I Want To Fuck Every Girl I Meet. I Want To Fuck As Many Women As I Can In My Life. I Want To Have Sex With Just About Every Woman That I See. How Do I Do This? How Can I Hookup With Every Single Local Sluts? How To Hookup With Lots Of Women?

fuck many women as I can

I aim to fuck as many girls as possible. Not just many. But a lot. More than any regular guy could imagine.

To fuck many girls is to have sex with just about every woman that you see. Fucking most girls you meet.

I’m here in front of my computer looking at an excel file. Fascinated by the number of women I slept with this year.

I never had days where I don’t get to fuck a girl. I see to it that every day I get to have sex with girls. This is how I can fuck as many women as possible. It wasn’t always like this.

But let’s talk about you. Do you aim to fuck as many girls as possible? Do you want to have sex with just about every woman you talk to? Do you want to hookup with lots of women?

When you’re going out of the house, how many girls do you see you wish you were fucking?

There’s always a cute girl at every corner. There’s a pretty girl every time you look around. You won’t run out of women to fuck. Yet here you are puzzled about how to have sex with them.

Oh, this girl looks adorable. That other one has big boobs. You can’t stop staring at it. Another one has a bubbly butt. Your head is fixated on her ass as she walks. There’s another one walking across the street. A real head-turner! You almost crash your car because she’s just so hot. You can’t keep your eyes on the road.

Do you wonder how these women look naked on top of your bed? Looking at their mouth; Can you imagine these women giving you a blowjob? Are you asking yourself how is her bush down there? Is it shaved? Trimmed? Waxed? Are you picturing how big her nipples are? But that’s all there is to it. You want to fuck many women, but aren’t doing anything about it.

I’ve been there. I know what it’s like. I was envious and jealous of men who can talk to girls and immediately take them home. I always wondered how they can do that?

Sometimes I’m enraged. Angry about why I don’t have the women that these douchebags have. They can sweep these women off their feet. They can fuck as many girls as possible without doing any effort.

And here I am just a spectator. Watching them pick up chicks and fuck many girls while I go home and masturbate to the hottest pornstar.

That was when I discovered something implausible yet phenomenal. I saw someone I know from high school. Andrew was bullied through the years because of being a nerd. But this time I saw him pick a hot chick at a Dollar General near me.

Andrew still looks the same, but what surprised me the most is how he carried himself. It’s like he’s sure of all the words he says. Sure that this hot chick won’t reject him. Sure that at the end of the day this bombshell would be sucking his dick. I can feel it too. It was beyond my understanding.

I got to catch up to him. But I needed to know so I asked him.

“Did you get that girl’s number?”

“Yeah, do you want it? Here write it down. My plate’s pretty full.”

This nerdy-looking guy is telling me to get a hot girl’s number because he has too many girls to fuck. I needed to laugh but he was sincere.

I’ll tell you more about his story in a while. But here’s what I need you to know. That girl’s number? It’s legit. I got to call her and we did meet. I told her the truth that I saw my friend pick her up. I guess it’s a mystery to know who she’s talking to so she met up with me. Believe me, she was so hot. I still can’t believe how my nerdy classmate got her number.

How did Andrew get this hot girl’s number? Andrew also told me that his only mission now is to fuck every possible girl that he talks to. Anyone whom he talks to, he’ll try to bed her. And it’s working. He’s fucking a different girl every day. I’m not exaggerating.

Andrew gave me an exclusive. Let me share with you how he does it. His simple strategy to bed as many women as possible.

You can fuck lots of women. There’s a shortcut how. Find out how you can control and increase a woman’s sex drive. Make her do freaky stuff in one command. Fulfill any fantasy or fetish that you have.

How To Fuck Many Girls As Possible

fuck many girls as possible

You have to change your mindset if you want to fuck many girls. Fucking every girl you meet starts with a simple change in your outlook.

