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I lost my virginity to this sluty red head back in college. This redhead slut taught me everything I know in bed. She let me experience the wildest sex that a guy could. Unfortunately, things come to an end.

I thought this college slut was my slutty girlfriend. I gave her everything. I gave her my heart. But I was wrong. Turns out, this ginger slut is just with me because she has no other choice.

“I’m just fucking you because you’re the most decent among this sea of losers!”

Not bad to be the king of losers in my college, right? Wrong. Because till this day, I can’t forget how bad that breakup was. Suppose you can even call that a breakup. I cried almost every night for months. Even years.

But what I would mostly remember are the wild nights and dirty sex. It’s like this naked redhead in my bed only wants sex and nothing more. She’s like a sexual beast. These redhead sluts will make you cum in 5 seconds.

This sexy redhead always wants a public quickie. Even giving me a handjob every time we go out. Good thing I was young back then that I could produce erections fast.

These horny redhaired women are redhead sluts. Their distinct natural red hair makes them unique. Being a redhead slut makes them naughty and horny.

Did you know that the number of horny redheads in the entire world is decreasing? That’s why if you encounter a hot redhead, you should turn them into your breeding slut and grow the population. That’s if you can land a nude redhead in bed. Can you?

I thought I could easily pick up ginger sluts after my hot redhead ‘girlfriend’ broke up with me. I mean, I already have an experience with hot redheads. I kind of know how they think. Turns out, I don’t have a grasp on how to get girls. It’s not just the ginger haired sluts that are rejecting me, but all the other girls as well.

I just want to fuck redheads again. I want to relieve my raunchy experience with my sluty red head ex. But how? Average sluts would not even pay attention to me.

That was like a decade ago. Now I’m in my 30s, have a dad bod, balding, and have a low-paying job even while having a college degree. Am I really the king of losers?

I’m contemplating that I no longer have a chance with redhead teen sluts. I don’t even have a chance with ugly sluts. Am I that despicable?

That was until I saw this janitor pick up a redhead slut flight attendant at the airport. I thought she was just showing her another route to her work. That’s until I saw them exit this cordoned area.

This ginger haired slut was fixing her clothes and wiping her mouth with spit. And this maintenance guy was trying to unzip his pants. Seems unreal, but I swear it’s real. She waved him goodbye and blew a flying kiss.

That’s when my world changed. I pestered this guy to tell me what the fuck was going on. I even missed my flight. I just wanted to know how a guy like him got to hookup with a sexy redhead like her. I almost gave up. But after a couple of hours, he sat me down and spilled his secrets. This guy gave me the secrets on how to fuck.

Now I’m spilling my secrets with you. Life can be unfair. It definitely sucks. I thought I would die only having sex with one hot redhead slut. But now I have a choice of which beautiful slut I could bed tonight.

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Let me just warn you, though. This technique is too powerful and so controversial. Some feminists have been made aware of this existence. That’s why they’re trying everything they can to bring this ultimate sex tactic down. If I were you, I’d take a look at this now.

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I’m most grateful for the fact that I won’t die knowing I’m a loser. If I ever bump into a ginger haired slut, I know I can get her in bed. I can now sex fuck local sluts. I can make any girl want to fuck.

It did not happen overnight. But a couple of days and weeks. Little by little, I’m beginning to see change. I was starting to see progress.

There was a time when I almost paid for sex. I wanted to fuck an escort. I was that desperate to fuck a slutty redhead. Good thing I was handed the fuckbook. All the secrets to getting a free hookup is there. Now I have the power to get free pussy anytime I want.

One of my first successful slutty redhead experiences happened at the airport. I was traveling for work. But I also encountered college teen sluts going on a trip for their spring break.

Out of the sea of people, this hot redhead stood out. She’s part of a group of people that clearly are ready for the beach.

I knew my technique won’t fail me, so I walked toward her and started chatting her up. A few minutes later, a guy friend tried ‘protecting’ her from me. Making sure that she only talks to her. He’s probably a simp or a nice guy who can’t get laid. I feel him. But he lost the fight.

This horny redhead told me she was getting hungry and angry because of her delayed flight. Clearly, a bored slut that’s looking to have fun. I took it as a sign that she wanted to get away for a few minutes to have fun. These are signs that she wants to have sex.

