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I thought I was putting it all together. That I’m making progress with women. Most of the techniques I used worked. But I’m still struggling. Trying to figure out why some techniques work and others don’t. My last straw was when a chubby slut who was not even that pretty rejected me. It made me crazy.

It was really frustrating. I’ve felt that I’ve worked hard to become more attractive. Then someone who’s not even a beautiful slut turned me down. Why?

I know that I’m not pretty handsome. But I also know for sure that I’m not ugly. I know because I charmed some girls getting me to be balls deep inside them. But I struggle with some women. How can I get those girls who don’t seem to be playful and flirty with me? Especially chubby sluts.

Chubby sluts are girls who are close to being fat. They’re not obesely fat. Only that they have much more fat than the average woman. But since they might still be body shamed, they compensate by being a good slut that knows how to please men.

Unlike thicc sluts who have fat in all the right places. Chubby sluts can have fat anywhere on their body. It could appear on their belly, arms, under their chin, thighs, and butt. The difference is that thicc sluts have better proportions.

Thicc sluts are, what you can say, curvier. Chubby sluts have a thicker and softer bodies overall compared to average women.

Ever since that day, I was rejected by a chubby slut. I was fixated on hooking up with one. I’m not a chubby chaser at all. I don’t have a fat fetish. But with chubby sluts it seems like nothing is working, and I’m just going around in circles. That’s why I need to find out why.

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Then I discovered something profound. Something so simple that it went past my mind.

Every woman is different. One seduction technique may not work on the other. Some may find you handsome, but others may not. But what if you can make all women see you differently? That you can charm almost 90%-95% of hot women?

I came to this conclusion through my colleague. He’s just simply on a different level. Women are happy around him. Not just women but our bosses and other coworkers too.

I know it’s because of his money or looks. He’s that charming. He knows how to flip people’s switches to get them happily engaged. And the rumor is he fucks the hottest office sluts. I was in denial and jealous about the idea until I caught him getting a blowjob from a newly hired broad.

He asked me to keep it a secret. And to compensate me for all the trouble. He gave me a manual. It’s the fuckbook. Inside contains the best methods on how you can get the hottest fuck girls. And it was the key to making me fuck the local chubby sluts in my area.

Chubby sluts are no longer my weakness. I’ve crossed them out on my list. I can get a free hookup with any chubby slut whenever I want. But not just with chubby sluts. I can have no strings attached sex with the hottest sexy girls. No exceptions. Once I laid eyes on a woman, she’ll be sucking my throbbing cock tonight.

Here’s how I did it. Here’s how I can make any girl want to fuck. I want to share this with you. Because I know the struggle. And I don’t want you to go through all that. There’s a cheat. A surefire hack. You can skip the hard parts and go straight to sleeping with curvy chubby sluts or any hot woman you like.

Fucking chubby sluts has never been easier. They’re cock-hungry and want more sex. You can be the one to fulfill their appetite. Make an instant connection with a curvy chubby slut and get her to your bedroom as soon as tonight.

Why Fuck Chubby Sluts?

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This chubby milf got a little shy at first as I recorded how I railed her chubby pussy. She got so mesmerized by my lascivious control technique. She denied my advances at first. But she can’t deny my seduction prowess.

Unlike BBW, Chubby sluts are not THAT fat. But they are treated as such. Most men ignore them. But if you have gone to bed with a chubby slut then you know they’re a good deal.

Being fat-shamed made chubby sluts more proactive in giving you a good time. Making sure that you had a nice time spending it with her.

  • Chubby sluts compensate. They always bring in their A game. They do more for what the world gives back to them.

Chubby sluts think that they can’t get hot men. And so they’re lonely and frustrated with no one to sleep with.

But chubby sluts are pretty. And they’re yummy. With the right approach, you can charm chubby sluts to bed. Chubby sluts are happy that someone’s hitting on them. You just need to not fuck it up and make her feel insecure.

Once you get one to the bedroom, you’ll realize that they can be the best sex partner that you have. They think they don’t look attractive naked, and that’s why they make up for it in other areas.

They may be chubby, but they work hard. They ride hard, suck your dick good, and make you cum more than ever. And they’ll do it gladly.

  • Chubby sluts are givers. They are mostly ignored by most men. But if you give chubby sluts a chance, then they can be your perfect slut. Allow them to please you. You will never hear them bitching or complaining.

They will take care of you. As long as you take care of them. Your life can be filled with a lot more excitement with chubby sluts trying to bring in more fun.

Chubby sluts are definitely better at fellatio. They will suck your cock like a pro. They will pamper you and care for you. Chubby sluts can be good slutty girlfriends too.

The only thing that you need to do is not treat her badly. Chubby sluts can be insecure and don’t want to be played. Keep it real and straight with her and she will satisfy you to the fullest.

Since they are givers, they are good sex contacts. Give them a booty call every now and then, and they’ll come over like an excellent, well-trained fuck buddy. An obedient submissive slut.