Every time you meet a girl you have this self-talk of how much you’d like to fuck her. You have to change that mindset. You are no longer allowed to think like that.

Instead of imagining things about her, you could start by actually approaching her. Talking to her. And see if she’s up to your standards.

You are now the one deciding if you want to fuck her. If her personality is as good as how she looks.

Women can smell this simple change in mindset. And this will make you more attractive.

You will differentiate yourself from the other guys who are just “trying to get in her pants”. You are the guy who is asking her if she is good enough for you.

You are no longer the pursuer.

Increase your intuitiveness. Men who can’t fuck girls often spend their time pursuing the bad girl. These bad girls don’t put out. They are not looking to hookup or have a boyfriend.

These men in return try harder and harder. Trying to impress her. Trying to do things to make her think that he is the best choice for her.

Too bad, she will get fucked by an asshole who will only use her like a fuck doll.

Why do some women become submissive sluts to some guys, while they reject the good guys?

You have to first pursue the women who are down to fuck. You need to know right from the very beginning when you talk to her.

Does she seem flirty? Touching you? Looking at you? Checking out your bulge? Very friendly? Get her number asap. Or hang out with her there. Have an instant date.

You might end up getting head in the car. If you want to fuck as many women as possible you have to know your target market. The women who will respond to you positively. And then make sure that you close the deal. 

Impress her. You don’t need to look that good. Just a regular you would do. But if you have any body odor, bad haircut, or shaggy clothes, you have to get rid of that.

Girls look at your attractiveness level when they want to hookup. You must be at least a 7 in her eyes. Doing the bare minimum already puts you up there.

Go to the gym now and then. Style your hair. Get yourself some cologne. You can even use some women’s products to take care of yourself. Such products include moisturizers, lotions, and conditioners.

The bottom line is that if you look good you have a better chance.

Texting. Your phone is your tool. It’s your weapon. You will talk to a lot of women. It’s much easier to talk to them through chat.

Texting bypasses dating. In her mind, it’s like you’re already dating, but you’re just chatting on the phone.

You can make women feel different emotions through text. This is why women send nudes when they are in the mood.

Flirt with her, be naughty with her. The more you do this the more you increase her buying temperature. That is her emotion to and willingness to go out with you.

If you can make her feel that good through text then she will think that you can offer more when she meets up with you.

If you can make most of the women you are texting feel good, then you can fuck many women. They’ll be fighting each other for your attention, for your dick.

Fuck a lot of girls in your area

Build a roster. you need a list when you want to fuck many girls. It could be your phonebook or a file of your sex contacts. A sex hotline? A “To-Do List”?

It just means a list or an index of any girls that you could contact, chat, text, or call that you can instantly invite for a booty call.

With a list, you can schedule women to fuck. If you want to fuck many girls as possible then you need a lineup.

You need to fill in a girl every day. This is why texting is important. You can’t “date” every girl that you talk to. But you can text them and talk to them all at once and at the same time.

You can talk to 3-4 women at one time all just by texting and chatting. Hook them more and more and then they will become a part of your roster. These are the women that you can text and they’ll come right over for sex.

You can’t fuck many girls if you don’t have a roster. If you plan to sleep with as many women as possible then you need this. You need to increase your supply. How many fuck friends do you have right now?

Speaking of supply, you also need to increase your supply of load when you want to fuck many girls. You can’t fuck many girls if you’re low in stamina and testosterone. I have this rock-hard secret I can share with you.

Grab every opportunity. You will see hundreds of women every time you go out of the house. There’s always a hot girl everywhere. If you’re not seeing them then you’re lying to yourself. Telling yourself that these women are too ugly for you to fuck or something like that.

If you want to fuck many girls then you must treat every social interaction as an opportunity. You can even get a job that gets you laid.

Going to a Burger King? There can be a hot girl or cute slut there. Even the cashier. Going to Starbucks? For sure there will be one. Just strolling at the park, you will see hot girls jogging.

