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Some people like it. Some not. But I’d bet most have thought about trying it at least once. It’s anal sex. And who better to try it than with anal sluts.

Anal sluts want to get their holes plugged. Not just any hole, they want it in their assholes. These dirty anal sluts want their anus stuffed with a big hard cock.

Most singles near me don’t want to be anal sluts. They want to fuck, but all they want is boring vanilla sex. No spice, no experimentation.

That was when I got lucky and met Susan. It was my first adult meet up with her and she let me fucked her in the ass.

I asked her what made her want to have sex with me. I was surprised by her answer. She told me that I kept saying a simple phrase that echoed in her mind the whole time. It made her so horny.

“I always wanted to talk to you because you can make my pussy wet without even touching my body.” She said.

I remembered reading about these hypnosis commands. Never once did I think that they were effective. Now I use them to convert my side chicks into Daddy’s anal slut.

“Slide your digits in my phone.” That’s what I said when I asked for the phone number of this slut.

“It’s getting late now sweetie, slide into your pajamas.” That’s what I told her when I greeted her good night.

These simple phrases made her think about me sliding my throbbing cock into her ass. Subtle, yet effective, and extremely powerful.

You too can make this happen. Just by using simple hypnosis commands. You could be fucking anal sluts tonight.

Does your girlfriend let you fuck her ass? Does she let her give you a dirty anal creampie? If not then you’re missing out.

Find women looking to hookup. These horny ladies are looking for fun. Make it worthwhile by turning them into hot anal sluts. Tell them these hidden sexual commands.

How I Find Sexy Anal Sluts

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I thought It would just be a normal date. I guessed wrong. This anal slut wants to date and fuck. Her name’s Camille.

I got nothing better to do so I went along with her.

That’s a trick that I’d like to share with you.

Make women think that it’s their idea to have sex with you. Little do they know that you’ve been guiding them through every decision.

It’s like you have an invisible hand that’s pointing them in the direction that you want.

You could learn this and other techniques on how to fuck inside the fuck book. Moving on.

We were in bed and she told me that she wants to know which is better. Getting fucked in the pussy or at her bumhole?

I asked her if she ever had anal sex. She did not. She said that I could take away her anal virginity. Alright, I can.

She got naked and went on all fours in the bed. She turned her head and asked me. Which hole would I like to use first?

I was kind of taken aback. This anal slut does not want foreplay. She wants to do it now. Game on then.

I was trying to slide my dick into her tight pussy when this anal slut told me that I was putting it in the wrong hole. Uhm, I think not. It’s almost inside her pussy. But then she held my dick and diverted it to her ass. I see what she means.

So what she asked me earlier was a trick question.

I was pumping these hot mom’s ass for a couple of minutes when I couldn’t hold it in. Who could? I told her I’m about to bust.

Bitch locked her legs behind my knees and got ahold of my hands. Pulling out isn’t an option. I can’t control it anymore. I gave her a dirty anal creampie.

These local sluts might be reluctant at first. But they can’t escape this love sorcery. This discreet enchantment will turn these women into anal sluts.

Meet Anal Loving Sluts In Your Area

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Here’s another one. Let’s call this hot anal slut Lana.

Lana is a typical white slut. Likes Starbucks and Netflix and chill. Typical easy pussy. But what sets her apart is she lets me play with her butthole.

Unlike the anal slut mom Camille, this is not Lana’s first time.

Lana speaks like she has something to prove. She told me that she’s obsessed with anal sex and she loves everything about it.

We had only been fuck friends for a month but she let me do nasty things to her ass all the time.

Here’s a typical scenario.

She lies in bed and holds her ankles. She starts with her toy. Slowly sliding it, making her anus ready for my cock.

I watch her for a couple of minutes until I get throbbing hard. And when I do, I replace her toy with my cock. Making her feel every inch.

I hold her legs above her head and sometimes behind it. What a sight to be seen. This amateur anal slut looks like an envelope being folded.

Lana is a good toy, a nice asshole being used.

“Oh yeah, that’s the spot.” She says as I ram my dick. It slips in nicely. But I can feel the grip.

“I want to milk your balls dry.” I love the sound of that. A few minutes later and I blew my load inside her.

I can see my cum dripping on her asshole. She catches some on her fingers and looks at me. “I need to have a taste.” What a cumslut.

I ask her how she likes being my anal fuck slut. She says she loves how her asshole is pounded and destroyed. She says it just feels so good for some hard dick stretching her tiny tight ass.

Her butthole gets used almost every day by your truly. Filled with lube, my sperm, and toys. I can’t manage how her anus does it. It’s like she’s been Anal trained her whole life for my pleasure.

This is how I turn modest women into my personal anal fuck sluts. They worry at first but become Daddy’s anal slut later using these spellbinding code words. Now I have numerous sexy anal sluts on speed dial. You can too.

Fuck Dirty Anal Sluts Near Me For Free

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Do you want to find out about these voodoo love spells that I use?

I’ve got to warn you that you need to use it with every bit of caution. You can make these women into very submissive sluts.

It makes women act in a deviant manner. All they would think about is having sex. All they would want to do is fuck you.

It makes them do things that they won’t normally do. You have the power to mind control women.

I even used it on a slutty mom. I fucked her ass and when I pulled out I put my dick straight into her mouth. And she gobbled it like a hungry dog.

I can’t help but shag my sex partners. They’re sexy anal sluts. And there’s one thing I realized. These dirty anal sluts love telling me that they love getting their assholes fucked more than their free pussy. They’re getting off of the fact that they’re used as fleshlights.

You will have the power to make any girl want to fuck. Under slut training they all can be your anal sluts.

I decided to meet up for sex with a hot friend. All she wanted was to give me road head or have some public quickie in the car.

Little does she know that my little trick works fast. She turned into an anal slut in a snap. She almost used my gear shift to fuck her ass.

We were sexting later that day and told me that she’s so horny and the anal sex we had earlier was not enough.

Then she did send nudes of anything that can fuck her asshole, even including the shampoo bottle.

You can make women do the things that they normally won’t. You have to use this technique cautiously. You might end up with a stage 5 clinger who always wants anal sex that you’d be too exhausted to perform. Imagine being tired because of having too many sluts to fuck.

Literally, fulfill your desires by filling these anal sluts assholes with your cock. Women might be hesitant at first. This new method of sexual enticement will bring out the wild in her.

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This anal slut can’t wait for her tight hole to be used oozing with my sperm.
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I just demolished this ass an hour ago. This anal slut is still asking for more.

I always wanted some butt sex. But no women would consent. That’s until I learned about this treacherous seduction theory. Now I can easily corrupt these naughty bitches to be my anal sluts. Making their assholes my playground to toy with.






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