  • Chubby sluts are wild. Societal pressure makes women keep their inner slut to themselves. Chubby sluts don’t just have to deal with being fat-shamed. They also try to avoid being slut shamed.

Chubby sluts have desires. They can be naughty and dirty too. They have a high sex drive. And they’re hoping to meet a guy who will not slut shame them.

Here’s where you come in. Give chubby sluts a good time, and they will fulfill your sexual desires.

I’ve had a chubby slut become my degraded slut. She let me do all the wild things I could think of with her. Pee, spit, you name it, we’ve done it. And she’s happy to take it. They’re freaky bitches. If you meet a chubby slut don’t forget to try it out. Sex with chubby sluts is literally mind-blowing.

They have good fuck handles. If you want rough sex chubby sluts are built for rough fucking. Your hand could grasp their meaty thighs or any fat roll, and you could slam away your cock into her tight pussy.

If you want a good pounding, chubby sluts are the way to go. They have extra cushin for the pushin. If you look at their body while you fuck them roughly doggy then you can see all that fat jiggle and bounce. With all that extra padding, you can be sure you can fuck her as hard as you want.

Nasty chubby sluts are starving for hard throbbing dick. Even if they deny it. This tactic lets you spot the chubby sluts in your area that are looking for a casual hookup. Are you ready to have an amazing time?

How To Fuck Sexy Chubby Sluts Near Me

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  1. Bring out her wild side. Be the nice guy. I know being a nice guy gets a bad rep. But it’s how you execute it that gets the job done.

Be a nice guy but still flirty and sexual. And sometimes aloof. Two steps forward, one step backward.

Be nice to her. Be good to her. Then show her how you can be naughty. Show her that you can be flirty.

And once things become sexual. She will be comfortable and try to touch you. She will try to show her affection physically. Deny her advances but not to the point that she will stop pursuing you. Just enough to make her take the bait and want you more.

And if she does take the bait, reward her. Shower her with love and affection. Gift her some rough sex fuck. Then take it all back again.  

And then you make her think that sex was all her idea. This will amplify her animalistic slutty side even more. She’ll ask herself, what makes you different from other guys? And why is she making all these efforts just to please you? But she can’t help but fulfill them.

It’s a crazy loop of making her sexually wild and wild over and over again.

  1. Don’t assume that she’s an easy target. Don’t try to pick up chubby sluts at bars and clubs just because you think they’re desperate and easy. Unlike bar sluts which are a piece of cake to bring home, chubby sluts are not. They’re not dumb sluts.

It’s because chubby sluts are on guard. They already know that you might prey on them. It takes a good level of skill to seduce them.

Nowadays, if you act predatory, you will be shamed by women. That’s why you need to get your game together. Be friendly with her and her friends. No sarcastic comments at the start.

What most men don’t know is chubby sluts can get any guy they want. Times have changed. Women are sexually liberal.

Play the game right. At the end of the night, you might be having hair-pulling, choking, rough sex with chubby sluts tonight. Chubby sluts are the best for degraded sex. No need for slut training. They will let you treat them as a fuck toy.

Proceed with caution, and you will benefit from the rewards.

  1. No shaming. Her weight should not be an issue. Chubby sluts can be sensitive when it comes to their physical appearance. You should play it safe and don’t “neg” her.

Show her that you are fun and especially safe to be around. She doesn’t want another guy that would just play mind games with her.

To bed chubby sluts there should be no judgment on your part. Just keep it casual and fun.

And if you are into chubby sluts there should be no shame on your part. You should embrace the type of woman that you like. You shouldn’t have to lie to other people about your preferences. Don’t be embarrassed by it. Life is short.

These are the things that you should be aware of when you want to meet and fuck chubby sluts. But there’s more to this.

You can fuck women, any women that you desire. As long as you have the right tools for the job. That’s what we’re here for.

What if you could have a rock-solid seduction blueprint? This could help you free fuck not just chubby sluts but any woman that you lay your eyes on.

These principles work even if you’re not her usual type. Even if she doesn’t usually entertain men like you. And even if she has rejected you before.

I’d like to show you how it’s done. Check out this live demonstration on how you can fuck many girls. No signup. Just check it out. See how this can help you big time.

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Fucking Curvy Chubby Girls In My Area

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I was on my way to hunt some college sluts at a campus nearby. But out of all the different girls that I could bump into. The first girl that I saw was a chubby slut.

She was in a Biggby Coffee, working on her iPad. If this were like a year or two ago, I’d just look at women from afar. But now it’s different. Because this time, I have an ever-reliable technique that is guaranteed to give me free sex.

“Are you the waitress here?” I asked.

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry. It’s just my first time here.”

And then I left. But I bought her a coffee. I brought it to her and told her I’m sincerely sorry for mistaking her. And I hope that the coffee will make it up.

She laughed and said that it was fine. And the coffee did make it up. But I said that I could do better.

“We could grab some dinner since it’s getting dark. What do you say?”

She agreed.

