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You’re at the bar and you see this hot girl. You can’t help but admire her. She has a pretty face with an energetic and fun vibe. So you walk up to her.

But as soon she notices you she rolls her eyes, shakes her head, and faces away from you. And you thought she was fun. Has this situation ever happened to you or anything similar?

Ever wished that the women that you are interested in are submissive sluts instead of being hard to talk to? Unfortunately, the world doesn’t work that way.

Every time they notice a guy creeping in and trying to talk to them they put this defensive barrier? It’s called the bitch shield.

The bitch shield was formed out of necessity. If you are a beautiful girl you will get hit on countless times throughout the day. By random guys, creeps, losers, and misfits.

Imagine the sexual harassment that these ladies get from these men who don’t know how to smooth their way into women’s panties. That is why these bitches need to weed out who’s a manly man from weak chodes.

And if a hot sexy girl rejected you before. Sorry, but she only sees you as a nice guy. She’ll choose to bend over and let the jerks fuck her at the parking lot rather than talk to you.

But why? What does she see in these assholes? You’re a much better guy, right? But is it really?

How come these bad boys can make her become a submissive slut? But when you try to talk to these ladies they only give you attitude?

I was once this guy. Rejected by women and deemed a loser. I know how you feel. It’s time to change things for the better.

What if there’s a way to talk to women without them rejecting you? What if you could transform any girl you meet into a submissive slut?

Her eyes will glow up. You can see her smile from ear to ear. She’ll want to hear all the words that you want to say. The best part, she only wants to talk to you and only you. She will not pay attention to other men. She is only focused on you.

These hypnotic codewords can program women’s minds to be under your control. You can make any girl do anything for you. Women will be extremely happy and horny just to hear your words and be with you.

Make These Bitches Your Submissive Slut

I was invited to a bachelor party by some friends. It was in Cancun. The place was packed with really hot babes. But one caught my eye.

She was a brunette. Wearing a black one-piece that fits her body right. Her boobs are even bulging on the side. That’s how big it is. I have to say hi to her. I needed to get my face between those tits.

So I build up some courage and started walking. As soon as I said hello she snapped! Told me to back off. And informed me that her boyfriend is coming back soon so I needed to keep walking.

How rude right? I know she was just making excuses. And even if she did have a boyfriend I needed to make her my submissive slut.

Once she stopped talking I told her a few subliminal hypnotic phrases. It works like a magic binding love spell.

I haven’t even finished and her whole demeanor suddenly changed. From a rude loud bitch to a sweet and flirty submissive slut.

She asked me what do I want. But what surprised me is she kept calling me daddy. And pleading me what my commands are.

So we went up to my room. She spent the whole evening pleasuring me. Giving me handjobs. Fucking her free pussy. And even made this bitch suck my balls and drag it all over her face.

She was impolite and insulting early that day. But now she’s a complete bimbo. A dumb submissive slut waiting for my every command.

This program is very powerful. You can turn daddy’s little girl into your very own sexually submissive naughty cumsluts. They’ll let you jizz on their face. And even spit in their mouth.

After the vacation was over, I made her my girlfriend for a week. Then told her she’s not my girlfriend anymore. She’s demoted to being one of my side chicks. She was begging to come back.

This is basic slut training. So these fuck girls keep coming back. You have to give these local sluts something to chase.

This spell can make women into such submissive sluts that they send me local nudes whenever I ask them. Even you just broke up with them. These local sluts want the chase.

These submissive sluts will even meet up for sex whenever I gave them a booty call. Totally not minding that they are just being used for a free hookup like a toy.

Yes, she might be smart or intelligent. But in your presence, it all goes out the window. She’ll turn into a complete bimbo. Your personal submissive slut that awaits her master’s orders.

How To Turn Arrogant Women Into Submissive Sluts

Let me tell you how this all started. It began with my friend Owen. He probably has the most useful science project I know of. Because it can benefit a lot of men.

I won’t bore you with the details. But here’s what it boils down to.

What if you can have full control over women?

She’ll no longer be a cold nagging bitch. This is very useful every time you approach women. They won’t say no to you. Because you can grab their attention and focus it on you. Would you like that kind of power?

It’s all thanks to female mind control.

Let me describe to you how impressive this is. It’s simple and easily understood.

Imagine having a remote control that turns bitches into submissive sluts. All it takes is a push of a button. And instead of being a blunt bitch she becomes an obedient bimbo.

Owen first tested it on the neighbor’s wife. This cheating slut is now sneaking in at Owen’s place every morning when her husband goes to work. It means that even loyal married women are willing to fuck a nerd behind their husbands’ back. Soon he has a list of phone numbers of women who need free sex.

Owen was pleased with the results. But he needed more proof. Can this method turn local singles into submissive sluts?

He went to the local campus and who would he find there? He got to fuck college sluts in a few minutes of arriving there. Just quick public sex because these local sluts are on their way to their classes.

She even got to pick up and fuck an Asian slut on the way home. Owen told me that he got road head.

Owen had tons of no-strings-attached sex that day. Including fucking his charming hot sexy roommate that doesn’t even talk to him. He could not have done it if he didn’t know how to turn girls into submissive sluts.

He would get turned down. Because he was an ugly nerd. But everything changed when he learned how to fuck women the right way.

All it took was a few mesmerizing words to turn these local sluts into mindless sex slaves. They have no choice but to undeniably respond to their master. Make these overconfident women into your personal sex doll.

These Local Sluts Will Submit To You In A Snap

Owens exploit is very convincing. One moment a woman can feel like a boss-lady. But implant these scripts deep in her mind and she’ll become vulnerable. It’s like black magic for female submission. He can fuck women no sweat. That’s why you need to be careful when using this on horny lonely women.

This loophole in female psychology disarms her defenses. Making her devoted to you. Making you irresistible in her eyes. She will crave you. She’ll become your personal submissive slut that is willing to be your fuck toy.

You can transform these arrogant and overconfident bitches into easy girls to fuck. These submissive sluts will surrender to you and submit to your every desire. Even willing to be degraded sluts for your pleasure.

These submissive sluts will become so pliant they will give in to their primal urges. Begging you to be their breeding slut or even make them a pregnant slut.

Soon you can have an army of local horny fuck buddies. All submissive sluts that will obey and serve you. This is your gateway to a lifestyle most men just dream of.

A lifestyle of multiple sex partners and fuck friends. You can fuck local milfs in your area. You’ll never run out of sex friends. All because you can make any girl want to fuck. You can have free sex any time.

The best type of submissive sluts? Teen sluts. They’re still learning to crawl, horny, and are looking to fuck. And you can guide them.

This is the lifestyle that awaits you when you know how to convert conceited women into submissive sluts.

Most men don’t really want a submissive slut. Just a sweet girlfriend that would be there every time he needs her. Yeah, still a submissive slut but not too kinky. Is that too much to ask?

Whatever your goal is, this under-the-radar brainwashing trick will help you. All you need is to alter women’s minds to become submissive sluts. And they’ll get infatuated with you like crazy.

This programming technique will bring women into a trance. They are still aware, but can’t do anything about it. Except being super horny devoted servants willing to be their masters’ fuck toy.

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