Stop looking for women on 100 percent free dating sites. If you want to fuck many girls then get out of the house. All you have to do is open your mouth. Take the opportunity. She might sleep with you later.

Meet more women. If you want to fuck many girls then you need to increase your chances of meeting high-quality sexy women. How do you do that? Again by taking every opportunity.

One opportunity is to get jobs that get you laid. Some careers and industries can help you increase your lay count.

Did you know that people who work in call centers fuck around? Even the nurses in a hospital. People working on a cruise. It’s because they are confined in that space and the only cure to boredom is to fuck.

You can also work in a nightclub or a bar. You can pick up bar sluts there. They will be easy. Women will feel comfortable with you because you’re the guy they go to for alcohol. If you play your cards right you will go home with a bar slut every night.

This was how I fuck many girls when I was younger. I get jobs where there are lots of women. I have no shortage of free hookups. I always get to bring home a local slut.

Have a solid game plan. How do you take a girl from your date location to a sex location? You need to have a definite plan. Things to say. To take a girl from where you meet or date to the bedroom.

You must not rely on luck if you want to fuck many girls. Do you know how to sexually escalate? Do you know the right way to touch women? So that they won’t reject you or push your advances?

You must know how to fuck. You must get women to desire you. If not then all those texting and meeting up won’t turn into anything. Women will just meet up with you, get bored, and you’ll go home alone.

Try to experiment with what works and doesn’t. Don’t be afraid that you will fail or make a mistake. If you have a roster then you can try again on the next chick.

Once you know the drill then you can repeat this over and over again with a different girl. You will fuck many women by using a proven sexual ladder.

Keep a backup. These are the women who are not down to fuck immediately but you still have good relations with them. You can be good friends with them. Hanging out with them. Or just having casual small talk.

You must keep them on your roster. Don’t just delete phone numbers. Don’t just block girls. Keep in touch.

She might change her mind. She might not have sex with you RIGHT NOW. But she might sleep with you LATER. Do this if you want to fuck as many women as possible. These are your side chicks. Keep as many of them as you can.

Reach out to facebook sluts. They’re a good backup.

Treat women good. Even though you want to fuck as many women as possible you must treat them right. Don’t treat them as a walking fleshlight. You can do that later on if that’s your kink. But as a first impression, you have to make it good.

The way you talk to her and treat her will determine if you will make or break it.

Make her laugh, be sweet, be sincere, and be honest. The thing is, you only need not be a jerk and you can bag women.

If you’re not an asshole or a douchebag to her or anyone then she might sleep with you. You can fuck on the first date. Not unless you’re very pushy, clingy, needy, and most of all predatory. Women don’t like men who have rapey vibes. If they like you they will make you their fuck buddy.

Start hanging out right now. If you want to fuck just about every woman that you see then you need to do this now. How many women are you talking to right now? You can’t fuck every girl you meet if you aren’t talking to any. Are you talking to white sluts? Are you meeting any redhead sluts?

How many are your prospects for your roster? If you want to fuck as many women as you can then you need to bump those numbers up. Talk to latina sluts or asian sluts.

If you aren’t talking to any lady right now then you need to stand up right now and go to the nearest location where there are lots of them.

A coffee shop? A bookstore? Doesn’t matter. Do it right now. Because if you don’t you will not fuck many girls. Go out and meet women. 

Do you want to be the lucky guy to fuck many girls? You can hookup and have a fun night with every woman you meet. This system will show you how. It is specifically tailored for this purpose. You can have casual no strings attached sex with several women. More than the average joe.

Have Sex With Every Woman You Meet

have sex with most girls you meet

One of the fun things to happen when you want to fuck many girls is you get to have sex with at least two or three women in a day.

A side chick texted me asking how am I. I just like to chill so I told her that I’ll come over and we could hang out. She was alright.