Her name’s April. She’s in her early twenties, a chunky chubby slut with the prettiest face. The bonus part is that she has boobs like double Ds.

Those humongous tits are the definition of temptation. Of course, I can’t let her know that I want those twins. But I want to bury my face in those big fat tits.

It was easy after that. I only asked her if she’d like to join me at my condo.

We were making out. Heavy. Exchanging our spit. My hands were all over her body. But now I want to attack those gigantic tits. I looked at her and asked.

“Can I?”

“No need to ask,” She replied.

I lifted her shirt, and I motorboated her boobs till I couldn’t breathe. Licking it. Sucking it. Biting it. And I left a mark on it.

We stopped, and we threw our clothes off. She sat back, and spread her legs, making sure that I could enter her easy pussy smoothly.

But I looked at her and said…

“Here, have a taste of my cock before I go in on you…”

And I climbed up to her, positioned my cock in front of her face, and facefucked her like there’s no tomorrow. Her drool poured from her mouth all over her body.

But now it’s time for actual sex.

Unlike tiny sluts I have to work on the angles. And lying doggy style takes an effort with that ass keeping my dick out. Fucking chubby sluts is a bit challenging. But it’s worth it with all those extra meat she has. They’re soft and squishy, which is very incredible to hold.

She rode my dick all night. Pounding her whopping ass. And her chubby pussy getting screwed. Draining every cum inside my balls. And then she prepared some breakfast like a good girl.

“I wish I could ride you all day long.”

“Don’t worry, babe. I’ve got work today. But I promise to wreck your pussy tonight.”

But like a child begging for a toy, she spread her legs again. She pleaded to insert my throbbing hard shaft in her wet pussy.

“Put it in now, please.”

Like a rabbit, I penetrated her hole fast. Rapidly. Ruining her chubby pussy for her future husband.

What women would do for you when you got them in control is incredible. Now it’s time for you to learn ancient techniques so you can make any woman do what you like. They will fulfill your sexual desires at your command.

The secret is through this stealthy attraction method that we will be going to share with you. It’s what I used on April and other white sluts I encountered. Experience what it’s like to have total female mind control.

See this now, as it may come down soon. No need to register. We just want to impart you with knowledge. So you can fuck bitches anytime you want.

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Casual Hookup With Busty Chunky Chubby Sluts

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If you can lure and seduce chubby sluts, then you will know how to fuck women. These chunky sluts girls can sometimes be harder to persuade than average sluts. And if you know how you can sleep with chubby sluts, then it’ll be easy to bed other local sluts.

You can make sure that these chubby sluts are down to fuck. That they’d say yes to sleeping with you. How can you be 100% certain that they’ll fuck you till the sun rises?

What if there’s a certain way that you can be sure they’ll pleasure you and fulfill all your sexual kinks? Easy sex is attainable. You can fuck on the first date. Local singles will be amazed at your charm.

There is a proven method. All you need to do is to show up at their front door. Or text them when and where, and these chubby sluts will show up to meet up for sex with you. It’s like you’re a pussy magnet that can pull women anytime. Ask them to meet you at the park, and you can have public quickie sex behind the bushes.

I can’t emphasize how great this method is in gaining local sex. My phone is filled up with literally thousands of nude selfies of my sex friends and naughty girls in my area. And I met all of them using this forbidden method.

What I can do for you right now is show it to you. So you can also gain the benefits that this can give. Like getting free pussy from hot sexy girls in your area. Imagine no longer needing to pay for sex. Or ever need to hire escorts to fuck.

You can easily pick up women. They’ll be enthusiastic about being in bed with you. Your busty chubby neighbor will regularly knock on your dock and have morning sex with you. The chubby cunt cumslut a block away will submit to you and ask for a facial cumshot. These women will play and fulfill your fantasies.

Now it’s time to make the system work for you. Find out how you can use this strategy to your advantage. And get success from having sex with women on repeat.

See this now, as it may soon get taken down. Take a peek. The live demonstration is free to watch. This ensures that you will have a playful chubby slut who will match your sexual interest by tonight.

These chubby sluts can’t wait to be penetrated by you. This incredible seduction strategy lets you easily hookup with a super cute chubby chick. They’ll spread their legs and welcome your warm creampie in their pussies.

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I did not take long before I got to lick this slut’s teen chubby pussy. A simple seduction ritual was all it took for me to get some easy chubby sex. One minute we talked at the club. A little while later, she’s giving me road head as I bring her to my apartment for some chubby fucking.
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This curvy brunette slut gave in. I got to chubby fuck her all night, making her sore that morning. I gave her chubby pussy some passionate pounding and came inside. How did I do it? A few simple phrases that transform women into sex-addicted sluts.

Believe it or not, this helped me when searching for discrete hookups with chubby girls in my area. There are a lot of difficulties when looking for casual sex near me. There are a lot of women who are a tease and only play games. This can make sure I only meet and fuck horny chubby women. No time wasters. Easy hookup with yummy chubby ladies tonight.






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