We went to grab some snacks. We chatted, laughed at each other’s jokes, and flirted a little. If I can feel the sexual tension, I know she feels it too.

I looked around, looking for a spot where I could fuck the easy pussy of this ginger haired slut. But lo and behold. I saw my mentor and waved at him. He noticed that I was with a chick and signaled that he’d text me.

He messaged me some directions to where he fucks bitches. I held this horny redheads hands, and we proceeded to the location.

“This is kind of nerve-racking.” She said, smiling.

“Is this your first time?” I asked. She seemed like a shy slut.

She said it wasn’t, but it was her first time with an older guy and her first time doing it outside the bedroom.

“Don’t worry. I’ll take care of you.” I assured her.

I crouched, looked up at her, and started peeling her panties.

“Are you okay with this?” I asked. And before she could answer, she pushed my face into her pussy.

I love her smell, and I can’t help but lick her juices like a thirsty hyena at the dessert.

I got up a few minutes after. I think she knew what she needed to do because she got on her knees, unzipped my pants, and gave me a blowjob.

“Does this turn you on?” She asked. If only she knew how amazing that mouth feels.

I nodded and put out my phone, and started recording her. She saw it and went to work with my cock, which is hard as a rock.

I can’t believe a regular guy like me has his dick inside this horny redhead’s mouth. I used her throat as a pussy replacement. But I’m more excited about experiencing this redhead slut’s pussy.

It wasn’t long till I pulled her up and bent her forward. This redhead slut makes cute noises while we fuck. Like an asian slut in porn.

“Pump me full of cum.” She requested.

I gripped her child-bearing hips and used and ravaged her tight pussy.

A thousand pumps later, I’m beginning to feel I’m about to cum.

“Please, don’t pull out.” She said as I noticed her eyes begging me not to stop.

I added a thousand more pumps but couldn’t handle it any longer. I needed to release my jizz.

I pulled out my cock. Pushed her down to her knees. Placed my leg higher up for support. And sprayed my manjuice all over this horny redhead’s face.

I probably shot a week’s worth of cum on this hot redhead’s face. This cumslut received my load gracefully with a smile on her face.

She wasn’t done yet. She probably noticed my nuts hanging. This redhead slut started sucking my balls. And a couple of minutes later went down further to my ass.

“This is fun. I never thought I would like that.”

I was surprised. I thought she didn’t have it in her. She licked my ass until my dick went limp. She kissed it, said thanks to it, and laughed.

This redhead slut gave me her phone number. She asked me to message her. And maybe we’ll try to meet for sex once we get back in town.

Before she left, I asked what college she goes to. She laughed. Turns out she recently graduated from high school. Don’t worry. She’s legal. I checked.

She kissed me goodbye as I heard an announcement calling for the rest of the passengers on her flight to come on board.

I got a message from my mentor afterward. A thumbs up. He probably saw me after getting it on with that ginger slut.

I got into my flight and texted her when I got off.

“Hey. I liked how you licked my ass earlier. 😉

“Haha. Silly.” She replied.

“Thanks for that. I haven’t met anyone that gave me a good time.” She followed.

This hot redhead is now my sex contact. And we can meet and fuck whenever we want some hot, steamy sex.

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How did I do it? How did I fuck redheads?

I’ll give all my thanks to my mentor, who taught me about the loophole in female psychology. I would never find out about how to attract and seduce women if not for him.

I thought getting girls was a difficult process. But all you needed is the female mind control. You control these sexy gingers, and you control the outcome. And the end game that we want is to fuck redheads.

I have not one, not two, but three red head sluts in my apartment right now.

I could’ve had a fourth. I approached this redhead slut from behind. Turns out she’s an asian slut who dyed her hair. So not a natural. Anyway, I got her snapslut number. I’d fuck her next time.

Back to the three redhead sluts. The first one slept here last night and is on her way out. I gave my second redhead slut a booty call, and she just arrived. One call on my sex hotline, and they come over. The third is my main chick for this month. I like her because she’s a cute slut with big fat titties.

Do my side chicks fight? Do they quarrel? They say that they get jealous sometimes. But with slut training, I’ve taught them to be obedient to me. I also shared with them some fuck buddy rules to behave themselves.