An hour later I was at her place. Caryl opened the door and I instantly got a hard-on. She was a sight to see. A very pretty tiny slut. She was wearing a tight shirt that makes her boobs stand out.

She’s also wearing some booty shorts that makes me want to slap her butt.

Anyway, we were Netflix and chillin and she doesn’t make a move. I’m alright with it but now I want a slut’s mouth to suck my dick while I watch a movie.

I pulled down my pants, grabbed her hair, and shoved her face on my cock. She was fighting a little but she gave in. A few minutes go by and I feel her making some effort. I let go of her hair and she now gives me a blowjob on her own.

She says she likes to give blowjobs. She gets aroused by it. She gave me one the whole movie without taking a break.

The movie comes to an end. I checked my phone and I saw that I have messages from my other side chicks. I told Caryl that I got to go.

Half an hour later I’m at Amanda’s place. I was a little tired from getting a nut from Caryl so I slouched a bit on the couch. But Amanda wants some action. She kept snuggling at touching me. I wasn’t minding her but It eventually got my dick hard.

“Open your gift,” I told her. She looked at me like a puppy excited to get treats then looked down at my pants. She got my pants down and my dick stood out.

She was about to stroke it when I leaned back and stopped her.

“You can play with it. All you have to do is ask”

And with a begging look asked me to let her toy with my cock.

“Let me play with it please.”

Amanda has some smooth hands. And warm too. She stroked it like an angel. It’s just perfect to get a handjob.

This local slut has various tricks on her sleeve. She knows how to touch the dick. Give it a massage. Essentially making the cock happy. She doesn’t forget the balls too.

A few moments later and I spurted my cum all over her hands as she stroked my dick.

“Clean it up,” I said as I commanded her to clean the cum on my groin and her hands. She licked it like licking peanut butter on the knife.

I go straight to Linda. Now Linda knows that I fuck other chicks. And she’s okay with it. Her kink is to be a degraded slut. And she’s a nymphomaniac too. So I wasted no time ramming my dick in her holes.

“Where do you like my dick to go?”

“In my mouth please.”

This fuck girl is practically begging to put my cock down her throat. My balls bouncing on her chin.

Once I was done on her mouth I need to fuck her pussy.

“Turn around I’m not done with you yet.”

There I was ramming her pussy with my throbbing cock. Telling her all the nasty and naughty things I could shout at her.

A few moments go by and I can feel her body shiver and quiver. It’s fun to look at their faces when they reach orgasm.

How can I do this? How can I fuck many girls in one evening? Well, I’d like to thank this pill to last longer. But in all seriousness… How can I get free pussy? It’s all about having a system to fuck many girls.

Get yourself organized. Have a roster and a schedule on when to fuck women. This is how I fuck many girls. I have a system to get local sex from girls in my area. I want to share that with you.

But are women ok with this? Yes. If you know how to handle them. The female mind control showed me how I can get girls to practically beg me for sex. This is how I fuck many girls.

It’s like using a magic love spell. I want to share this with you because I know that you want to fuck many girls. This simple neat trick shows you how. You can make any girl want to fuck.

Do you want to sleep with every girl you encounter? Stop wasting time. Increase your success rate when you want to fuck many girls. It’s time to fulfill your sexual fantasies to fuck as many girls as you can.

Fuck A Lot Of Girls In Your City

sleep with every female you talk to in your area

Is it normal to want to have sex with every woman you encounter, to fuck many girls? Yes. Most men don’t think of literally sleeping with women they meet. Men wonder what these women are like in bed. Wondering, imagining. Fantasizing what it’s like fucking the women they talk to.

To fuck many girls is not about sleeping with one lady numerous times. It’s about being with different women. It’s about having lots of sex friends. There’s just something about having a new woman to have a playtime with now and then.

But that’s what mostly happens. Just all in the mind. They don’t act on it. They don’t talk to these women.

