Tired of Meaningless Relationships? Follow These First Date Tips and Show Her That You Are The Man That She Can’t Resist

first date tips

A lot of men dream of having a perfect girl. You could say it’s their dream girl. They daydream about her. They think about the things that they would do together. They think about the memories that they could experience with each other. There’s only one problem. There’s no girl. They don’t know how to get a girl.

I’ll share with you some simple first date tips that you can use to get women to be your girlfriend or just a sex friend. If that’s what you want.

Getting women attracted is a simple task. If you’re good at it. But most men are not. They don’t even know how to talk to women, even cold approach girls. If you’re one of these guys then no worries. We’ll show you how to get the women of your dreams to be your girlfriend. We’ll share with you basic dating tips on how to get a girlfriend. Also, we’ll provide you with the ways on how to get a girl to have sex with you. That is if you’re only looking for a fuck buddy.

But wait. Are you really here because you want general first date tips? Tips on dating that you can read anywhere. Do jerks even follow them?

They don’t. You see. First date tips articles are there just to increase readers. Websites want to get traffic. Because that’s how they earn. They get more traffic the more earnings they get. Now what does that have got to do with you?

Do you really want stupid first date tips? Or would you rather want to learn how to get the girl of your dreams? Do you want to know the exact words that you need to say to her? You will no longer wonder what to reply to her texts. You will no longer stutter. You’ll be as smooth as butter. You’ll be a Casanova that is so suave.

This first date tips won’t help you. We have something better. A system to make women want you. Instantly. This is easy to follow. Simple steps that you could apply and girls will just fall for you. Don’t believe me? Then we’ll just show you how.

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Top Dating Tips

A lot of women want to get laid, but there’s no male that’s man enough to come up to these local singles and seduce them. You can find these women everywhere. All you need is to just talk to them. Be casual, civil, and sexual and you will get laid. Sadly most men don’t know how to do this. Here are the top dating tips that you need. Be sure to check out the first date tips below.

top dating tips

Be wary of Dating Sites

So you decided to go online to find a date. Here’s an internet dating tip that will blow your mind. Almost all these online dating sites or free hookup apps are a sham. They are filled with fake profiles of women. Most pictures are photos of amateur pornstars or models.

And even if you go for paid membership sites, they are still full of fake accounts. And if they are not filled with fake accounts you will encounter escorts or prostitutes. I mean. You could go to craigslist for sex. Why bother spending money on a membership site. You can just find backpage sluts without spending more money.

I’m not saying you won’t find a date on these online dating sites. What we’re saying is just you should be aware. There are ins and outs to doing these. You should go for something more reliable than internet dating sites. You could try approaching women the old fashioned way. It’s much easier and better nowadays. Why?

People are so into online dating. They are missing one of the best ingredients of a good relationship. Human interaction. It’s easy to say that you met through an app. But it’s better if you can proudly say that you met at a coffee shop or a bookstore.

Look Presentable

It’s been proven that looks matter. Good-looking guys always get the girls. They always have a choice over women. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance with pretty women if you don’t look appealing.

You don’t need to be good looking. You just have to be looking good. You don’t need to have chiseled jawlines or piercing eyes. Here’s what you need to do. Just wear clothes that fit. And wear trendy clothes. Take a look at what magazines are advertising lately. Try to go with what’s new. Even if it’s not your style. It’s what makes heads turn.

Try to Play at your Own League

Here’s a dating tip if you’re just starting out with meeting women. Don’t try to go for the hottest girls yet. I mean you could try. But what you could do is to first enhance your attracting and seducing skills.

Don’t go for overly sophisticated women. Find someone who will level with you. Someone who’s interested in you as a person. You could be dating the hottest girl, but she’s an airhead. You would not like that. You could be fucking the sexiest women. But they are just gold diggers and just after your money. Go for someone with substance. Someone who has a personality and a good moral compass.

Smell Nice

This dating tip is not hard to do. It goes hand in hand with looking good. It does not matter if women find you physically attractive. Women will be repulsed if you have a smelly body odor.

Try to take a shower almost every day. Use soap. Don’t just wet yourself. There’s something called shampoo for your hair and a bar of soap for your buddy. After that apply some deodorant. And brush your teeth. Don’t forget the mouthwash and floss.

This is too basic even for first date tips but it will bring you miles ahead from neckbeards.

Of course, some men can get away with this. Some men haven’t showered for days and they can get girls. How? They have mad game. Which you don’t have at the moment. You first need to up it up. We’ll show you how later.

Try to be nice but not too nice

It pays to be respectful. Be a gentleman. But that does not mean that you always need to follow what she wants. You don’t need to put her on a pedestal.

There’s being nice and being fake nice. What does being fake nice mean? You’re only treating the other person nicely because you want something in return. That’s bad. You should be a good person as a whole.

This should also go both ways. Is she respectful to the people around you? Does she treat people you interact with nicely? If she doesn’t then you need to find a woman that does. It does not matter how beautiful, hot, or sexy she is. If she has a trashy personality then move on to someone who has a more pleasing one.

Be good at something

It means that you need to be interesting. All of us have something that we’re good at. Some people cook or bake. Some play sports. Some have collections. Whatever that is. You just need to show women that you have something going on with your life. But if it’s too nerdy for her taste then show her something that she could relate to.

It shows her that you have a life other than trying to get a girlfriend. It shows her that you are not desperate.

Sometimes this is not necessary when you only want a free hookup from time to time. But if you want to have a long-term girlfriend then you need to show this quality.