If you control these redhead teen sluts, then they will discipline themselves for you. They’ll treat you like a king. All they will do is for your pleasure. I might schedule a threesome in the coming days. I’d like to get my dick sucked by three nude redheads.

How do you get these redhead sluts to see you as the man they’ve wanted for so long? How can they see you as their prince charming?

Attract redhead sluts. We don’t need to remind you to conform to basic social norms. You don’t want her first impression of you to be a perverted weirdo. Don’t ask if the carpet matches the drapes. Or anything that can be considered rude to red head sluts.

Even if she’s a red head slut, don’t treat her like a filthy whore right at the start. You’ve got to give a good impression. You’ve got to impress her, but only up to a point.

Be less reactive. Don’t be desperate. If you think you have a shot with her, you will have a shot. Don’t try to prove that you are better than all the other guys pursuing her. Don’t do this.

Watch out for shit tests. An example is when she acts like she’s getting mad at you. What do most boys do? They chase harder. They try to comfort her. They learned this simp behavior from Hollywood movies. This is wrong.

Here’s what you need to do. You need to stand your ground. Don’t reward her negative behavior. You can even punish her. Like, tell her that you’ll slap her ass if she continues being a bad girl. Of course, only say this when you’re on that level of closeness.

Conversation manipulation. Most men struggle to talk to these sexy gingers. Not just with redhead sluts, but women in general. They freeze up. They don’t know what to say. But what if there’s an exact blueprint of what to say to these red head sluts? There are highly effective phrases and sentences that can make you a pussy magnet.

These word-for-word cheat sheet will get hot redheads instantly wanting to get you out of your pants in five minutes.

Red head sluts will immediately get wet the first time they hear your words. They’d want more of you the second minute. And by the third minute, they’re frantically going crazy for you. It’s all laid out, from small talk to being naughty and flirty with her.

Here’s an example. You can use this on any girl you like.

“If your boyfriend’s phone is fingerprint protected. Would you try to unlock it while he’s asleep?”

It’s a simple line that would get women engaged. If she said yes, you can tease her after.

“Oh, you’re that kind of girl. It would never work out between us.”

Deliver it in a joking way.

There’s more to this. You can find out about how you can smoothly get her to talk more intimately with you. And even if she shows any disinterest, we’ll show you how you can counter her bad behavior.

Most men have no idea about this. They think talking to women is just about getting to know each other. Like asking what their favorite things are, like to watch or food to eat. That’s so boring. Women need more. The more excitement and fun you can give, the more sex you can receive.

How can you increase a woman’s level of interest in you? Do you have a solid game plan? Do you have a strategy that works every time? If you don’t, then you’re only hurting your success. Stick to something that actually gets results. Make reluctant ginger sluts so excited to meet you for casual, fun hookup.

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There are a lot of mistakes men make when they want to fuck redheads. Not just with readhead sluts, but with women in general. It’s like they’re just thinking with their dick.

If you want to bang women, then you need to be like a chess grandmaster who knows all the right moves. Not just someone who pretends that he can destroy his opponent.

Do you know what the most common mistake men make when they want to have naked redheads in bed?

They offend these types of girls so much. It’s like they have no filter and say anything on their minds. Not thinking that these redhead sluts might get turned off.

Think before you speak. You might even have a chance with redhead sluts if you just shut your mouth. So what do you need to do?

Don’t say anything offensive. Have a light and fun conversation. Insert naughty and flirty lines from time to time. Give her a little mystery and reward her for good behavior. Do these, and you might have a romantic night with a hot ginger slut that can lead to banging her in bed.

No worries, we’ll tell you the exact words that you need to say to make her wet her panties fast. My friends thought I was using a love spell. They also wanted to know how to fuck many girls. I showed them the way, just like how I’m showing it to you now.

There are young and horny nude redheads in your location. And horny ginger cougar sluts too. They want local sex. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to treat them right. You have to grease your way into her pants. Don’t be rude and don’t be a jerk. It’s not that hard.

But most of all, you need to know how to set up a hookup. Most men are just trying to get lucky. They don’t know how to talk to women, and they don’t even know how to bed women.

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You should know how to smoothly present the idea of hooking up. You should know how to get her comfortable with you. And you must have the ability to easily set the stage for a night of casual adult fun.

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