That was me years ago. I lost my virginity. I’ve had my share of casual sex. But it wasn’t consistent. That’s when I decided that I want things to change. I want to fuck as many girls as possible. I want to sleep with every woman I find attractive. I need to satisfy the sexual urge within.

I encountered the fuck book. The secret bible on how to get countless sex from women. The fuck book showed me a little loophole in female psychology. This neat trick gave me an advantage. It gave me the power to compel women to lust for me. I could not believe it at first. But I was surprised when I tried it.

I said earlier that you need a complete change of mindset. The fuckbook showed me how. What are the things that I need to think about? What are the things that I need to disregard? This gave me focus.

I no longer think if girls will like me or not. This whole new paradigm made me the assessor. “Do these women deserve to bed me?”

Women notice the change in my behavior. No other guy treats them this way. They see it as a challenge.

It was the second month after losing my virginity and learning about this loophole. I now consistently bed 3 new women a week. It increased as weeks go by. Now I get to sleep with new women whenever I want to. It’s unimaginable but it’s true.

Be the buyer, not the seller. Go from the mindset of scarcity to the mindset of abundance.

I fuck tons of girls week by week. I’m not exaggerating, it’s just what it is. I meet women all the time. Every time. I meet women when I buy food, when I go to the grocery, when I go to the bank. They are everywhere. And I talk to any woman I find attractive. Even average sluts or ugly sluts. If they get my dick hard then they’ll get the job done.

I add these women to my roster. I use the fuck buddy rules to keep these women wanting more. Day by day the number of women on my list keeps increasing. The average guy doesn’t do anything about this situation. They see a girl they like and they just let her walk away. Never to see her again. He will never get a chance to fuck her. Unlike me who will slip my dick down her throat and made her my cumslut.

The beauty of fucking many girls is that you are bound to meet someone that you will like more. You can have a steady slut girlfriend that can be your main chick.

To fuck many girls is the best way to meet a girlfriend. If that’s what you’re after. You will meet women with different personalities and different hotness levels. By then you will find someone who stands out, who is on par with you.

No need to fuck an escort or look for craigslist sluts. You can bed a lot of women. You can fuck many girls. You don’t need to pay for sex for someone to sleep with you.

You can fuck local women. Sleep with almost all the ladies that you can meet or encounter. All you need is to use this trick to make women want to give you their pussy willingly and without reluctance. These magical words will make women crave your cock.

Fuck Many Girls Near Me

If you want to fuck many girls, you don’t want to be choosy. You can do that later when you already have a steady supply of local sluts.

What was my first step to fuck many girls? I talk to a lot of beautiful sluts. Almost everyone that I saw. Because if you don’t and are just looking at them from afar. You won’t get laid.

What do you like about women? Do you want flat chested sluts? Or do you prefer women with big tits? Doesn’t matter. If you find her attractive, then go for her. Don’t just stand there.

I’d like to fuck many girls. The good thing is I live in a big city with a large population. I have a lot of options when I want to fuck many girls. But my favorites are pale sluts or maybe even freckled sluts. I also like chubby sluts or skinny sluts with big boobies.

The most abundant are brunette sluts, and horny blonde sluts come in second. I can go to any family dollar and look for a free fuck there.

What’s the big secret to fuck many girls? Abundance and a proper technique. You may meet many women, but if you don’t have the appropriate method, you won’t fuck many girls. If you’re in a small town, you can fuck many girls even if there are only a few choices of women. If you use the right approach, the ladies will knock on your door, asking for your dick.

Let’s show you how you can properly fuck many girls. We’ll show you a live demonstration that has worked wonders for many men. This has been tested by hundreds and thousands of men. And they have used this to successfully fuck many girls.

You will find so many ways how to fuck many girls. But there are only a few that are guaranteed. You can fuck many girls for free and with no hassle. Women will genuinely want to be with you and hookup with you. Let’s show you the almost criminalized gold standard strategy to fuck hot horny girls without spending a single dollar.






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