat sluts can smell that, and they’ll immediately move away from you. Here’s how not to show these behaviors.

The first one is to control your alcohol. Sometimes, men who are desperate to hookup frat sluts might drink more alcohol. They do to lower inhibitions and increase their confidence. I’ve been there. I’ve never gotten any frat party fuck, just drunk.

Sometimes, they may even ask the girls to drink more. Don’t it can be problematic. “Stop, you’re just trying to get me drunk.” Or her friends may see her intoxicated and intervene. No more frat pussy for you.

Stop trying too hard to get noticed. Like constantly making jokes or doing attention-seeking things.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the attention of frat sluts. What do men do to solve this problem? They push too hard. They become extra flirtatious. How?

Sometimes, men try to bring up any topic they can think of to attempt conversation with frat sluts. If they can’t, they give excessive compliments or make overly suggestive comments.

Frat house sluts will notice this, and you’ll come across as needy and desperate. Yes, you should try to initiate physical contact. But one wrong move, and you’ll signal that you only want your dick scratched. Do it smoothly and subtly.

I saw this cute slut at the frat party. I can’t help but stare at her big fat titties. I wasn’t worried because I was a few meters away. But when she passed in front of me, It was impossible not to appreciate her ass. I decided I would get frat party sex from her. This Temptation Inciter Scheme allowed me to get a frat party fuck. She got so freaky I dominated her frat pussy and gave her bountiful cumshots.

Hook Up With Frat Sluts

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I was browsing Instagram, and I saw that a frat at a campus near me was having a party. I knew some guys there, which made it easier to get in.

The place was packed, and many people were hanging out outside. After managing to get inside, I spotted a group of girls.

This BBW slut was puffing on a vape. She looks like the leader of the group. So, I casually asked about her flavor. I offered her a try of mine, and she liked it.

Then, her attractive friend joined the conversation. One look, and I can tell that she’s a frat slut. Maybe even a kinky slut that would always try and explore anything revolving around sex. I then asked to be introduced.

So, now that I’m talking to her, I playfully teased her and cracked a joke.

“You look familiar. Have I seen you somewhere before? Oh, you’re that girl from TikTok who fell off the treadmill.”

“No, I’m not, but thanks for the compliment. You must have a good eye for spotting talent.” She responded flirtatiously.

We got to talk about different things. But within just 5 minutes, she seemed hooked. She’s laughing at my jokes. Touching my arm. Even hugging. All I had to do was make out with her and seal the deal.

Then, I asked her if she could accompany me to a convenience store a few blocks away. But we never got to it. We went straight to my car.

This frat slut was a little shy at first. Telling me that “there’s a lot of people outside.” Well, that did not stop her from giving me a frat blowjob. I thought she’d be another car slut on my list but the police came to break up the party and we had to bail. It was a one-time thing, and I never saw her again, unlike with this other frat chick.

Her name is Kitty, and I’ve been seeing her from other frat parties. I never got to talk to her as I was busy with other frat sluts. But when the chance came when she walked close, I engaged her.

I thought I would not get a chance with her. She seemed like the life of the party. All the other guys and even girls surround her. But one move is all it took for me to get her alone.

We were now in the bathroom, and this frat slut was about to give me a frat blowjob. “I couldn’t believe I’m doing this.”

“Is this your first time?” I asked.

“No! But you’re the first guy to make me wet in minutes.”

Well, she was about to put my cock in her mouth when I made her stand up. I’ve got to know if she was really wet.

I made her bend over, slide her panties to the slide, and inserted my finger in her frat pussy.

“Oh fuck!” She moaned.

“You like that?” I asked her, and she nodded.

Well, if she likes it, then she’d like my cock inside her frat pussy. I positioned my dick in front of her pussy lips and teased her.

“Oh my god, put in in now, please!”

Then I slowly slid it inside. Her juicy tight pussy gripping my cock so good.

Then we heard knocks on the door. Man, I’ve got to finish fast.

“Do it quick. You can cum inside me.” She requested.

Well, I did not cum inside her. When I was about to explode, I made her go on the floor and open her mouth. And she received my load straight to her throat.

She became a good fuck buddy. In fact, I put her on top of my sex contacts that I booty call whenever I’m horny. She’ll gladly skip classes to get fucked by my dick. Or I get to have a quickie with her between her classes.

All this is thanks to knowing about female mind control. If you can make any girl want to fuck, would you grab the chance? Here’s how.

I never thought I’d be having a threesome with hot frat sluts. I get to insert my dick in their frat pussies simultaneously. I met them at a frat party and convinced them to go home with me thanks to this Lust Excitant Process. Find out how to use this approach to get some frat party fuck.

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I almost got played by this frat house whore. She only talked to me to make her ex jealous. That did not stop me from taking advantage of the situation. This Sexual Quickener Maneuver completely flipped the situation around. Instead of her toying with me, I got her frat pussy fucked in our steamy encounter. Discover the ways you can utilize this approach.






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