Every guy who isn’t in a serious relationship needs to know how to attract a girl. We can show you how to get a girl to have sex with you. You will not just learn first date tips. It is much better than that. Find out how to make any girl want to fuck.

How to find the right girl and make her chase you for a relationship.

First Date Tips

Now here are the things that you actually need to do when meeting the girl for the first time. These first date tips will help you get a second date.

dating tips

Pay attention to what she likes

How did it make you feel when someone showed interest in you? Are they asking about your hobby, or what you were wearing, or just about anything.

Girls like talking about themselves. This is why they have friends with whom they share their deepest secrets. These friends appreciate them. They give opinions to each other. They share what’s on their mind.

Now it’s your turn to do this. If you like a girl, show interest in the things that she likes. Find out her interests or what she’s into. She’ll appreciate it.

A little mystery does not hurt

We’ve all seen the stereotype. Women going after the bad boys. Bad boys have a sense of mystery to them. What makes them tick? What motivates them. Etc. Women would want to be a part of that mystery.

You don’t need to be a bad boy. You just have to make her more curious about you. Make her ask questions. But here’s what you need to do when you engage her in a conversation.

Don’t reveal too much about yourself. Give her hints. Give her clues. But not the whole story. Keep her guessing.

But that does not mean that you have to hide it forever. Just enough to get her chasing.

Be punctual

This is a must on the list of first date tips.

Whether you are going to help her to complete her homework or going to pick up her at her office. You should be there on time.

This shows that you respect her time. If you do this more often then she will be expecting this behavior.

While doing these, be careful. There’s a chance to fall into the trap of being just friends. So try to take her on dates on regular basis and try to convey to her that you want to be more than a friend.

Don’t be toxic

No one likes bad vibes. If you are full of negativity then people will stay away from you. Not just women. They don’t want to get drained by that energy.

What are the examples of these? Try to stay away from religious or political topics. Avoid talking about workplace drama. Don’t stress about things.

Try to be humorous. Keep things light. Chill. Relax. Keep conversations light. Have a positive attitude. You can slip in a few jokes here and there. Naughty jokes would be nice too.

They say laughter is the best medicine right. No one wants to feel down. It’s just bad. Smile. Women don’t like a downer.

Pay attention

There are a lot of things going on with women. There are more things running inside her mind too. You must focus on those things.

Look at what she’s wearing. How is her body language towards you? How is her language towards you? Is she getting creeped out or coming forward? These things play a role. And most men ignore them.

What if you dressed up good for a date and she ignored you the whole time? How would you feel? Bad right? You exerted effort but it wasn’t even noticed. So you need to be attentive to the things she does and says.

Listen to what she’s saying

It’s not all about you. You’re not there to impress her. You are there to get to know her.
Women like to talk about a lot of things. Even if it’s not that important.

They also like men who listen to their words, their dreams, and their thoughts. Listening to her words will help you to make her like you.

When she is talking about her problems or thoughts, all you need to do is to listen and relate to her.

Do not give her any advice or try to solve anything. This is what guys do when they want a girl. Stop! All she needs is someone to listen to her. That’s it.

You could say your opinion but don’t try to force it on her.

Be cool with everyone

No one likes rude. If you behave badly in front of her that that’s a turnoff.

Be polite towards people that you interact with. That may be the valet, the server, the waitress, Etc. Don’t be a bully.

Even if someone is hostile towards you. Don’t be aggressive. Stay away from fights. Don’t stoop to their level.

If you are friendly with everyone, the more she will notice that you have amazing traits.

Don’t be dumb

No one likes a smartass. But no one also likes a brag.

All you need is to be aware of how you are affecting others. Do your words hurt them Does it sound like you have a big ego. Being aware works. You should not act that as if you know everything. Don’t act like you’re a big deal. She doesn’t want a showoff.

Acting smart also doesn’t mean that you should talk about your academic background. What you need are street smarts.

Another good example is to voice your opinions about things. Be sensible. But again don’t be too serious.

What do you think about these first date tips? What if there’s more to these first date tips? What if there’s a more effective way to get girls attracted to you?

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Stay Away from Internet Dating Tips

I hope you had fun learning about first date tips. We wish that these first date tips will be useful to you. Let’s now talk about something more important. Something that will blow your mind.

tips on dating

I could tell you a lot more tips on dating but I think it won’t help you. These are just simple first date tips. This is what proliferates most of the internet. These are what most nice guys read when they look for top dating tips. But here’s my personal opinion. These are not excellent tips on dating. I mean they’re good. They’re very basic. It can get your foot on the door. But that’s just it. It won’t help you next on what you need to do. What if there’s a better way? A more effective way than the top dating tips that you can find almost everywhere.

We’re talking about female mind control. This method will make you a pussy magnet. How does this work? This is probably bullshit right? No.

The female mind control works like sexual hypnosis. You only need to say a few words. These words are what she needs to hear. Once she hears them she will uncontrollably want you as a partner. She will want you to be her boyfriend. These are the phrases that she needs to hear. And she will convince herself that you are the right guy for her.

You won’t persuade her. You won’t force her. No need to convince her. She will be the one making the decision herself. That’s why this is so effective. You don’t need to do any heavy lifting and women will instantly get attracted. They will want to be with you.

What’s with these words? Why are they effective. Scientists discovered a loophole in female psychology. They now understand what makes women tick. For a long time, men are wondering what women want. Turns out it was right on our faces.

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You’ll no longer rely on first date tips. No more reading about tips on dating. Just full-blown effective method to attract and seduce women. There’s no way that women will reject you. That’s how full proof this tactic is.

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